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Revenge of the Fallen, released!

Revenge of the Fallen has officially been released!

I hope you all enjoy it! This has been an exciting trip for me (Gredge109), as I haven't used RPG Maker XP since... maybe the first year of its release. So there was a lot of learning I had to do - both what XP can and cannot do - but I feel it all got tied together in the end.

A few things to note about the game, if you wish to view. It may spoil some of the mechanics, so if you want to be surprised, don't read it! For those of you who are interested in some info on the mechanics in this game, take a look.

This game is challenging. It is no walk in the park. I recommend saving everywhere, and keeping more than one save file.
The battles are short and brutal. They are intense and won't last long.
Your hero is both powerful and vulnerable. You are stronger than your enemies, but they won't hesitate to do you in.
There are no recovery areas, there are no inns or towns. You will procure your items from the field.
Make good use of your skills. Your skill points, known as ST, are recharged after every battle. Use your skills early and often.
You will level up quite a bit. Be sure to keep an eye on new skills, as they will come in handy.
Stay out of site and do what you can to gain initiative.
Backstabbing an enemy can be done by running into them while they aren't looking. Beware, this isn't always easy, and some enemies cannot be backstabbed.

Finally, this game does not come with the RTP. I strongly recommend downloading the RPG Maker XP RTP first. The RTP is free and can be found through a very quick google search.

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