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Jasei no In: The Serpent's Lust is a short, linear game with a strong narrative. It tells a story adapted from a Japanese classic collection of supernatural and paranormal stories called Ugetsu Monogatari. This particular story is a very popular one in Japan, and has gone through many adaptations since its initial creation around 1776.


The protagonist, Manago, is a simple weaver girl who gets caught in a rainstorm. A mysterious man in white appears out of nowhere and shields her from the rain, lending her an umbrella. Feeling indebted to him and perhaps a little attracted to him as well, she tries to return the umbrella to his manor hidden deep in the woods. Manago quickly becomes swept up in a romance that is not all that it seems, and must figure out who exactly the mysterious man in white really is, or face severe consequences.

The game isn't horror, but it contains supernatural/paranormal themes, along with a few other elements:

  • Dialogue - There is dialogue the player must follow to understand the narrative.

  • Collection - The player will have to collect a few items to advance the story.

  • Gathering Information - The player will have to speak with key NPCs to advance the story.

Play This Game If You Like:

  • 100% original graphics

  • Dialogue-heavy narration and storylines

  • Quick games that complete in 1hr or under

  • Historical Japanese culture

  • Female protagonists

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Patreon is open!

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking this out and sorry if you may perhaps get some double-notifications.

I've opened a Patreon for anyone wishing to support my work in that manner. I'm offering some pretty snazzy rewards that I hope to improve even more, so please check it out!

One thing that's for certain though is that Jasei and all of my other games will always be free, so please don't fret about that. c:
  • Completed
  • bleet
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 03/19/2016 11:25 PM
  • 04/25/2022 05:20 PM
  • 03/19/2016
  • 66520
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks really good! Saw it on tumblr yesterday and instantly downloaded it ^^
I'll get around to playing this when I can.
Thank you! The game is still a little buggy, but complete. I'll be releasing patches as I fix it up. :]
It nice to see some japanese culture inspired games here..subbed and downloaded.
This is a nice game~ I really like the art and the way the game was made to be simple, more like being focused on story telling - and yet not losing the game element of it.
Alrighty, so I finished the game. My opinion:

I liked the story itself. I mean it was not a complicated one or anything, but I love good straightfforward storytelling a lot, so thumbs up for that. I also enjoyed the pixel art, I think it fit the theme very well. And in general I find this adaptation of japanese storys a cool idea!
The only minor complaint I have is: Even for a game with little gameplay that had too little gameplay. But as mentioned, it is not a big deal

So overall thumbs up, I enjoyed this. I am looking forward for your "Little pink riding hoot game" :D

Oh and some shilling for the LP I did (Sorry^^):

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts
if your inside a house when its raining and someone knocks you will hear it.
unless you have a sufficient distraction between you and the echo of the knock inside the house.

why are you asking for directions when he told you where it is?

do the old Japanese have some discrimination to colors like americans still generally do?

you can still hear whispers in the rooms when the guard is with you. wouldn't you open the door and find out?

how do you come to the conclusion that it was a dream when 4 other people have just seen the same thing?
she didn't even randomly wake up and be in bed! and then there is the kimono she is still wearing!

Thoughts 1H-
this was a okay experience. outside of anime i don't care much for Japanese culture.
some of their customs annoy me honestly.
that aside if there is anything i can say i enjoyed from this experience is that it is story driven so we don't have any battles.
that alone made it a nice refreshing break from the mundane experience that comes with most rpgs.

the visuals looked okay (considering the engine)

its not a bad experience and isn't long. its worth checking out.
Well done game! The story is a touch creepy but still has a sweet and honest feel :)
This game is so good and cute! I want to fall in love with a man like master Hakuja, ahah. <3
Congrats. Loved the game, specially the art. You should make more games!
BEST RAT! 207621!
Can you tell me the translation in english of Jasei no In? I'm very curious about it!
(sorry for my bad english)
Can you tell me the translation in english of Jasei no In? I'm very curious about it!
(sorry for my bad english)

Its meaning is actually very close to "the serpen'ts lust/desire/love" :)
Is there any ecchi in this game?
Is there any ecchi in this game?

Absolutely not! It sounds ecchi, but as it was an expanded university project and was an adaptation of some classical literature, it is appropriate for all audiences.
What a game. I'm totally in love with all the j-horror stuff available that can exist and when I played this... well, when something is done well, It's shines.

I didn't read the original material, but by what the bonus area told me I can figure it out. The story has no holes, the music is fantastic, all that Japanese names for things are awesome and the same for the entire tale. The creator did know what she was making, she really loved the story and so It is in the game. While playing you have the sensation that you are the protagonist and that's beautiful. There are no difficult puzzles or boss fights, but there is no need for that. Despite being short, It's well constructed.

For me, that's all that matters. I'm totally sure this game has consumed a ton of hours and It's like all in the life. If you do your best of all, things will work out great.


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