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Current Demo: 0.9.9 Pre Kickstarter Edition.
Demos Available: PC, MAC, Linux, Browser
Last Demo uploaded 8/12/19

Killer Gin is now on Kickstarter!!!
Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thekillergin/killer-gin-kickstarter

Please see facebook page for details on game contest: https://www.facebook.com/TheKillerGin/

Play Killer Gin Online: Here!

Official Site: www.killergin.com

Full Visual Game Guide Link!
Online Game Guide

Story: (Quick Spoiler free)

A new race of beings, Gin, have found themselves in the center of conspiracy, intrigue, and war. Civil war between the Imperial Army and the Rederick Army has split the country into two warring factions. A small fishing village located in the middle neutral territory that has yet to feel the affects of the war, this will soon change, and this is where the story begins!

The main characters of the game are Antonio and Shinata, two Gin who are strangers to one another. Antonio fled his village after they discovered he was a Gin to protect the people that he loved. Antonio only wishes to find answers, why does the world hunt and kill Gin? Is there anywhere in the world where Gin can be safe? Shinata has a completely different upbringing than Antonio. She was raised under the watchful eye of her entire village. At the age of 5 Shinata began training to be a warrior. For what? Shinata is not sure, however, that did not stop her father from implementing a rigorous daily training regime. The story begins when their paths cross. Antonio and Shinata are ultimately swept up in a series of events that will change the very texture of reality! Come join them as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Game Features (Quick):

- Fully realized old school RPG with modern touches
- Homestead mode: Farming/Dating simulator
- Custom time system (Day/Night cycle)
- Custom dynamic weather system
- Custom light system (built on Terrax light system)
- Sleep & hunger system
- Faction System
- Relationship system
- Skills including perception and persuasion
- Mining, farming, lock picking, cooking etc.
- Random treasure and an ifinite dungeon
- Easter eggs everywhere!
- and Much more!

Game Features:

Multiplatform Release
The game will be commercially available for PC, MAC, Android, and iPhone, late 2016!
Gamepad/mouse/touch screen game

Original Story
Story currently being developed as a series of novels. Compliments the novel in many different ways. Those that read the novel will have an edge in the secrets/back story department and vice versa.

Time system (Custom time system, no scripts used!)
Time affects game play in many surprising ways
Years, months, days, hours, minutes.
Day and Night cycles.

Dynamic Weather System (Custom weather system, no scripts used!*)
Weather are random and affects game play in many surprising ways
Weather effects carry into battle. (*actually, 1 simple script lol)
Weather effects, day/night, inside and outside are all taken into consideration.

Unique Quest System
Unprecedented level of freedom and choice to decide the outcome of quests. Play good or evil, help others or leave trails of blood in your wake, you decide!
Decisions made during the game will be remembered. All decisions affect the story and character relationships. Characters will voice their happiness/anger and will react in many surprising ways.

Unique Characters
Characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. All characters are highly customizable (*especially the one you design yourself)!

Unique Battle System
The battle system is a blend of traditional and modern battle systems. Mainly CTB, Charge Turn Based battle system, where you utilize strategy in order to control the flow of battle!
Highly customizable! For example, you may alter the way each character earns SP needed for special attacks which adds further strategy and depth (SP mode changes found under skills menu). And much more!

Unique Leveling System
The leveling system is a blend of traditional and modern leveling systems. Not only do you get stronger and learn new skills as you level up, you can also customize your character further by choosing which skills to learn. The more thoroughly you explore, the greater the options (unlock additional skills)!

Perception System
Character can sense secrets about the current area or about the people around them. Works even during conversation.

Persuasion System
Characters can alter the course of the game and generate unique dialog options, quests, etc. based on persuasion skills (and a little chance).

Lock Picking System
Characters can pick locks!
System also has *combination lock and *password systems! Be sure to pay attention to the world around you!

Mining System
Players can mine many different ores in the game!

Crafting System
Characters can (and should) craft weapons, armor, gems, items, necklaces, rings, and trinkets out of the ore that they mine/discover/find at a crafting station.
The crafting system has randomization and variance built into it.
Weapons and Armor have durability.

Slotted Weapons and Armor
Find and create gems to place into weapons and armor!

Digging system
The game hides items all over the world. So grab your shovel!

False walls
As an ode to the Zelda games, there are weak walls that can be bombed to reveal secrets. Keep an eye out for cracks! Works in conjunction with the perception system.Sometimes there is more than treasure hidden in walls. Paths to new quests may also be revealed.

Fishing System
Yes, you can fish! Works with many other game systems in very interesting ways.

Cooking System
Characters must make meals (at cooking stations) in order to heal outside of battle (*besides sleeping). Potions are used during battle and cannot be used outside of battle.

Farming System
Yes, you can farm and pick veggies!
Works in conjunction with the cooking system and the *home base system.

Infinity Dungeon
An infinite dungeon that spawns infinite resources and secrets!
An integral part of many side quests.
Has many extremely rare, legendary, and unique items hidden in its depths!
Lots of other secrets… 42...
Whats up with the creepy skull statue outside the dungeon anyway?

Mini Map
Find your way around the game much easier!
Player, quest markers, locations, etc, are shown on the map!
Zoom and Opacity can be adjusted at anytime!

Random Treasure
Most of the loot in the game is random. Random drops and random spawn. Good luck!

Enemy Encounter Variations
Encounters aren’t always just random encounters, in many instances, you will see the enemies on the screen.
You can catch the enemy off guard for a “surprise attack” when they are not looking!
Upgrade your skills to increase “surprise attack” bonuses!

Features yet to come:

And so much more! but they are secret for now...

Latest Blog

Killer Gin Updated to 0.9.0!

Download for PC: https://www.killergin.com/…/…/2017/09/Killer-Gin-PC-Demo.zip
Official Website: www.killergin.com
- New Graphics! (New tilesets and battlers)
- Game is now 3x bigger!
- New towns, quests, items, skills, and characters!
- You now can become a werewolf, vampire, or Warrior of Light!
- You can now bait and set traps!
- Weather Update: Full moons!
- Homestead: Day schedules for every character!
- Homestead: Colosseum mode!
- Homestead: Homestead Defense Mode!
- and so much more!
Can’t wait to hear back from you
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  • 03/14/2016 04:10 AM
  • 09/01/2019 09:32 PM
  • 07/21/2018
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Ive been playing two versions of the demo.
Out to the werewolf quest annd walk a little in the wood m.m.
Tried infinity dungeon and tried craft somethings and i think i tried most of what can been done.
The chickens you kill have sometimes really an surpprise :)
Thanks for not kill the player there
I think its nearly to much things to find in first town,i hope you have that in mind that it should not be to easy to find stuff all time.
I like that you can find
things everywhere to dig up,not just the obvious places
I will come back with more feedback about the battles for example,they are near to hard some times (and way to hard one or two times )but i see that you should go through the balance.
The 1000 jp from start is an good idea,
overall its exactly a game in my taste.
Im willling to be a playtester if you want but it seems that you post updates often and let the public test so you solve that in that way.
Be very careful about the battle balance but keep it hard(but not frustrating,just my personal taste i know that not everyone like hard but fair battles) .

Hello Kenlan,

Thanks for the feedback!

Of course! Be my quest. Play the game as much as you like and let me know your thoughts, whats broken, whats good, whats bad, etc. I will use your feedback to make the game better. I am really happy that you like it so much you are willing to be a play tester. Which version did you play? Version 2.1.2 beta? Thats the current version. I will post a new one, most likely sunday night along with the android version. Until then you can report what you find. Post your findings on the game tester page. Its easiest for me if all feedback is posted in one place. lol You like the chicken quest? Think I should put less items in the first town? Its also always nice to pos some things here. Its also great to spread the word to let people know about the game so they can try it too. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.
Killer Gin has now been updated to version 2.1.3!

Android Version is now available! (2.1.3)

Whats new:

Updated Presentation
Added skills, weapons, armor, characters, items, etc!
Tons of play balancing tweaks/fixes/optimizations!
Too numerous to continue!

Very solid build! You will LOVE the new Version! Download today!
A thing that should be really nice is some sort of teleport to the last floor/level in Infinity dungeon.Just for faster and not repetive/tedious hunt for higher levels.
EDIT:or maybe even a choice to go either of every levels that you reached?
In infinity dungeon you can´t choose what Carnivorouse Plant you attacks,i´ts locked on the first(living)plant.I was thinking it´s because of their heal spell but on other places it´s different.
The game also closed down there 2 times after some serious lag.

The battles now are great when i reach some levels and upgraded and crafted things.
Pretty fast and very very enjoyable.But it´s Very hard to escape.
Infinity dungeon is really some sort of dungeon crawler on it´s own.

I´m on level 20 something and when i came back from floor 9 in ID i had around 50k so gold is no problem here.
It´s maybe not too much things,i changed my mind there because you need them and the limit cap on some things make really sense here.
But some things like chicken(raw) ,sheep and beef(cooked) maybe could have an description on what they get?Because i tried some things looking for items that gave MP but find none,instead i used some things needlessness ´cause i already had max HP.Or avoid them to could be used if HP already is full?

Bara cave floor 1
you can´t go up the whole way on the little stair in north west corner ,and how can i reach the icy right part?
Please don´t let me start over again with future updates.:).But I know it can be hard for you not to.
Small fishing village sounds little,i don´t know boring? why not a more real name?
I tried your page,and are coming back there with a new better try.
Hello Kenlan!

Wow, it seems you have really took my little demo to the limit and saw most of what you can do far. The bara cave is not finished lol, Its just there to be explored. The only real quest there is the vampire quest.

Do you know there are 3 optional characters to quest with?

I noticed you wrote an entry in my game testers page. I replied to you there. Are you sure you are not just selecting the enemies incorrectly? I think its just an input issue. Using a controller or mouse? Which version are you playing? PC, Mac, or android? Are you playing version 2.1.3?

yes the infinity dungeon is more of an added dungeon crawler side quest lol. I do try to incorporate some side quests there like the werewolf quest etc.

I am glad you like the game so far. I plan to add tons more! I am just getting started!
Killer Gin has moved into the next phase... lawyers, profiles, and PR campaigns?! Oh my! Yes. It's about to get started, please stand by! Steam green light next!

P.S. New fan art submissions!

Killer Gin Update!

Hey guys!

I have an official poster for the game now.
Check out the new page: www.killergin.com/upcoming

The upcoming page is meant to keep you guys informed of upcoming Killer Gin developments. Killer Gin will be up on STEAM in a few months! Then you can find it on the Google Play and Apple Store!

Thanks for all your support! Rest assured I am always updating and improving the game. I plan to put at least another 500 hrs into making the game until its release in October. Until then, keep playing the most recent demo. With your help I can make Killer Gin better everyday, thanks.

Latest news and updates for the game can be found on the official game webpage:
New Details Released on Killer Gin! Game pricing, STEAM plans, etc. Check out the web page for more!


Please let me know your thoughts on the Killer Gin - Super Special STEM edition! Thanks!
Hi! Really enjoying the game! I noticed when Jovi and Antonio joined with Shin and Shina, he came equipped with a bow (as in weapon, not hair). Just curious as to why it's in an armor slot rather than a weapon slot. It's taking the place of where his helmet would normally be. I suppose I should log in and go get an arrow and see what happens when I try and shoot the bow, yes???? heh

Something else I was curious about. How to close out the game completely. There isn't a spot on the main menu, so I guess it's just going to be minimize and close it for now right?

Anyway, thanks for making this game. I see good things for it!

Have you thought about getting it put up over on Aveyond's or Adorlea's sites when it's released? Though having it on both Steam and those places could be awkward for players. I know Heroes of Legionwood had it on Aldorlea before it was set up on Steam, which was good for me, since I was starving for a game to play. Lucky I found your game, somewhere..I'm not sure how I found it, but YAY!

Love the way you're setting up pricing also. I'm buying the full package when it's finished on Steam, including STEM.

Good luck, I'll be around!
Hello Flaxin,

I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the game.

Very observant. You are the first one to mention the bow issue. Yes, bows are labeled as armor at the moment, its a workaround because having different weapon types equipped was a problem. Perhaps I can look deeper into the issue and fix it. Sure, grab some arrows and check out the game mechanics and let me know what you think!

Yeah. I guess you just have to save, then just X out the game. Think I should change it?

Thanks! I am just getting started, its only going to improve! Did you know that there are many different ways to go about each quest? Everything working well so far? How many of the missions did you finish? Don't forget, there are lots of secrets!

lol Are there advantages to having the game on those sites over steam? Really? Perhaps you found the game on this site? Killer Gin has an official web site, www.killergin.com

Sweet. I am happy you are like the pricing tiers! Hopefully with lots of support from awesome gamers like you I can have the game on STEAM in no time! Thanks, I appreciate it, please spread the word if you can. It would mean a lot!

Thanks for playing the game!

Would be cool if you left this awesome review of killer gin on the downloads page of the official game web site. www.killergin.com ;0)

Awesome, I will be working hard to improve the game and make it much better as time goes on.

The Killer Gin,
I'm confused by the poster. Specifically, "Killer Gin: The Game"... Is there a "The Comic" or "The Movie" from which the game should be set apart?
Hello DjBeardo,

Not yet. Killer Gin also has a novel version yet to be released. Plus it just serves to tell people that its a video game when the poster is used else where.
Massive Updates on the way for Killer Gin!

- New Slot system! (attach elements, orbs, and gems to weapons and armor. Attachable and detachable)

- New touch screen controller for mobile devices!

- New Skills, items, weapons, armor!

- New Story scenes, Infinity dungeon levels, enemies, etc

- And much more for the next version, I'm just getting started!

Look for Killer Gin on STEAM in about a month!

New Killer Gin this Friday April 22! (Version 2.2)

New Game Posters!

I will be at Pax East this Saturday!
Killer Gin 2.2 is here!

Pax East was amazing!

I learned a great deal from fellow developers, thanks for everything!
Killer Gin Version 2.2.1 Released Today!

Whats new:
-Killer Gin is 10x better looking!
-Maps are Killer Gins greatest weakness and this has been addressed in Version 2.2.1.
-The ugly tree in scene 2? Totally revamped! Check it out. Much more to come!

Download and enjoy the new look today!
Whats on the way for Killer Gin:

1) Game Journal
2) Massive Story Expansion (New maps, characters, etc)
3) Easy Save/load
4) Item Disassemble
5) New Enemies
6) Etc.

Thanks, download and enjoy Killer Gin Today!
Killer Gin version 2.2.2 is here!

Whats new?!

- Game Journal - I cannot stress how important a game journal is! It makes a huge difference! The best feature yet!
- Gordo! - Gets more love (story wise and skill wise)!
- Updates - Game updates/fixes range from new skills, quest fixes, more weapons, new maps, etc!
- New Youtube video - A new Youtube "Lets Play" video coursey of JeffPawa Game on Youtube by next Friday, I can't wait!

Thanks for all support! I look forward to your feedback.
Killer Gin Version 2.2.2 (Revised)

Youtube RPG Lets play video by this Friday (May 20th)!

New Features
- Game Journal
- Save/Load interface
A new Youtube "Lets Play" video series courtesy of JeffPawa Game has been posted on the Killer Gin Youtube page!

Go check out the videos!

Download Killer Gin today and enjoy!

I look forward to your feedback, thanks!