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North Point University rests in the heart of a mountain. Without cellphone reception and with the main point of access being by train, the University is known for its seclusion. It's summer break, but Meryl and her friends, Zaida, Ricardo, and Derek, find themselves headed to North Point University anyway to participate in a research project. They meet up with sixteen other participants and the student in charge, and soon find themselves victim to a heavy rainfall that floods the train tunnel. Stuck in the school, Meryl and the others continue the research in ways they wouldn't have expected.


Originally intended as a game for RMW's Birthday Bash, this game got too big and now it's just a really big thing. Rainfall is heavily inspired by games like 999/VLR/Dangan Ronpa and mixes visual novel with adventure game to bring a suspenseful little murder mystery with a colourful cast of characters and lovely maps by Indrah using VexedEnigma's POP! Horror pack.

Find items, solve puzzles, talk to people, and hopefully make it out alive when the rain begins to fall.


This game is coming to you from myself (MakioKuta), Racheal, and Indrah. Writing and character design by me, maps and writing by Indrah, and events and programming by Racheal. The usual setup.

We're still in the very earlier stages of development, but we're aiming to put out a demo that contains the Introduction and Scene 1 soon. The writing is done and the maps and a large bulk of the art and sprites are as well. I'm not sure WHEN we'll have the demo out! But we'll keep you updated along the way.

Latest Blog

Stealth Demo Release!

Hello all! It feels like it has been a long, long time. It has certainly been a long, long time since we've mentioned this game at the very least.

After three years, we finally present a demo of Rainfall: Final Messages!

Why did it take so long? - RPGmaker MV is a pain. A pain that we decided to stretch our personal limits with this maker on. There was a lot of start and stop with this project as we hit roadblocks and overcame them. The final hurdles were finally overcome to put out this demo. It's been a lot of love and hard work from all of us, so we hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing feedback.

The demo covers the introduction and 1st chapter of the game. It takes anywhere from a two to four hours to complete. There's a lot here! Especially a lot of totally optional text that I go "well why did I write this amazing conversation no one is going to read?" hahaha

Please read the Read Me file for controls and credits! And enjoy!!

P.S. The map is just a temporary one to give you something to work with. A more polished version will exist in the final game when the map is totally finalized (Aka don't let your programmer do the graphics).

P.P.S. Back to Fire Emblem I go. This might have been out two weeks ago if not for that lovely awful soul-crushing / soul-consuming game that I'm still not even done my first route.


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Oh, cool!

Not sure why but this puts me in mind of Oxenfree for some reason. If it's half as good as that, then it's bound to be a great little game. ^.^)b
I haven't heard of that game, but I hope we can live up to it's name!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Something about this game just screams Life is Strange to me, as well as Oxenfree as Libby said. +1 for it being Danganronpa inspired :P I hope we get some sweet gory death scenes >:D Only complaint I have is that windowskin. Seriously, you should change that.
You're magical to me.
Subscribed! :D This looks really cool! ^_^
Why do you need big resolution MV to make game with so huge pixels with low resolution sprites?
@Frogge - The window skin is attempting to emulate a text message conversation. Indrah wasn't too keen on it's saturation either, so I guess we'll look into it lol
I've also never played Life is Strange o3o Once again, I hope we can live up to the comparison.

@unity - Thank you!!

@Dragol - Big resolution means I don't have to shrink my art down really small and lose the tiny nuances in facial expressions that I'm always sad to see go! O: Other than that, Indrah likes the mapping system better in MV than the old ones; that's the only real reason we picked MV.
This looks like it will be a really interesting game! Subscribed, and good luck to you with this! :D
@MakioKuta - To be true they don't have so much details to lose it with shrinking.
And that's just me, but I think facesets and sprites doesn't match that well for some reason. In Castle Chase it worked somehow )
But it's your game, just... just my taste is terrible I guess )
@Ilan14: Thank you!

@Dragol: Ahh, ouch. I spent a lot of time on the sprites trying to get them at least close in design. >< I'm not a very good spriter, so it doesn't shock me, but I hope it is at least possible to tell which character is which. Otherwise that might be a problem @<@ wha--
As for the detail, that was mostly a joke, but my ego really does love when my art gets to be displayed at a bigger resolution. ;D First and foremost, it's made in MV because that's which program Indrah wanted to use. Maybe she could elaborate more on why, but it's probably the fact it brought back that third layer in mapping.

Rach pointed out to me that you probably meant the STYLE of the art and the sprites. Well, I won't disagree with that one. I was a wee bit leery of how they'd match up as well. In the end I was okay with the result, but I can see where it still might not be a good fit. (My colours are so darn loud haha)
Your art and style are great, you are just using RM2003 srpites in RMMV.
That's not a bad thing )
It's the POP! Horror City sprites, not 2k3.

They are about the same size (POP's a tiny bit taller), but I found the POP! ones were a lot nicer a base to work with. 2k3 sprites drive me up a wall.
Oh hey, saw this over on the rpgmaker forums. The story setup seems fun (dangan ronpa inspiration you say??). Good luck, I'll be waiting for a demo. Also, Marcell. I like Marcell. They look cute.
Thanks Mirpono! Marcell is one of the major characters, to be honest, so I think you'll be satisfied for waiting for Marcell ;D
You're magical to me.
Congrats on getting the Development spoltlight! :DDDDDDDD
Really looking forward to this :D The story sounds really intruiging and the cast of characters, just from the look of them alone, seem like they're gonna be a lot of fun to get to know.

Also, just wanted to say that personally I'm really thrilled with how much detail and character you've brought to the sprites. I know POP! sprites can take a hit in the detail department but I think you've done a great job transferring those details from the amazing character art. This is of course all in my totally, completely unbiased opinion~
Haha Thanks Unity! I think that was our fastest ever in time between posting and being spotlighted o<o Sure was a nice shock!

@Vexed: Thank you! Hearing that from you means so much! <3 I have learned that my love for spiky hair and the POP! style are worst enemies ;D But I tried hard to make it work.
This looks beautiful! Being inspired by DR is a good sign. The developers help too~<3
Hmm...I like the title, something about it is pretty nifty, kinda dramatic. XD That's alot of characters, they all look interesting and fun! Which is the main reason why I want to play the game, the other is that it's a suspenseful mystery game that sounds interesting! And I like visual novels :) I wonder what are they researching about...

Anyways, I can't wait for the demo! :)
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
At first I thought this was an article by the guy behind Rainfall: The Sojourn apologizing for failing the community and running away with all the kickstarter money. Weird.
Woah, I was unaware there was a game with that name :x :x That gives us bad rep right off the bat. I hope that won't become a problem for us down the line.

I did a google search of the full title, but not of just 'Rainfall:' on it's own.
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