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Game Design

P6 Blog #7 Field Abilities, your thoughts?

First off, a random video, a theme I would really like to add in P6, but I can't find a good loop for this theme. H/Mix makes really good music, I recommend giving them them a listen to. ;)

So! I have been trying to incorporate field abilities for each hero that can help outside of battle. I sorta integrated Silva's field ability in Wind Stepping which lets you bypass barriers. Though I want to have it where you can bypass cliffs to find extra treasures. Though that part will be put in the game when I get more done, it also means remapping some of the old areas so the field abilities have use.

However I have been in a bit of a bind as to how I would incorperate the other abilities, and would like to hear other opinions on what would be a interesting idea for field abilities.

So far we have:

Yumi/Water: Waters certain flowers that grow to large heights for you to climb and gain access to other areas.

Fran/Fire: Shoots a fireball and can light up stuff. (That may require some specific script to integrate...)

Valerie/Earth: Being able to dig down soft soil and find hidden caves, I definitely would like to change this to something else.

Mary/Light: Will act as a detector or something to find invisible treasure chests. (I really like this idea, but I'm open for suggestions.)

Carl/Dark: Acts like repel for monsters. (This one I'm not so sure on, as I already have a item that does the repelling monster item for certain periods of time. So I'm open for suggestions for this one too.)

Well, that's about it. And now, it's sleep time. I gotta get ready for work zzzzzzz....


P6 Blog #6 Need a title screen now

First of all, thanks for everyone's patience going through the game while I sort out the mess. I don't intend to continue the game until all the problems have been addressed.

Some may ask: "Why didn't you request beta-testers?" Well, here's my response. Beta testers are becoming a lot more hard to come by. And my luck with a lot of them in the past is their lack of responses or lack of giving me detailed explanations.

Hence why I went, once I finish, I'll go through again and locate whatever I find and fix it up and release as is, and I knew there would be stuff I overlooked. I thank everyone for helping me make sure these problems are sorted out.

Anyway, enough about that. Now if anyone's willing to lend their artistic talent to make me a new Phantasia 6 title screen and game over screen, send me a PM. I always like having people make nifty title screens, it's sort of a tradition of mine to get a title screen. XD


P6 Blog #5 The demo is here

Alrighty, the demo is ready and uploaded and ready to be played/bashed/adored/etc :P

Play to your hearts content, send feedback, send pics of errors, and I'm going to grab a pepsi and drink it now. Enjoy the beta-demo folks. :D

Progress Report

P6 Blog #4 Almost ready for a demo!

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Wattup folks. Hope ya'll enjoyed your Christmas and got some good deals on Boxing Day. I did... for the most part.

Anyway, thanks to Jakoo56's assistance with those script errors, things are now going down a positive direction! To the point where a demo is more or less ready to be deployed ready to be played by ya'll. Seriously, you're the man! XD

There is really only one tiny little bug that I have noticed that occurs in the game, it's when you use Overlimit and another attack animation is being played, if you use it while another attack is being used by someone else, it'll crash the game. I'm trying to see if that can get addressed, but otherwise, things are looking pretty good.

I'll probably release and make an update to the demo once the thing is fixed, cause it rarely happens as the speed of all the heroes are different form each other for the most part. And even then I am sure most players don't simply rush and button mash when they progress through battles... right? Riiiiight? :D

Well, as what I'm currently doing on the game, I'm just fixing/modifying a few of the attack animations when you attack an enemy that can't be movable, like a sandworm that's burrowed in the ground, or a really REALLY big enemy. And attacks that can move them, well, they won't, and sometimes they have different effects like you won't be able to do as much damage to a immovable enemy, but more to a regular movable enemy and vice versa.

Also trying to add a few nic-nacs to the game as well. After going through the entire game, I miscalculated and realized the game may take 10-12 hours to complete the demo. Yikes. And we're only 1/3 done the game. XD

Well, that's all for now. I'm slugging away at the small details to the game, I'll have the game released in one or two days. It'll be out before the new year. That much is certain. As for the full game? Haha...ahahah hahaahahahahaha..... ... .. who know. :p

Fran's ready, are you? :D

Note: A new page has opened up called History of Gaia, go check it out to see the timeline of series and other games that happened to have fit in too. Just watch at your own risk. :P


P6 Blog #3 Scripting woes

Hey hey, tis' me again with another update and milestone achievement in terms of progress. I'm offically 1/3 done the game. Though technically I could be half done the game really, but I say 1/3 because of the main story. Though half done would be the spriting and battle system based crap.

But now I'm hitting a bit of a snag in terms of the battle system. There are certain conditions in the game I'm noticing that is making the game crash whenever this occurs.

The first is whenever an all hitting spell/skill is cast and the party is wiped out, if you have the option of being able to lose that battle, the game will crash. And the second problem I'm having is whenever an animation is playing, and the battle screen is trying to close, it will crash as well.

If there's anyone with scripting knowledge who can give me a bit of assistance with this, I would really appreciate the help.

Another thing I'm wanting to try and integrate is optional dungeons that can be tackled at any time during the main game, some will have to be completed eventually, but the sooner you finish them, the less time you will spend having to do them later.

However, I'm trying to have it so when you do go in the dungeon, the enemies will be around the same amount of strength depending on what point you enter the dungeon during the main story, I don't know what kind of scripts that would be required for that kind of system.

Well, thanks for reading and hope some will help with my woes.

Once the battle system problems are addressed and fixed, then the game can be released as a beta demo. Worst cases scenario, I'd have to adjust to shtuff.

Progress Report

P6 Blog #2 Multiple Paths and Fusion

Hey there peeps, Jaymonius here with some updates and discussions about the state of Phantasia 6.

Lemme say first that I have been making some good progress on the game after a couple months of being away from it due to lack of motivation, but I try to balance the spriting and the game making to help inspiring me to keep moving forward.


Finally I got my Element Fusion skill implemented, it took some time and a lot of work arounds but I was finally able to make the Element Fusion. Explanation time.

In Phantasia 6, as the character profiles explained, you will be getting the incarnates of the Elementals that helped you/battled you in the previous Phantasia games, when they join they will have their own diverse set of magic based on said element.

However, the main character, Zack, doesn't have access to any magic. However, he does possess a unique ability to fuse with the other incarnates and inherit their magic.

Before Fusion =>After Fusion

They will also be inheriting some other benefits upon fusing. However, while you do fuse with the character, that also does leave you party of 4 to a party of 3. And should Zack get killed while fused, both him and the fused will die. So if you think Zack will die and will have a lack of recovery, you can revert the fusion and the fused incarnate will return to normal.

One nifty thing too is that when you do fuse with an incarnate you won't lose a turn doing so, the same applies when reverting. However, keep in mind though that when doing these actions will cost a turn, so if you happen to have a positive status effect, the turns will go faster, but the same can also be said true for negative status effects. (I may have to find a way to fix this, but this is how it stands for now.)

Next on the list of discussions is multiple paths and endings.

Ever since I made Lost Land Ruin VX, I have been liking the multiple path things a lot more, I blame the Shin Megami Tensei series for that really, it was a huge inspiration to do multiple paths in LLRVX in the first place. And the same holds true for P6, where I want to make a Life Path and a Death Path and a... path. I'll leave those three names to your imagination on how they will turn out.

But I do ask, what is yours, the readers, stance on multiple paths and multiple endings? How do you think the concept should be executed, should the player be put back into the beginning once the ending is achieved? Or should they be put back on the beginning again?

I'd like to hear your opinions.

Well, that's all for now, I'll try and pump more progress on the game as the months go by. Toodles.


P6 Blog #1 It's heeere.

Holy moly, I have enough content to warrant a showing and stuff. Yay.

Enjoy looking at this page of shtuff. I'll be adding more to it throughout the months to come. Will there be a release? I wanna say 2017, but it's not guaranteed yet.

Well, that's mostly it. Not much to report on except, yay, P6 is here. :3
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