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A step above the rest- Jtrev23 Reviews

  • jtrev23
  • 05/28/2016 01:32 AM
In Eredia, the player follows the tale of Kenrad, a perverted self-proclaimed hero as he strives to gain fame, fortune, and most of all, women. Unknown to Kenrad and his allies, trouble is brewing in many different forms and the player must be careful about how they go about solving a problem, for one wrong decision can affect the whole game. For the record, I played the demo version of this game to completion in 8 hours and 34 minutes according to the internal game clock.


I will start off by saying that I enjoyed playing this game. It has a nice plot, crude but funny humor, and the game forces players to make decisions that actually impact the story in some way. Though not expressed as much in the demo, forcing the player to make tough decisions actually helps the player get into the world of the game more. In one side quest, the player has to decide what to do with the body of a deceased boy and I chose to loot the body for his belongings. Even though I know it is only a game, choosing to loot the body actually made me feel guilty, which in turn helped me to see the characters in the game as real people instead of just characters. While I hope that this feature is explored more in the full release, the thing I enjoyed the most about Eredia was its versatility. In the main story and side-quests, the player has to adapt for the mission at hand. Some missions force the player to defeat all enemies while others have the player avoid them instead. Some missions even involve detective work as the player has to solve a murder mystery case on top of collecting the bounty for a wanted criminal. The versatile and rich background for the story and its characters is definitely the thing I like most about the game and the main reason why I would recommend it to others to play.


I found the presentation of Eredia to be spectacular. Not only does the game utilize an effective night/day system but the game also uses a unique calendar system, unique UI design with original designs, and has great music throughout the game that goes along with the story. The only downside to Eredia’s presentation would be the use of default character images for some of the NPC’s. Knowing that the game was made using RPG Maker MV means that I know that the developer has access to a character generator which can make unique-ish characters for the game. While this doesn’t directly affect the game’s internal presentation in any way, it is one of the few things that help remind the player that they are playing an RPG Maker game, which discredits the game’s individuality and makes it seem closer to “Just another RPG Maker game”. While that is my personal opinion, I feel that this game has the potential to be unique and using default assets just hinders a game from being unique in my opinion. Other than that, I had no other problems with the presentation.


The story of Eredia was the most engaging factor for me, but I found the battles to be somewhat engaging as well due to the Charge Turn Battle system that Eredia uses. The plot in the game constantly grows and the plot twists aren’t readily expected either. That being said, I have to say that having a perverted male character as the main character was a bit disengaging for me. Personally I found the character to be obnoxious and even the other characters in the game calls him childish for most of his actions in the game. That is just my opinion though ad I know that some will especially love the main character for his crude, sexual humor alone.

As for the gameplay, the game functions mostly as any other RPG Maker game out there. Mostly, but not entirely. For one, the game has a variety quests the player can choose to take on in order to gain money and experience faster. Though not the first nor last game to involve quests, I would say that having a series of guilds and quests the player can on is something that I haven't seen in many RPG Maker games. Another difference I found, but that I’m not particularly fond of, is that some moves require both MP and TP in order to use a skill. In most games, MP is reserved for those who cast spells and TP functions as a rage meter so that the player can deal more powerful attacks. Having a skill cost both for a non-magical attack is understandable but still just seems weird and in my opinion, unnecessary. While I might find that bothersome, I still found the game enjoyable and I still would recommend others try it out for themselves.


Definitely check this game out when you get the chance. I say if you like RPG games and don’t mind playing and 8 hour demo then download and lay this game now. I personally recommend you try out this game if you like RPG Maker games, RPG’s in general, or games that are well written, with rich backstories. If you like those types of games then I believe you would love playing Eredia: The Diary of Heroes.


Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!

As a personal rule I don't leave a score for demos as they are incomplete, but if I had to give a score, I would give this game 4 out of 5 stars.


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Hey man, thanks a lot for the detailed review.
And I really appreciate you playing through till the end to review it. :)

To address some of the issues that you've mentioned, yes some NPCs have default graphics. Some of them are used as stockholders for the moment, I plan to change the graphics of the NPCs who are relevant to the story into unique ones, e.g Arshen, Vinoche etc. The filler NPCs like the citizens, guards etc. will continue to have default graphics for the time being.

As for the skills using both MP and TP, that is like less than 10% of the skills. It is used to ensure limiting of the usage of the skill, as well to ensure in some cases that the player will not be able to use the skill right off the bat.
Also I will introduce a skill mastery and skill levelling system which will eliminate the mana costs of these skills, increase damage and TP costs as the skill level progresses.

Thanks again for the review, really appreciate it!
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