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The main goal of the game is to make the player feel both isolated and a complete loss of control. Basically, the player is a human lab rat forced to survive a sociopath's crazy idea of an experiment. The games top down perspective hopefully emphasizes the theme of isolation, while the experiment itself emphasizes the players lack of control of their situation. As an added twist, there will be no combat to keep the player focused on exploration, item collection, and puzzle solving.

The player is in control of Vincent James Harland, a mid 20's loner with no living relatives, whom one night went to his favorite local bar only to be drugged, kidnapped, and thrown into a Mad Scientist's crazy experiment. Vincent quickly realizes that the only way for him to leave is to make his way through a death trap of a mansion, filled with dangerous puzzles.

As Vincent, the player must explore a huge mansion collecting items that are needed to solve deadly puzzles and unlock the deepest parts of the mansion. The player must find seemingly random items to complete some of the obstacles, and will need to explore every nook and cranny of the mansion in order to finish the "experiment".

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  • Completed
  • Vaal_Odin
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 03/18/2016 01:56 AM
  • 08/29/2019 03:15 AM
  • 03/15/2016
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I'm sorry about the long hiatus. Had some shtuff happen. I've just realized there are a few tweaks needed in the later third of the game. :/ My bad.

I need to say thanks to mjshi for the Menu script and to rpgmaker.not for being so awesome. hahahah. Now enjoy the solitary mind of a Madman; well when I finish it...
basic RTP puzzle adventure. There are a handful of puzzles in here aside from just key hunts. Try it if you want something simple.
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