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Progress Report

P6 Blog #27 - The Progress Report

It has been some time since I have posted here, based on the screenshot I just pumped out, the game is still progressing. While it has been slow because mostly due to work, but the other part is because of just where the game is at said point in time.

I have to juggle between doing plot based advancement, and dungeon making, along with spriting new enemies on occasion. What also doesn't help is that during this entire stage, there are a lot of optional dungeons to complete... well, sorta. The Elemental Temples, while they are available to get to, they do not have to be completed until you reach a certain point, once that point is reached, you can't progress any further until the four basic elemental temples have been finished.

While in past Phantasia games, you'd have to do all four of them at once and then you progress, I made it so you could go at them, while also progressing the story at the same time, so it doesn't feel like you have to do them all at the same time. It helped me immensely because I didn't have to rush myself to do every single temple, and I could take my time getting the designs for each temple made.

But, in terms of progression wise, once the Earth Temple is finished, it's going to finally get some major development shtuff, it'll be at a point I've been REALLY wanting to start on. It is pretty much a huuuge conclusion to a lot of the plot, but will also bring up new challenges, and also show plot twists galore, y'know, typical jrpg shtuff.

But after all is said and done, the game still won't be finished, BUT, all is not lost, progression wise in terms of plot will hit at least 65-70%. The goal IS to finish this game by the end of the year. And I feel I can accomplish this, but I will still keep going at a steady pace and not rush myself. That always comes back to bite me in the arse.

Well, that's all in terms of progression. Here's a picture of one of the enemies of Phantasia 6, Alexander.


P6 Blog #26 Battle system script assistance.

Hey there peeps! Jaymonius here in a dire need of assistance.

If some who have played Phantasia6 have noticed, there is a major bug in the battle system, whenever you use Overlimit while another attack animation is playing, it causes the game to crash.

I've tried so many things to try and fix it, but sadly, I'm not a scripting genius, if anyone can give me a hand with fixing this issue, I'd be really grateful for the help!

Thanks muchly!


P6 Blog #25 New demo is released.

Just as the title says, a new demo of Phantasia 6 has been released feel free to try it out and see the difference between the old demo and the new one, it's almost like night and day... for the most part anyway.
Enjoy and be sure to report whatever you guys find so that I can quickly fix the
issues, screenshots would help as well.

You can download the new demo at the downloads section. Have fun.

Keep in mind that this is a new demo. So your old saves will not work very well in the new version.


P6 Blog #24 Second call for testers, new demo to release.

HELL~O! It's me, Jaymonius. That guy who is working on some glitch fest of an RPG called Phantasia 6! GLITCH FEST!? WELL! Guess I may need some more beta-testers!

The things required are as follows
-Grammatical/Spelling Errors
-Tile problems
-Game Mechanics
-Constructive Criticism
-Supply of Pepsi

I want to aim to get this demo released within' the week, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Just PM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


P6 Blog #23 Requesting testers, any volunteers?

Pretty much what the title says, the plan to release a new (longer) demo is in order, and wanna see people's take on the many new changes to the game since the first beta-release, if anyone is up for testing, theeeennnn send me a PM and I'll happily provide!

I want to aim for releasing the demo at the end of the month, but it may be delayed a bit depending on how fast the testers get the demo finished, but yeah, volunteer for testing if interested! :D


P6 Blog #22 New Year, New Goals!

HEEEEEEEEY Jaymonius here! And time for yet another random blog. More like personal goals and all that other crap, am I right?

First of all, here's a little preview of Zack's Earth fusion.

Second of all, time to make a personal goal for me for this project. I intend to have this game finished by the end of this year. Story wise, I'm way more than 50% done, I'd believe to say I'm even 60-65% done story wise. But gameplay mechanics wise, spriting, and mapping wise though, the game's more like 55% done on that.

A lot has definitely changed since the demo, and everyone's input has been very helpful! And so I appreciate the help you've given to make this project keep going forth.

On that note, there are still some things I want to add into the game, event scenes like some of the ones you seen in Phantasia 5. If there's anyone who's good at making event scenes and the like, gimme a shout and I can hire you. I am no stranger to paying artists to help with my selfish needs, hehe.

What else is there to discuss? Hmm... Hope ya'll are enjoying your New Years. And not making or playing too hard. :P I know I am not, ha ha. Though I am still working my way through the new version I received last month. LOTS of stuff to fix and plus making new poses for the Element Fusion and finishing off each heroes movesets, hoo boy. So much to do.

I should make a list of things to do and have a due date be at the end of each month, for progressions sake.

Well, that's all from me. I got nothing else to discuss at the moment. Sooo, here's to a successful new year peeps! >8D

Game Design

P6 Blog #21 Adding Mini-Games

Here's a random theme to listen to while reading the blog today.

Today's blog will be talkin' mini games. I've been thinking of adding mini games and such for people to try out and earn points and y'know, make the game longer and take longer to complete, har har har.

There is a few I've been thinking of, a dueling mini game with rock paper scissors mechanics which is pretty easy to do. Imagine, Fran taking on opponents Rock, Paper, Sciss-KICK TO THE GROIN! FRAN TAKES NO PRISONERS!

One big mini game I've been thinking of is a fishing mini game, but not just some regular fishing mini game, I'm talking a fishing mini game where Yumi will jump into the waters with her trusty spear. (And possible bikini wear too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) And she will try to catch as many fish in the water by throwing spears at the fish and get a huge score.

One idea I thought of that could be close to executing this would be similar to that Tiger Tiger mini game in Xenoblade Chronicles too, if I could do something a little similar to that, that'd be pretty golden.

Upon typing this, I think I may have an idea on how I can pull this mini game off. If anyone else has some unique ideas for mini games, I'm open for suggestions as well. As long as it's not some Triple Triad/Voltorb Flip clones. :P


P6 Blog #20 A partnership has formed!

Hey there peeps, Jaymonius here and I'm helping promote a game, whilst also saying that I have entered a partnership deal with a french RPG Making individual. I make battle characters and his animations, and he will work some maps, he gave me a sample!

This is the old version of my map, which looks pretty bland.

And now here's the awesome new one! ^_^

As soon as I saw this map, I knew. This is going to change EVERYTHING! >:3

As for the game I'm helping work on, it's a game called Lost Dreamers. You can check the game out here.

Here's a preview of the battle character I'm currently working on for him.

Because of this. The game may get delayed a little since he is doing overlay maps, but I'm focusing at the beginning of the game maps.

Well, that's all from me. Be sure to check out his game, it looks REALLY good.

Progress Report

P6 Blog #19 Unrelatedness

I can't stop listening to this for some reason ha ha ha.

Anyway, it's not a complete bleh post, I did figure out one problem with adding status ailments to weapons. I was just stupid and not looking at certain things carefully.

Hmm... oh yeah, THE WIND TEMPLE IS FINALLY DONE! WOO! And now to move on with more plot! PLOT AWAITS US ALL! >8D

Progress Report

P6 Blog #18 Progress and Script Issues

Heeeeeeeeeey, the monius with another random blog posting making mention that I finally finished the Wind Temple! Not a very complicated dungeon, pretty straight forward really, but hey, it's done and decent length with a nasty boss at the end for our heroes to challenge!

However, I'm now reaching a tiny problem with something, for some reason my status ailments equipped on weapons isn't working, I think it may be something with an existing script that's interfering.

Hell, even instant death spells aren't working, so I wonder what the problem is, if anyone can give me a hand with it, that'd be greeeat.

That's about it from me, here's a Fran using Rising Upper on a big boss. :P
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