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  • RishigangiX
  • Added: 06/24/2016 06:52 AM
  • Last updated: 09/26/2022 09:10 PM


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Wow! This looks very beautiful and enchanting!! would love to visit this place soon!! xDD :D
Actually this location is already in the version you played, maybe you missed it out? xD
Wait... WHAT?!? How could I miss this out?? really?? wait, I'll re-track the game! I still have my save-file!! xDD

Umm, sorry for such a newb question but.. am I able to locate this at the world map?

I guess I haven't yet explored 100% of Eredia's world in the demo!! xDD

I was fascinated by this place in the screens!! xDD
OMG!!! This is just our tiny little secret then xDD I've reached it!! Thanks!! xDD :D I love it!! xDD
Well, the game is designed in a way to keep many locations hidden, and the only way to find them is through extensive exploration.
Maybe there are other locations you've missed as well. xD
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