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  • sjmorgan
  • Added: 03/18/2016 11:35 PM
  • Last updated: 02/06/2023 05:02 PM


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Ah, this was the guy that was supposed to tell you to eat noodles? It just seemed like a throw-away line (I remember it now that I see it). Kinda like "Oh, I'm super strong because I eat spinach every day!" or something like that. It's obvious that normally spinach is good for you, but it doesn't make you super strong or anything like that in real life (despite what Pop-eye might tell you), so it seems more like a joke line or flavour than anything else.

Perhaps you could make it stand out a bit more, like colouring the word noodles to make it seem important? Also you could have him say something like "The noodles at x shop in x town are great for making you stronger and better as a fighter!" so that if you didn't find the shop you know where to go. For something so important it's always a good idea to point out exactly where to go to get it and have it stand out a bit.

Having more than one person say it would probably help, too. I do remember there was a blockade at the gate when you first got to the town. A player is likely to talk to those people wondering how to get through, so someone there mentioning a noodle shop ("I should stop by the noodle store before we leave so I'm stronger for the journey!") would actually be something that a player is likelier to understand. And you'd still be in the town so you'd be more likely to go "Oh, I should keep an eye out for that place/Oh, I remember that place. Maybe I should check it out again?" whilst you're there, instead of being disinclined to go back to town right after leaving.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I remember lol-ing when these screens were posted.
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