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Cancelling project due to lost save data.

  • Chaos17
  • 12/10/2016 08:09 AM
Last week my pc was inffected by a virus or trojan, I don't which one I had but it destoryed the content of my Hard disk that I wasn't able save anything and yes I am an idiot to no have made back up saved on a usb... I will curse forever myselg about that.

Now, I lost all my projects and more that I had.
So I can only say: I am sorry, I have to cancel this project with Bloody Rose forever.


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm sorry that happened to you. I hate it when this stuff happens.
A trojan is used to sneak malicious software past a computer's firewall, like the Trojan horse. Maybe you got a trojan carrying a nasty virus?
Too bad about what happened, it looks like a nice game.
Wait... you still can have a backup from the download of this site! (your beta version)... maybe it's not to much, but, it's already a thing :c Don't stop, I believe you can do everything you did in much much less time! now you already know what you need, maybe it's too frustrating, but, if you stop, it will keep being a failure, and if you continue, in the final, you'll succed!!! Bad things happen to everyone! you only have to overcome!:p Please, think about it...

Thank you all for your support.
I do have some old data and assets but it just depressed me to lose what I showed you guys here and some irl stuff happened last fall that I decided to start over with a new project.
I will maybe get back to Chibi Dungeon after I get some fresh air, I'm not motivated at the moment to redo all of this.
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