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----The Gaian Timeline---
This page contains the historic events that will lead up to the events of Phantasia 6. Keep in mind that there will be MAJOR spoilers from the other Phantasia games if you read this, so be sure to read at your own risk.

- 0: Gaia is created
Brian arrives via portal from Earth
The Goddess Miria makes him immortal, and tasked to watch over Gaia.

- 1:
Multiple species are given life.
Humans being the highest counted population.
Civilizations are developed.

- 10:
Brian assigns two immortal disciples: Zeigfried, Melody.
The God of Death becomes irritated by the humans quick advances.
The Goddess Miria and Brian seal the God of Death, Zakerot away.
The Church of Miria is formed.
Brian creates the Eclypsa
The Goddess Miria creates Yggdrasil to continue giving life
The God of Death corrupts Zeigfried's mind and thoughts and turns him
to serve him.
Zakerot sinks the Eclypsa
Zakerot vows to return and setting forth events that would result in his
inevitable return.
Miria ascends to Heimdall

- 100:
Nations are formed the most prosperous being Galasin, Argania, Lurnia,
Karneal, Gilka, Blackmoon, Zybil and Minervo.

- 110:
Galasin divides countries to House Gransin and Galamos Kingdom.
Blackmoon invades Lurnia (Beginning of Lost Land Sakaki NOW CANCELLED)
Lurnia retaliates
Maya and CO is formed
Blackmoon's king, Concerto is assassinated
Sensing defeat, the Blackmoon's chief strategist Algad flees to the Gransin
and Galmaos region, switching alliances with Gransin.
Remaining Blackmoon forces invade Gransin (End of Lost Land Sakaki)
A hero, Dirk appears to fight off the Blackmoon invaders
Tensions between countries of Gransin and Galamos increase
All out war breaks out

- 111:
Karneal fears Galamos invasion, requests reinforcements. (Lost Land Renard)
Karneal's forces suddenly dwindle in strength (End of Lost Land Renard)
Gransin is triumphant over Galamos
Signs of people cloaked in black appear chanting the God of Death's return
Algad flees
Dirk is labeled a Legendary Hero

- 113:
Zybil Kingdom is thrust into civil war.
Galamos is absorbed into Gransin territory and peace returns.

- 115:
King Zybil ends civil war

- 120
King Zybil declares war on Lurnian Region.
Zybil claims territory one after another thanks to their newly developed
technology of Magicraft.
Fylia arises and flees her town being occupied by Zybil Forces
Zybil invades Lurnia
Lurnia requests aid from Minervo and Gransin Regions
Minervo forms alliance with Zybil Region
All-out war breaks out

- 121
Lurnia forms Alliance with Gransin and Gilka regions.
Lurnian Alliance defeats Minervo, Minervo surrenders
More people cloaked in black appear chanting the God of Death's return
King Zybil is assassinated by Fylia, Lurnian Alliance disbands
Fylia is labeled a Legendary Hero

- 124
Legendary Hero Dirk disappears

- 125
Zybil Region is divided between Gransin, Lurnia and Gilka
Economic crisis occur at Gilka, the war cost Gilka much resources even with
the new land they had gained, it meant nothing for their resources Gilka was
thrust into a civil war.
Brandon takes up the sword to fight off rebels
Duke Gyshain breaks from Gilka, leads civil war
Brandon leaves Gyshain and joins Gilka
Even more people cloaked in black appear chanting the God of Death's return
Duke Gyshain is assassinated by Brandon

- 126
Large forces of knights clod in black emerge calling themselves Dark Knights
Zeigfried emerges declaring war upon the world
Dark Knight forces invade Minervo, forcing all Minervian into slavery
Lurnian and Gilkan forces unite
Brandon and Fylia unite
Sakaki joins the fight
Renard joins the fight
Zeigfried seizes Yggdrasil
Lurnian, Gilkan forces unite with Gransin, and Karneal
Zeigfried unleashes his mighty fortress Aerodoria upon the world

- 127
Dirk appears as a Dark Knight
Zeigfried summons God of Death's sealed chambers
Zeigfried is assassinated
Aerodoria is sunk
Dirk summons the God of Death Zakerot
Zakerot summons demons to wreak havoc
Zakerot creates his mightest warriors, the Elementals
The Goddess Miria creates the Light Elemental, Virgiam
Brian appears once again to assist the Legendary Heroes

- 130
The Elementals are defeated and sealed away
The Elementals of Space and Time flee
The Time Elemental is found by Algad, sensing that Zakerot will eliminate all
life, he takes the Time Elemental to flee into the future
Dirk is defeated
The united kingdoms and the Legendary Heroes unite to defeat Zakerot
Zakerot is defeated and banished to another dimension
Brian ascends to Heimdall
The world is at peace
This grand-scale war was known to be called The Prophecy War

- 230
The world of Gaia begins to decay (Phantasia/Phantasia Remake)
Karneal's general Draco gloats Argus into attacking Karneal, ending the 100
years of peace
Draco abducts Karneal's princess
Max defeats Draco
Arganian Kingdom invades Karneal
Karneal thwarts Argaian invasion, Argaian deformed into Argus
Draco returns
The Elemental of Darkness Asmodeus returns
Max kills Draco and Asmodeus (End of Phantasia/Phantasia Remake)

- 350
Fretians break off from Karneal
Navara Region/Relic Hunters is formed
Elementals break out of their seal
Humans create Element Sword
Elementals attack humans in retaliation for createing a elemental killer

- 355
The Elemental Guardians are formed
With the lack of a Dark Element, Marx becomes an Elemental Guardian lacking a elemental, but helps with the efforts to stop the elementals.
- 360
The Elemental Guardians seal the Elementals using the Element Sword weilded by Gerad

- 370
The Element Sword disappears (Phantasia 2/Phantasia Redux)
Freta is annihilated
Leon investigates Element Sword disappearance
Relic Hunters invade Karneal
Leon and Marx meet
Zeigfried returns from the dead to wage war on Gaia once again
Zeigfried releases Elementals from their seals
Leon persuades Elementals to cease their attack
Elementals no longer wish to fight against humanity
Zeigfried seizes Eclypsa
Marx sacrifices his life to become the new Dark Elemental, Shade
Brian awakens
Leon defeats Zeigfried
Eclypsa sinks into the ocean once more
Brian strips Zeigfried of his powers and banishes him. (End of Phantasia 2/Phantasia Redux)
Marx disappears to begin his duties as an Elemental

- 420
Demi-humans emerge to raise two islands in the sky to declare independence
Obelisk Company is formed

- 425
Obelisk Company absorbs Maya and CO into their empire.
Karneal and Obelisk Company form alliance

- 426
Incident occurs in mine, president of Obelisk, Elinor wounded

- 427
Elinor recovers
Argus recovers Element Cannon from excavation site

- 430
Argus shoots one of the demi-human settlements out of the sky (Phantasia 3)
Rad flees sinking island
Rad joins with Obelisk Company
Rad asks the Elementals to create Element Orb
Element Orb is created
Argus declares war on the world
Rad and Obelisk Company gains the support of Neal, Minervo and Lurnia to take down Argus
Argus is assasinated

- 431
Obelisk Company terminates alliance
Element Orb is stolen by Obelisk President, Elinor
Obelisk Company presidents releases Aerodoria upon the world
Obelisk Company attempts to terraform the world using the Element Orb
Rad defeats Elinor
Ancient Demi-Human dictator Concerto appears
Aerodoria is destroyed
Rad kills Concerto
Peace returns (End of Phantasia 3)

- 432
Obelisk Company is disbanded
Maya and CO regain company

- 460
Argusian Kingdom rebuild

- 462
Karneal bloodline ends

- 470
Zein Empire is formed
Algad appears with Elemental of Time

- 530
Humans re-discover Eclypsa and bring it back to surface into space
Argus Kingdom invades Lurnia
Lurnia forms alliance with Zein and Neal to defeat Argus
Small group of humans retreat to Eclyspa
Argus Kingdom destroyed, invasion suddenly ends
Lurnian Alliance ends

- 531
Zein Empire discover ancient demon weapon, Agnomolis who appeared from another dimension.

- 532
Zein Empire invades Eclypsa
Fyron flees Eclypsa (Phantasia 4)
Eclypsa is destroyed
Zein Empire declares war on Lurnia
Fyron joins Lurnia to battle Zein Empire
All-out war breaks out
Fyron defeats Zeinbach, King of the Zein Empire
Temporary cease fire occurs
Remains of Zein Empire unleash Agnomolis
Relic Demons attack Gaia
Algad flees once again with the Element of Time into the future
Elementals help create Element Sword to defeat Relic Demons
Fyron defeats Relic Demons
Agnomolis taken to alternate dimension
Fyron defeats Agnolmolis (End of Phantasia 4)
Elemental of Space witnesses battle.

- 533
Zein bloodline ends

- 635
Zeigfried returns to Gaia from alternate dimension

- 636
Zeigfried's daughter, Cherry was born

- 640
Cherry's mother takes her away from Zeigfried
Cherry's mother dies
Rezard Rokusho finds Cherry
Cherry takes residence in Rezard's town
Lurnia Kingdom re-discovers Element Cannon

- 648
Yggdrasil resurfaces
A human named Zyphon attempts to claim Yggdrasil's powers
One of Yggdrasil's protectors Lura defends Zyphon's attack
Zyphon finds portal to another world, Lura pursues

- 675
Zyphon returns from the other world
Another human the other world appears named Brad to chase Zyphon
Brad meets Cherry and Rezard
Zyphon amasses demonic forces

- 676
Brad's party arrive at Lurnia
Zyphon's forces invade Lurnia
Cherry unleashes the power of the Element Cannon to defeat demonic forces
Yggdrasil re-emerges once more
Lura returns from Brad's world
Zyphon kills Lura
Zyphon destroys Yggdrasil
Brad kills Zyphon
Brad makes the ultimate choice, to merge Gaia with his world: Earth by connecting the worlds, thus Earth and Gaia become one.
Brian appears once again

- 677
Brian creates organization to help calm the major tension between the two worlds using Brad's allies as well as his own.
Zeigfried re-creates the Dark Knights
The Dark Knights attack Lurnia, stealing their Element Cannon
Zeigfried invades many countries
Cherry is abducted by one of the Dark Knight agents
Cherry is used to power the Element Cannon to destroy civilizations
Brad kills Zeigfried (Once and for all)
Rezard dies
Cherry is rescued
Algad arrives at a different world.
(Arcanion: Demonica Chronicles plot occurs.)
Algad learns the power of the Light Aura. Arcanion: Tale of Magi
Arcanion: The Mekanos Invasion

- 678
The new world is showing signs of instability resulting in many cataclysms
Brian disbands his organization
Brian heads to the core of Yggdrasil in hopes of separating the worlds again, but this time he doesn't want Gaia to exist.
Brad and his team stop him.
Dark Gaia emerges
Brad defeats Dark Gaia
The worlds seperate into Earth and Gaia once more
Yggdrasil is created anew
Brad decides to stay on Gaia instead of Earth

- 677
Brad and Cherry get married
Demi-humans emerge once again

- 680
Lurnian bloodline ends
Brian resurfaces after the events of the merged worlds

- 681
Empusa is granted title of Empress of Lurnia
A tiny infant named Dirk appears in front of Brad and Cherry's doorstep.

- 682
A new regime revolved around the Lurnian Government is formed
Maya and CO join the Lurnian Government

- 694
Cara is appointed Element Mistress

- 698
Algad appears with the Elemental of Time once again, only to be hunted by Lurnian Forces
Dirk explores a cave to find a large rock telling of future events (Phantasia 5)
Dirk and Cara meet
Demi-humans attempt to assassinate Cara, but it thwarted by Dirk
Algad joins with his demi-human brethren
Algad is defeated by the Empress Empusa and flees
Dirk and Cara gather the Elementals powers for Cara to use to defeat the demi-humans
Dirk and Cara's forces defeat Algad
Algad is captured
Dirk is betrayed by the Empress Empusa, and Cara joins the Empress
Brian offers to help Dirk stop Empusa
Signs of Dirk's dark heritage emerge
Cara unleashes the power of the Element Cannon to open the way to Yggdrasil, and Empusa heads towards
Dirk saves Cara from the Empress captivitiy
Dirk goes berserk and becomes demon like
Brian turns his back on Cara's group wanting to save the world is own way
Cara saves Dirk from this evil form
The Elementals are absorbed into Yggdrasil

- 699
Dirk frees Algad from captivity
Dirk and Algad free the Elementals
Dirk defeats the Empress Empusa
Brian kills Empress Empusa
The tower to Heimdall appears
Brian ascends to Heimdall
Dirk and Cara ascend to Heimdall to give chase
Dirk and Cara confront Brian on his goals
Dirk defeats Brian
The Goddess Miria emerges and tells Dirk and Cara that the Elementals will be withdrawn from the world.
Dirk and Cara announce to the world the grand change (End of Phantasia 5)

- 700
Brian and Goddess sit atop Heimdall and wonder what it is they should do now that world gone through such a grand change once again.
Algad disappears

- 778
Lost Land Ruin begins on Earth

- 779
Lost Land Ruin 2 begins

- 1200
Phantasia 6 begins