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Aferlife Lawyers plus Space Lawyers!

Hello lawyers!
Uhm I'm going to make a confession... ages ago when I discovered Rpgmaker.net (around 2016-2017) I just lurked and I didn't write reviews... but I played games (only rpgmaker2003 ones!), and one of the first ones was (guess what?) Space Attorney! Really. Anyway I totally forgot that game, I just remembered it was wacky and pretty short, so I decided to play it another time these days and write a review.

The first important thing to say is that this game was made by RPG Tsukuru 2003 for the 2016 swapsie event by riderx40 AND Superstroke, so this means that the game not only was made by two developers, but it's a swap-game, that's the equivalent of a chain-game but only with two developers: one does the first part, and the other the second, here I do not know who did what (I'm joking, first wart by Superstroke, second by riderx40), still the game is cleasly divisible into two different parts.

Let's the trial begin! What did you expect from a game called Space Attorney?

The first part starts with a strangely silent menu screen but the soon this changes and the game introduces Eris, a lawyer, and to be precise a criminal defense lawyer at the Purgatory, where he works to defend recently dead people. These are judged for their sins and sent to heaven or hell, depending on how the trial goes, and their judge is an entity named Dharma.
Eris is a weird fellow, since he gets his powers from a magical jacket and can talk with his own brain to get some useful hints, anyway the game plays as a sort of Ace attorney with just the debate. And this time his opponent in the court will be a nasty fellow with a trenchcoat and a fedora, called... well you will choose his name (actually as you percieve it)!

This part is totally in black and white and uses some simple silhouettes sometimes animated, to show what happens. It's pretty cool, and writing is good, all ends with a boss battle between the two lawyers (with abilities like "Argue" to damage, "Objection!" to heal and some special attacks that deal more damage or debuff the opponent), a pretty easy combat but all the things that happen are quite entertaining and fun!

Oh yes, combat is included but do not worry. It's easy!

Then the second part! This time there's another trial, but Eris, kidnapped by an ufo tractor beam, is now that defendant that is accused of murder! Now the game is set in a sci-fi setting, so he needs help since he's not more on Purgatory!
Enters Max, another lawyer that's also a really tough guy, in fact his plan is to rescue Eris. This second part has lots of dialogues like the first, but unlike the end of the first that is a battle, here we've a simple escape section.
Then there is an epilogue that's an obvious parody of Start Wars (the famous medal ceremony, that includes some music taken directly from the movies). And then credits rolls.

This part has probably better music, graphics (a style that mixes rpgmaker RTPs, some sprites from Snes games and also custom made assets) and scenes, I mean besides the escape part there are some fullcolor hand drawn illustration and some epic action cutscenes that are absolutely cool and show how badass is Max. But unfortunately this part is also marred by typos and errors concenring the dialogues, pity! Anyway, again, no bugs or serious errors.

Thanks Max! Now keep that door closed while I finish this review, writing the...

Final Verdict
Space Attorney was a game I probably found while looking for Ace Attorney fangames, but well this game is really not what I expected. Well I'm not sure anyone can expect something from this game, that's really peculiar, original and unique adventure, surely not without flaws but probably this can be excused being this an event game also done by two different developers. That's not easy!
So if you want to play a bizarre interactive visual novel ("so bad it's so good")... you won't be disappointed!