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Update 1.1 (New Content) and 70% OFF!

Hellow Fellow Potatoes!

It's almost a year since I released Eredia: Diary of Heroes (boy, time flies quickly, huh?), and we've been on quite the ride so far. Bug fixes, improvements, edits, we've done it all to make Eredia a better game, and we did it together.

I've heard the demands for the sequel, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the response. Now, I won't be able to get Eredia 2 out in 2019, but I got a little anniversary gift for you all.

This is the first update that brings to you new content. (Mostly end game stuff)

- 3 new legendary weapons.
- One rare and one legendary armor set (total 5).
- Two new runestones.
- One new EX-Boss. (Okay, tbh, this fight is a little unfair, but if Gara and Shirven didn't pose too much of a challenge for you, you're probably gonna have fun with this one.)
- One Follow-up mission added in the Hunter's Guild. (Must have finished escorting the thief from Navrok Port. This isn't an official contract, and it doesn't get added to the Journal.)
- Minor bug fixes, including the recently reported Game Over bug after the Kredvale trials.

NOTE: 90% of the new content can only be accessed after getting a ship. Try revisiting some of the islands again.

And that's not all. For this week only, Eredia is on SALE (70% OFF)!

Also, if you haven't done so already, collect your FREE Eredia Lorebook from our official website by subscribing to our mailing list.


Finally, I'd like to request two things from our new players:

- Please leave a review if you play the game, and give me your honest feedback, regardless of whether it's a pat on the back or a brutal spinning heel kick. Feedback helps a lot, seriously.

- If you like detective/mystery games, you can give my new WIP game a try.
I'd love to hear your opinions.