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Stealth Demo Release!

  • Racheal
  • 08/15/2019 11:57 PM
Hello all! It feels like it has been a long, long time. It has certainly been a long, long time since we've mentioned this game at the very least.

After three years, we finally present a demo of Rainfall: Final Messages!

Why did it take so long? - RPGmaker MV is a pain. A pain that we decided to stretch our personal limits with this maker on. There was a lot of start and stop with this project as we hit roadblocks and overcame them. The final hurdles were finally overcome to put out this demo. It's been a lot of love and hard work from all of us, so we hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing feedback.

The demo covers the introduction and 1st chapter of the game. It takes anywhere from a two to four hours to complete. There's a lot here! Especially a lot of totally optional text that I go "well why did I write this amazing conversation no one is going to read?" hahaha

Please read the Read Me file for controls and credits! And enjoy!!

P.S. The map is just a temporary one to give you something to work with. A more polished version will exist in the final game when the map is totally finalized (Aka don't let your programmer do the graphics).

P.P.S. Back to Fire Emblem I go. This might have been out two weeks ago if not for that lovely awful soul-crushing / soul-consuming game that I'm still not even done my first route.


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You're magical to me.
As someone who got to help playtest this, I highly recommend this demo! :DDD Can't wait to play the full game and I love all of these characters!!!
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