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Website - http://www.potatobraingames.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ErediaGame/?fref=ts
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG

Please refer to the Characters section for character profiles, and check out Images section for screenshots.

Eredia is now available for purchase from the following links!

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/713180/Eredia_The_Diary_of_Heroes/

itch.io: https://potatobraingames.itch.io/eredia-the-diary-of-heroes

Latest Blog

Update 1.1 (New Content) and 70% OFF!

Hellow Fellow Potatoes!

It's almost a year since I released Eredia: Diary of Heroes (boy, time flies quickly, huh?), and we've been on quite the ride so far. Bug fixes, improvements, edits, we've done it all to make Eredia a better game, and we did it together.

I've heard the demands for the sequel, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the response. Now, I won't be able to get Eredia 2 out in 2019, but I got a little anniversary gift for you all.

This is the first update that brings to you new content. (Mostly end game stuff)

- 3 new legendary weapons.
- One rare and one legendary armor set (total 5).
- Two new runestones.
- One new EX-Boss. (Okay, tbh, this fight is a little unfair, but if Gara and Shirven didn't pose too much of a challenge for you, you're probably gonna have fun with this one.)
- One Follow-up mission added in the Hunter's Guild. (Must have finished escorting the thief from Navrok Port. This isn't an official contract, and it doesn't get added to the Journal.)
- Minor bug fixes, including the recently reported Game Over bug after the Kredvale trials.

NOTE: 90% of the new content can only be accessed after getting a ship. Try revisiting some of the islands again.

And that's not all. For this week only, Eredia is on SALE (70% OFF)!

Also, if you haven't done so already, collect your FREE Eredia Lorebook from our official website by subscribing to our mailing list.


Finally, I'd like to request two things from our new players:

- Please leave a review if you play the game, and give me your honest feedback, regardless of whether it's a pat on the back or a brutal spinning heel kick. Feedback helps a lot, seriously.

- If you like detective/mystery games, you can give my new WIP game a try.
I'd love to hear your opinions.




I may contact her in the future, if my budget permits. Currently I am planning to allocate more funds in commissioning for custom tiles. ^^

Generally, I scout my artists from either DeviantArt or from Facebook groups.
Sometimes good artists can be difficult to find, but it's worth the effort in the end.
I agree with you 100% on that. Good luck!
The Steam Greenlight page for Eredia is now LIVE.
Looking forward to your vote and feedback!


In just a little over a month, we got greenlit on steam!
Thanks to all members of the RMN community who took their time to vote for us. ^^
Made a let's play of the first 45mins of the game, Might continue to do more :
Hey chibievil, thanks for giving it a try. Looking forward to more.
Hey there Rishi hows the game progress going? its been awhile but i haven't forgotten ya.
Wow Rishi! You're really making great progress with the game!! Congrats with the trailer too!! :D They're looking very good! :)
@Destroshard - The progress is going smooth, glad you haven't forgotten about it. :)
While I expect to finish developing the game in about a month or so, I plan to take up to three more months, post-completion, for bug testing and improvement to ensure that the game is worthy of its commercial tag.

@Starmage - Thanks for the vote of confidence. ^^
I am looking forward to your feedback for the new version.
Of course!! I would love to check the new version out!! :D Keep it up! xDD
I've played the tester's version that you've sent me, Rishi! And here are my feedbacks so far:

The menu/system have really improved so much from the previous version! I also love how the character arts are being showed now in the menu too! The HUD is also very neat! I can see some nice touch ups. Great job with these improvements! Btw, love the new arts for many of the new characters.

The music are still really superb! I noticed some new masterpieces being added to the game and wow do they fit well with the game's setting! xD

The maps have been drastically improved, I noticed that there are more details in the towns and woods now, great job!!

The new feature of being able to fast travel to different explored areas with the world map through warp crystals is also a very nice touch for a huge open world game. though I am unable to warp immediately to caves and etc. is this intentional? Well maybe it is. xD

The sidequests btw, still just as fun as before (The sneaking feature is also a huge plus, forgot to mention.)

I still am not able to finish the version I currently have right now, just thought I'd drop by my initial hype. lol! xDD WIll be back with more feedback once I'm done with the game. :D
Thank you for the kind words, Starmage. I'm glad you liked it so far.

The concept of teleportation is to travel to known "safe areas", i.e. towns, cities and shrines. The final game has around thirty of these in total, but if I included the caves and dungeons, the number would've gone into the hundreds and the end result would've been pretty messy. The concept here is to remember the points of interest near a town, like dungeons, caves, special areas, etc., and warp to the nearest town based on where you want to go.

That version is pretty long, so take your time. ^^
Ohh!! So that's why xDD I guess it would indeed be very messy if we put warp crystals all over the place, I like the idea of only being able to warp to towns and safe areas though. xDD

Of course, Rishi! I'll continue on with the adventures!! xDD :D
Played almost 2 ours and i already want to buy that game. Not so many games interesting nowdays but that is exception. Have a question: characters can use 1 type of weapon ( like Kenrad with bows ) or later in the game you can upgrade them for other types? for example, dual-wielded fighter, it will be great if you can make your own class-hybrid. Is there such possibility?
Hi Hikorius, thank you for your interest in Eredia, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far.
Some characters are rigid in terms of the types of weapons they can use, while some others will have more flexibility. In the full version, there will be multiple choices for Fighting Styles, Combos and Traits, all of which can be customized to suit your style of playing.
Some characters are rigid in terms of the types of weapons they can use, while some others will have more flexibility. In the full version, there will be multiple choices for Fighting Styles, Combos and Traits, all of which can be customized to suit your style of playing.

Good news. When full version will be and what price?)
The game development is finished, and we are now moving into the improvement phase. (Bug fixing, polishing, proofreading, etc.)
The game will be available by the end of the year if all goes well; no fixed release date yet. The price is not fixed yet, but it will be along the lines of $5-$9.
The price is not fixed yet, but it will be along the lines of $5-$9.

To the end of the year... i will die from impatience... But ok... i agree. Its the second indie game i like
Almost forgot: what size of full version?