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Game Design

P6 Blog #17 Changing Idle Pose

Hey there, Jaymonius here with some creative criticism required and the like.

So for the last while I've looked at Valerie's idle pose and just went... it looks... ehhhh... making a idle pose for her has proven... fruitless, so I went with the next best thing.



I'd have to touch it up a little bit, but it'd be the basis for it at least. What's your input mates?

Progress Report

P6 Blog #16 Slow production

Hey there Jaymonius here yet again, with another random update showing that I'm still working on the project, mind you things have been slowing down a little due to a few games that came out that needed my immediate attention, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on PC, and Sonic Mania... oh god Sonic Mania... *huff* *huff* that game... soooooo goooood.

*ahem* Anyway, yeah, game. I'm still working on the Wind Temple, as I'm still trying to think of some puzzle ideas for the dungeon, I'm coming out with blanks at the moment, so I'm doing some more spriting here and there to keep production going.

Valerie's victory pose.
I'm going to be making each hero's victory pose pretty soon, don't want them looking all idly after finishing a battle, am I right?

A horned beast monster, been working on this one on and off, trying to make some other poses for it. Making an attack animation for him is proving a little more difficult than I thought.

And the mermaid sprite I made mention of in my last blog, I made an attack for the monster, I like how it turned out. ^_^

Another thing I'm trying to get implemented is the running while holding the shift button thing. I do have some of the characters running sprites made, but I'm having a difficult time finding scripts that work, the last one I used, every time I moved to a new map, the game would crash.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction for a script like that? That's be great! ^_^

Well, that's all from the monius, thanks for reading and hope to update again next month!

Progress Report

P6 Blog #15 200+ Downloads! Woo!

H-Hey there, Jaymonius here and mostly just sayin'... hey, thanks for supporting this game, the demo has now reached 200+ downloads so far. And it's just the beta demo at the least.

I'm thinking of releasing a new demo within' the next month or so, maybe once I finish up the Wind Temple dungeon I'm working on. I am not going to just rush making dungeons like I did in the past games, if these dungeons are going to be made, they're going to be made right!

(And I think that's part of the reason why this game is going to be so long because of this, ha ha ha!)

Well, keep up the support guys, it really helps with the motivation to keep going at this game. :D

Unrelated, but if you wanna check up on some of the stuff I work on that I don't post here, just check my twitter. :P

Well, time to keep working on this next enemy sprite.

Got the idle pose made, now for everything else. XD


P6 Blog #14 New battle feature, lead character switching.

Hey hey, the monius is here with some random shtuff to say.

So, equipping in battle is now a thing now, and I have implemented it into Phantasia 6, so now you can switch your shit and not feel horribly unprepared this time. However, because of this, I may oomph some of the enemies in compensation for this nifty feature.

Second, as this will be in the requests thingy.

Since field abilities are becoming a thing in this game, the main issue I'm sure players will have is having to constantly go into the menu and change the lead character position, I'm wondering if there is a script that can let the player just switch the lead character with the push of a button?

The best example of this would be the Wild Arms series where you could change the lead character and use their field abilities, I wonder if something of a similar nature can be replicated in rmvxace?

Progress Report

P6 Blog #13 Returning a feature from P5

Hey there, Jaymonius here with another progression update!

Back in Phantasia 5, when you leveled up with a Magic Craft, you would increase certain stats depending on the Magic Craft you equipped. But unfortunately due to the way the damage formula worked in rm2k3, the defenses were almost pointless, luckily that's remedied in RMVXAce :D

To add though. This time the feature is returning, but instead all equipment will have bonuses that will help increase your stats further. Each weapon will be different from the other in terms what level up bonuses you have, so if you feel you're lacking, equip the sword that'll make up for what you're lacking.

I'm sure by the end of the game, your heroes will be tanked... But so will the enemy, hence the reason for this oh-so-wonderful addition! :D And even if you feel you lack the necessary items to boost said stats, there'll be those stat raising items you can consume to make up for that.

I've been on a roll on this since I went on my vacation, I'm trying to cover as much ground in terms of plot. A couple have asked if my villain has been decided, and yes, there is a villain, but it's definitely someone you wouldn't expect it to be.

As a note though, if I didn't mention it before I'll mention it here, to really get a bigger understanding on where Phantasia 6 is coming from, it is HIGHLY recommended to play Phantasia 2 Redux and Phantasia 5.

While Phantasia 2 Redux is not finished, it has finished up to a very important point which will have some relevance in Phantasia 6. This is going to be the one game that will require you to play the other games, BUT, should you not want to do that, you can always read the History of Gaia page and it'll give you a very quick synopsis of the past 5 games timeline wise.

Anyway, that's all from me. Back to the dungeon with me.

Progress Report

P6 Blog #12 Updating sprites

Hey hey! It's the monius with some more random progression to show off, mostly just updating sprites for some of the attack animations to make them look a little more smoother when the attack is executed.

Example being Zack's Triple Slash.


The new one looks so much more smoother, I like how it turned out, I will also rename Triple Slash to something else, can't really think of an idea for a name though. I'm open for suggestions.

But that's mostly what I've been doing, spriting and updating skills and making new ones for the next couple of weeks, then when I go on my two week vacation, I'll try to plow some work into the main story. I'm hoping to cover a lot of ground. But hey, we'll see what happens.

Back to work for me!


P6 Blog #11 Anxiousness to finish.

Hey there, Jaymonius here with yet another blog so quickly after the last one, but it's mostly a discussion based topic about the feeling of completion.

Ever have that feeling of wanting to hurry up and rush to your favorite parts in your game? Like the big reveal but hate doing the work needed to make the build up for said parts? (I know I certainly do at some points.) Even when playing games when you're heavily anxious to get to one of your favorite scenes in a game.

I can safely say I got 90% of the story planned out, but executing them is where I start to go, how am I going to execute this particular scene, etc. Will I have to cut this from here? Or will I have to cut that from here? I ended up doing that a LOT with Phantasia 5, as there was planned to be a more darker alternate ending to the game than the original.

But, I'm not having it this time, as I do still intend to do a light path and a dark path at one point. Keep in mind though, these paths will happen during the last portion of the game, and the dark path will be shorter, it is more depicted as a what-if scenario. But it's a scenario I sorta want to do and see some people's opinions on it, because the consequences for doing these actions is severe, and you will be submitted to some of the more harder boss fights in the game as well.

And this is the part where I wanna get to that part sooooo bad, but I still have a bunch of other stuff that needed to be worked on, the elemental dungeons, other stuff in the story, the sidequests (oh god, the sidequests.)

Though one thing that has been in previous Phantasias I may exclude from this is the Arena, I cannot find a place to put an arena in, and I feel it gets repetitive and boring after a while. If I am to add an arena, I'd sooner want to make it something like where you are given 20-30 tasks to do, and once all 20-30 tasks are finished in the arena, you'll fight the champion. A similar arena like that was in Wild Arms 4, and I really like how it was done, just doing something like that will be difficult to try. X_X;

And on a completely different subject change. The monius went to Japan a couple weeks ago, and lemme tell ya, IT WAS AWESOME. :D Makes me wish I was there longer, I'd memorize EVERYTHING about their transit system. :D

Game Design

P6 Blog #10 Water encounters. Yay or nay?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, Jaymonius here with yet some progression!

At long last, the heroes now have access to their ship vehicle. Which now gives me some thoughts about ships and other things.

What is your opinions about battles on ships? Do you all prefer having no battles on the sea or go with battling the sea creatures of doom! ALSO! Do you like having ships with extra features?

Example like the ship base in Suikoden IV? Where you can recruit people to build your ship base? (Or even later on, an airship base?)

Tell me your opinions! TELL MEEEEEeee...


P6 Blog #9 Elemental Dungeons

Hey ya'll, Jaymonius here with some stuff to discuss.

So, as per the Phantasia tradition, there'll be elemental themed dungeons, but I want to add a little more oomph to these dungeons as these dungeons will be optional to complete, but they will have to be completed eventually in the story. So they can be completed at your own pace until the point in time when said dungeons need to be completed to further the story, the enemies in said dungeon will be based on the strength of the current party up until a certain point, so for the most part, the stronger you are, the stronger they'll be.

Thing is, I want these Elemental Dungeons to be very highly puzzle based, and I recently just implemented Casper Gaming's Dungeon Tools script with a few tweaks here and there to help with my tool per character thing.

As an example, whenever Fran is the party leader she can shoot fireballs, which can be used to hit objects from afar to solve puzzles, among other uses. (I'm thinking what to implement with that.) So, naturally, Fran will be required for a lot of water and fire based puzzles. (As an example.)

Now, to stop beating around the bush. WHO WANTS TO HELP ME MAKE SOME DUNGEONS! :D I require people's expertise in making a Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark and Light dungeon. Anyone with some good dungeon design ideas they'd like to share and help out with, that'd be awesome, and it'd help speed up production too. :D

I'm open for input, GIMME INPUT! Well, until next time. :P

Game Design

P6 Blog #8 Multiple Endings

Howdy ho, Jaymonius here with some blogging and progression reports. I'm slowly but surely continuing the main story of the game. Just got that forest dungeon finished. Since 1/3 of the game was recruiting the heroes. Now it's the 2/3 of the game which is more about the conflicting elements interacting more.

If you noticed during the run in the game, each of the incarnates would react negatively to their polar opposites, I want to expand on it and make each of them a mini episode of their own in a way as they are making their way through the world etc.

But this also got me thinking, what is your guys opinions on multiple endings? I know I made mention of this of making a "Bad Path", in which I"m still planning on doing, but I'm more thinking specifically character endings of each character. What's your take on them? I'd really like to hear some opinions.

I ask mostly because I have been thinking of doing character endings based on your involvement with them, and factors like who Zack fuses with more, and talks with more, etc.


Anyway, imma make lunch now. :P
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