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P6 Blog #7 Field Abilities, your thoughts?

  • J-Man
  • 01/06/2017 09:04 PM

First off, a random video, a theme I would really like to add in P6, but I can't find a good loop for this theme. H/Mix makes really good music, I recommend giving them them a listen to. ;)

So! I have been trying to incorporate field abilities for each hero that can help outside of battle. I sorta integrated Silva's field ability in Wind Stepping which lets you bypass barriers. Though I want to have it where you can bypass cliffs to find extra treasures. Though that part will be put in the game when I get more done, it also means remapping some of the old areas so the field abilities have use.

However I have been in a bit of a bind as to how I would incorperate the other abilities, and would like to hear other opinions on what would be a interesting idea for field abilities.

So far we have:

Yumi/Water: Waters certain flowers that grow to large heights for you to climb and gain access to other areas.

Fran/Fire: Shoots a fireball and can light up stuff. (That may require some specific script to integrate...)

Valerie/Earth: Being able to dig down soft soil and find hidden caves, I definitely would like to change this to something else.

Mary/Light: Will act as a detector or something to find invisible treasure chests. (I really like this idea, but I'm open for suggestions.)

Carl/Dark: Acts like repel for monsters. (This one I'm not so sure on, as I already have a item that does the repelling monster item for certain periods of time. So I'm open for suggestions for this one too.)

Well, that's about it. And now, it's sleep time. I gotta get ready for work zzzzzzz....


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Like I told you on Steam, you could go with stuff-breaking for the Earth, but now that I think about it you could make it shoot stalagmites to act as barriers, like you could have places where water flows or something and integrating some kind of barrier erecting (and dispelling) could be an interesting take on the earth element. I'm not really digging that "dig-and-find-under-yourself-caves".

I think Tales of Zestiria have items for both enemy repeling and attracting items and a few characters have support talents to attract certain enemies, so I think you shouldn't probably worry that much about it.
Sounds good. I have considered a monster-repellent field ability myself, as well as a Clairvoyance field ability. Clairvoyance, when activated, basically allows you to use the D-pad to pan screen repeatedly, and when you're done looking around, you can return the camera to focusing on the hero.
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