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A few things that I should point out before you download

-This is still a demo so if there is anything wrong, be sure to let me know and provide a screenshot so that the issue can be quickly dealt with, thank you.

-There is a tiny glitch that will occur if you take your actions too quickly specifically with using Overlimit and Element Fusion, it may crash the game if another animation is playing at the time, so try to avoid button mashing if you can, I'm trying to fix this issue, thanks for your understanding.

-If you find any tileset errors, be sure to send me a pic of it, so that it can be fixed.

-If there are any other issues that need to be looked at, just show me a pic or something and show me so I can quickly fix the problem. It's a beta demo, so there will be things I may have overlooked, thanks for your patience. I have been updating the demo periodically, so if there is a problem, download again just in case cause I'm addressing new errors that pop up. And if it still happens, just give me a shout and I'll quickly fix it.

-Fixed bug where Zack gets a very powerful attack at the beginning.
-Fixed bug where there is multiple Zack as display character when entering Vaskal before going to Mt.Vaskal

Thanks for downloading Phantasia 6...

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Okay, so few technical problems:
1. The top room in the fire orb tower should probably have a "Touch" turned on instead of "Press" to initiate cutscenes.
2. After Zack and Miriam return home, cutscenes happen and Zack returns to his room, but after that nothing happens and I must simply turn the game off.

Also, some criticism regarding the writing: I don't know what are your plans regarding Zack and Miriam, but from what I've seen it seems a lot like some mediocre Hollywood scenario writer trying to write a jRPG, but he just doesn't know what he's doing. Sure, there are a lot of games where the male protagonist meets the female protagonist who's often a damsel-in-distress, but in those the male character maintains somewhat a "monotonous" personality which evolves in time, but here he just seems not only to do things on a whim, but have drastic personality swings from nearly the beginning.
I'll continue playing the game, but I don't have high hopes for Zack and Miriam ATM.
The "nothing" happen thing has been addressed already, it just needs to be re-downloaded.

Thanks for your input on the writing. And what you say about Zack is actually spot-on, he doesn't know what he really wants in life. His life is bit of a confused mess, but it gets explained during the game at some point, but, it's up to you if you wanna continue forward or not.

But yeah, I'll check that top room in the fire orb tower you mentioned as well.

EDIT: Oop, that's why, I forgot to copy and paste the event in that room, the problem is fixed. Thanks for letting me know. :D I'm going to be uploading a new version as of this moment, so I'd suggest waiting until I get the new version up and running before continuing just in case.

Good ol' beta-version. :3
There are numerous minor misspellings, the most notable is "collage" which should be "college".

"Mend Drop" lacks a description.

Another eventing problem in the mountains where we fight Behemoth in the same manner like in that orb tower that I mentioned earlier.
Also, the Behemoth there is a really difficult battle: not only it has high Attack from what I can see, it can also boost it even further, making it really hard to lessen the damage.

Also, recently escaping has been made... impossible. Whenever, I or an enemy tries to flee a script error appears. IIRC it has something to do with the one of the battle scripts.
Yeah, I fixed the college mispellings.

As for the behemoth battle, if you used the formation to have it so not all your heroes are in the same battle row, you'll take a lot less damage from Stampede. And if you have equipment with Thunder Ward, that'll also help decrease the damage from the Behemoth boss.

Also, the escaping issue, were you casting a spell or something when you were trying to escape? Cause if you were then that MIGHT be the cause, I'll talk to Jakoo56 about that as well.

The new update is on, mind you it doesn't cover as far as where you're at right now, but it's covered a majority of the problems that have been encountered early on.
I don't think the formation system doesn't do anything: I don't see any difference if a character is in the front or the back row. There are no text description changess when I change their position and the layout for that menu suggests there should be. Unless there are some mysterious combinations that an average player won't even think of utilizing then that might be a problem.

Unlikely. In some encounters I tried to run away at the start of the battle because the enemies were overwhelming me and I wasn't casting any spells then.
The formation system helps the difference is when you're in the front your attacks become more powerful and your TP gauge increases, but not your magic attacks. And when you're in the middle, it's about average for defenses and attacks, and tp increase. and for back row, your defenses increase, but lowers your physical attack and lowers your TP gauge, but increases your magic attacks.

As for that escape problem, we're looking into it now.

We're added a tiny thing to the game that will display the log of the error so, if you encounter that escape problem, just post it on here and we'll look into it, you just need to re-download the game. Don't worry, it shouldn't affect your save file.

The new download fixes a few other things you were mentioning as well. A win win! :D
Another problem: when I rest in Gale after recruiting Silva there's a cutscene outside the inn and when Zack is to go back to the building he doesn't walk far enough and "crashes" into the well just one tile to the left of the door.

That Behemoth nerf was good. Well, I had to grind up a bit, but aside of that the fight was actually quite enjoyable, even if I were stressing a bit.

Just out of curiosity: where are any wind elements for Silva? Do I, like, need to return to the montain where I fought the Behemoth? I already have two elements for Yumi and Fran, but none for that guy.
There is one for Silva in Gale. Talk to Avril, she's outside the building. Just beware, you'll be dealing with another anti-elemental.

There's also a wind element for Silva in the Gem Desert.

And thanks for the report, I'll quickly fix that.
I think Silva's wind element in the Gem Desert is somewhere before the "labyrinth" part since
I've already been captured and haven't really payed much attention to exploration (these enemies are extremely persistent in catching you).

Also, how do I proceed further in that fortress? I already re-recruited girls and I discovered a terminal which requires a key card. I think that the key card is needed to advance the story but so far I wasn't very lucky in finding it and honestly fighting the enemies there is starting to be annoying.

"Wind Step" LOL You weren't kidding when you said you got some inspiration from Zestiria. ;P Although I would recommend maybe assigning an unused key for "elemental powers to be used in the field" if it is going to be a more recurring element, yet that would probably bring a problem where you could access things that shouldn't be really accessible. Also, when "winding out" you could also put on some animation on Zack; it looks kinda weird that there is only "winding in" animation when he "teleports".
I guess I should've made that part a little clear, but the computer that is beside a laser trap when you just got up from the prison area. You use the key card there. :p

As for that Wind Step, I'm trying to get that part implemented with the older areas so it helps inspire returning to previous places.
Erm... I can't find the key card. Unless it's located in that room with three beds in the left I can't access it since there's no passability set behind bed tops. I don't even think you can alternate the "hologates" all the time in that top-most room: once you alternate it, you can't set it back.

A good (maybe, I don't know, your call) idea would be to place a symbol on a tile to highlight that you can Wind Step on it. Maybe make it a green, winged shoe that faces the direction the ability will take you.

Another suggestion would be to add arrows or something to indicate a transition tile between maps since sometimes I don't know where I can go and where I can't since in dungeons enemies like to group-attack me.

And maybe if you could add some kind of map name indicator in the menu + current objective on a key press like in Tales of games would be cool.

Also, I tried resting at the inn in Gale way-back-when, but the walking issue of Zack's hasn't been resolved.

I'll take another look at that scene again now and see where I messed up, since you said it was on tile I figured it was just one addition, now I gotta check it now.

I'll also check the base and see where the tile problem is, gimme a moment to check it, check back in a bit and I'll have an updated version.

I think I'll input that idea you mentioned and add some little thing to imply where you can wind step or not. Mind you this will be a while before this gets implemented mind you.
I suggest putting an RTP-free version and maybe just altered files in a zipped folder as well since constantly downloading a ~407 MB demo is not a really good idea since some people will quickly run out of their MBs. Also, it's annoying to constantly to redownload a ~407 MB demo because of few fixes.

Aside of that, I love the music selection, although the title screen and world map music is an awful RTP that should be abandoned. If anything, I can try to find some decent royalty-free tracks for at least one of these if you have problems doing so.
Well, if you're willing to point me in the right direction for some music then I'm more than willing to do that.

Also, why didn't I think of that? I'll add the other download being the patch. I'm not using my knoggin'. :P It takes me just as long to upload as it does to download, so this will take a lot less time. :D

EDIT: Patch made, fixes those problems mentioned with the cutscene at Gale and the tile issue at Antenora Base
good game p6 but it hard change program my objectif is donne all saga i finish p1 p2 wait ubtate when it done p3 p4 finish p5 impossiblre final boss
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