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Don't worry Kenrad! true love comes to those who wait! xD if that's really what you're looking for! :x

  • Starmage
  • 05/16/2016 12:56 PM
Eredia Review:

First thing I wanna say is that, Eredia is really such an interesting, fun-filled mystery and war-themed game! it involves cinematic-like scenes that just makes you want to fully immerse within the story as the scenes carry you throughout the game!! it revolves around a hunter who's up for taking contracts and missions leading to different kinds of adventures!


The intro really gave a feeling of thrill as you wander around enemy camps playing as a very well-known warlord and a supreme elf! I really enjoyed playing through these scenes as it gave me an andrenaline rush from this point ti'll the rest of my playthrough! also the lore-related stuff like projection-magic and dark-silver soldiers was really cool!

Everything about it: the music, the atmosphere, the introductory characters; they were amazingly executed! made me feel like I was in a sort-of high-quality medieval-fantasy film! so to say it simply: the intro made an amazing impression of the game! :)

The UI of the game was also really very eloquent! I liked it! it really helped give the feeling of a medieval fantasy world! The menus, the battle interface, and the character arts were very nicely made!! And I am very amazed at how the game works at real-time! it goes night and day with a working in-game clock/calendar!! very amazing!!

STORY/CHARACTERS: "We surrender".."Really?".."We were just messing with you"! xD

The way the story unfolds and how the global events regarding the Eredia interconnected to the characters was very interesting and intruiging! And I was really quite amused and entertained with the main character "Kenrad", he was introduced immediately to be quite an erotic/narcissistic guy and I find him quite funny, the way he interacts with the NPCs and especially with the ladies!! xDD "there was a mosquito on your leg.. and as a hero--", haha!! and then I got introduced to "Elric" who possesses a psychological disorder which was really quite hilarious and thrilling at the same time (when he told his story and when they converse as he joined the party)! xDD Bernard and Ken's rivalry was also very funny!! I really find the characters and their dialogues with each other very witty and clever! I also love the thrill and mystery the game has regarding this strange girl "Akia" and her connections to the bloodthirsty murdering bandit! The investigation parts were the best and the way the culprit (spoilers) revealed himself, I was like "I knew it!! it was him!!" it really made the mystery more immersive and thrilling to uncover all throughout! it was very well done and nicely executed, especially the scenes with (spoilers) Akia and Shirven, as well as her backstory, very nice and touching!! xD!! :D I also like how "Rurouna" seems to say things that unintentionally had double meaning for others and always have "Sharina" to remind everyone of that! so funny and cute of her! xDD All I can say is that the story is at a smooth sailing and has a really great potential! I also like how each characters crosses paths each time, it's like somehow they are all intertwined to a single objective in the end! ;)


The battles really gave that nostalgic RPG sequence that you encounter in classic RPG games! as well as how the characters progresses through-out the game as they level-up was well planned out to better balance and scale with regards to the enemies they start encountering at different places. (reminds me of good o'l FF games). The socketing with rune-stones system was really nice too!

BUGS Found:

There are some minor bugs I found.. at the INN, when I talk to ariel to rest, she asks for 10 gold, it does subtract my gold by 10, but when I have 0 gold, it will still allow me to rest even though I do not have any more gold! xD also there was a bug when I picked up an item called "Fleet Foot", it says that it can only be equipped upon level 8, but when I "Optimize" one of the char's equipments, it automatically puts the Flee Foot on him/her! xD (also, there were some typos at the conversations during Kenrad's training with Mr. Vinoche, like additional "ME"s sometimes).


The game really is an overall A- if I were to give it a grade! xDD yes, the demo may still have some bugs and minor typos here and there, but I always see things in Gestalt's point of view, which means it's overall aspects! and they were indeed great!! and I am always looking forward for more! now, I just gotta go back to the game and finish the ever unfinished quest of "Bats".. cause yah.. I forgot that little quest... anyway, I really think the game has great potentials! the music, the story, the characters and well.. the humor!! haha!! very nicely done!! ;)


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Thanks for your detailed review.
The fact that you like it so much motivates me even more to work harder and make a better game.
I will fix the optimization issues as soon as I figure out how. ^^
I'll also be more careful about typos, but no matter how many times I re-edit, there are always one or two typos that go unnoticed. xD
Of course!! :) And yes I understand, there will always be typos here and there!! as I can relate to that too!! :) Goodluck!!
Thanks, though I will try to ensure that the final product is of even better quality. ^^

Oh, and I am not sure I wanna give Kenrad the break that you're talking about. xD
Hahaha!! omg!! poor Kenrad!! why you do this to him?!?! XDD
Well, he does keep on insulting and torturing everyone in my defense. xD

By the way, did you notice the hidden romance and karma systems. Many of the dialogue choices increase or decrease variables for romance and karma which are affected without notifying the player, so he/she cannot keep track of it. You might already have romantically inclined yourself towards a particular heroine without being aware of it in your last playthrough. :P
I did not notice that actually!! hmm!! So my choices of words really did affect how I interact with the people!! that's really cool! xDD maybe I might've triggered a romantic thing with Sharina!! xDD I wanted to be nice to her xDD
Sometimes its not just the dialogues, but optional objectives within quests can matter too.
For example killing the orc commander undetected in the tower was an obvious way to impress Sharina
Wow!! really?? that's really cool!! so that means I might've really made a KenRina loveteam in my playthrough!! xDD
Haha, well the full version is going to be pretty vast though, I haven't even decided if I want to let the player get a conclusive romance set by the end of the game either, this is the only part that's really vague to me, even now. :P
Haha omg!! Maybe kenrad's meant to be a priest!! xDD :D

But don't worry, I'm sure it will all uncover as you get to that point in your game!! xDD
"Rejoice as you receive the blessings of the handsome heroic priest, you ignorant commoner!"...
Nope that won't work. :P

I hope so too, though right now I am trying to focus on an unique tournament model that has never been done before. ^^
Hahaha!! omg!! you're right!! that's going to be the naughtiest priest!! xDD

And wow!! you're really working on a tournament model?? that sounds superb!! :D xDD you're really headed at such a smooth but booming pace in your project!! ;)
Yup, so even if I include multiple endings, I do not plan on including that one. xD

Thanks, it is difficult at times though. I don't want it to end up as another project that has too many features, but focuses on none. ^^
Hahah!! and yes, you're right, but as long as you keep in track with the main focus or goal of the game, then you should be fine along with the features you plan on adding! :)

imagine Legend of Mana, it has alot of features, but it pretty much a straightforward focus on it's own!! :)
That's what I'm planning to do, being careful not to rush things too much as well. ^^

Yeah, but people are not as patient as they used to be to explore all the features, like they used to back in the good ol' days of RPG.
Yep!! I really agree with you on that one Rishi! :)

SOmehow, I do wish that people can start perceiving RPG games the way we all did back in the days! xD
Mhm... back then people enjoyed getting immersed into an open world.
Nowadays people only want an open world so that they can play linearly in an open world. xD

But you can't help it though, there are so many games made with so less passion, it is inevitable that the perception will change for the worse.
Indeed! but keep faith RishiganiX! I know that once your game comes into completion, the features you planned will reach many people as it did reach me! :)

The best we can do now is to keep going on our games and maintain the fiery passion that we hold for them! :)

And especially since you have alot of cool features set up for your game, I'm sure all your effort will really pay off!! xDD :D
Thanks, I hope it will.
I am not rushing it though, I am giving myself a little over a year from today to finish the project anyway. ^^

I will also be working on a short psychological horror for a month or so in the meantime. I do not plan to put it up on RMN right at the moment, but I will keep working on it behind the scenes.
Wow! that's really great to hear Rishi!! I'm looking forward for your psychological horror game!! :D

Yeah, it's always good to take your time in RPG making! ;)
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