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Download Silence! The Elder Speaks FREE on Itch.io!

Play as a wisecracking shaman in a WWI helmet and mess with a handful of silly villagers in a picturesque forest hamlet!

Silence! The Elder Speaks is an interactive short story told through the mechanics of a classic 16-bit adventure RPG. It features lots of silly dialogue and reams of choices that shape your narrative, culminating in one of 24 (ever-so-slightly) different endings.

Progression in S!TES occurs voluntarily, regardless of whether or not you decide to solve the game's puzzles or complete the sidequests. It is not a traditional RPG.

In Silence! The Elder Speaks, there are no wrong choices, no objectives, no Game Overs, and the only thing that will kill you is old age.

Action Points Podcast
"I thoroughly enjoyed my short time with this adorable, unsettling, and hilarious RPG/storybook."
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Features Include:

  • Spy on One Neighbor!
    Wonky Point-and-Click Investigation!
    Honey Fetishism!
    Lying! Joking! Extreme Fibbing!
    Unrequited Love!
    Day-to-Night Cylce!
    A Historically Inaccurate Cave Painting Ritual!

...And Even More Nonsense!

Alexis Kennedy, Co-founder, Failbetter Games
"It's *odd.* It's an unusual style of humor and the creative intention is enigmatic."

Download Silence! The Elder Speaks FREE on Itch.io!

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We're Nominated for Game Jolt's Game of the Year 2016!

Silence! The Elder Speaks has been nominated for an award on GameJolt.com!

Check out the page here, and don't forget to vote for your favourite game before January 1!

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