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A Demo About Murders in Supernatural School

This is a demo review.
This is a demo review for version 1. My playtime: 01:47:32 (finished the demo).

Rainfall: Final Messages is a game about a murder that is taking place in a school.

To be honest, i really like the graphics. The mappings are very well put and i like the sprites style. I also like the credits roll in the prologue very much.

The story is a bit confusing at first, especially since they are introducing a lot of characters at the start; i have trouble in knowing who is who until now (except the main cast, of course). That isn't the case at the start of the game though. I'm not really enjoying the prologue because they keep on talking about names that i don't really know about. Perhaps adding a name near the dialogue when there is a potrait of the characters will help me to memorize their names better. Also, speaking of the prologue, i also like the phone message style in the prologue. Giving an option to advance the text with z button will make it look better though because i think the text changes quite fast for me.

As for the story, i can say that the story is very well done. I like the character interactions (especially Rick since he's such a jerk) and the story flows really smoothly. The suspense that gets you near the demo also makes me really excited about the continuation.

The game
To be honest, i don't know what to do at the start of the game. I noticed that you can see your location and where you're supposed to go in the map, but it's not really explained in detail so i didn't really get it at first. I only understand how it works after i reach the place that you're supposed to go (the classroom). However, the same thing doesn't work when i was asked to go Rec building basement since i don't see any building being highlighted there. The highlighting works everytime after that though although i admit it's still confusing sometimes since the map shows you the full layout plan of the school. Perhaps highlighting the entire floor you're in (while giving a different mark on the destination) and giving a zoom in on the location you're at will help.

The menu is awesome though. You'll get a phone style menu and most of the menu are customized to fit the phone screen. I think it'll be awesome if the save menu, the only menu that isn't fit to the phone screen, are also made to fit the phone.

Since you are supposed to have a phone, you will also sometimes get a message from your friends. The thing is, you actually can react to the message with different responses (although i'm not sure if it'll affect the story in any way). I don't know that this feature exist when i got the message for the first time though so perhaps you need to make it more noticeable.

There are also some puzzles in the game but i don't really get it. I just randomly selected the answer in the first puzzle (the paintings) just to complete it (which luckily can be solved that way). I also stuck on the next puzzle (the one where you're supposed to find a code in the storage room. I thought that you're supposed to find the number of telephone spot in the school which i think is ridiculous (thankfully it's not about that). I can solve the rest of the puzzles though since the rest only requires some thinking to finish. However, i noticed that there is a different style in those puzzle with the game.

- Amazing details and mechanics
- Multiple options when replying to a message

- Sometimes it's hard to know where you're supposed to go or do
- Hard to understand puzzles

The game has a great concept and mechanics although sometimes it is a bit confusing (especially the puzzles). I had a good time playing it though.

Final Rating: 4/5
To be honest, i didn't expect it to be this good. I'll be waiting for the completion.


- My screen freeze when "Folklore from Arou" (the text stopped there) book dropped. The rest is still intact though (you still can interact with the game but the screen just stuck on that scene). I ended up saving and reseting the game to fix it. It doesn't happen again when i played it for a second time though.
- There is a red x marker on C-103 room when you enter the hallway for the first time.
- The phone interface is gone after you wake up from reading the book.
- If you hold your button to the right when you saw the shadow and then press left when you reach the second bench, a message "I should head to the station." will come out everytime and pushed me back 1 tile behind me, which is forcing me to the right area. I can't go back to the station after that.