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Part of the RPG Maker Classics Archive: an initiative to upload classic RM games so they are not forgotten.

Developed by: Kamau
Date of Release: 2001

Legion Saga is a fantasy game set in a medieval world on the brink of war. It is regarded as one of the classic games of the early 2k era and uses almost exclusively the RTP resources. It follows the story of the prince of a kingdom who has just engaged in battle with the neighbouring country, and his struggles to find out the truth behind not only his own history, but who is pulling the strings behind the war. With a large cast of characters, the game was quite well-received by most people, though it is quite dated by today's standards.

Legion Saga was made in RM2K and focuses on creating an experience alike to the Suikoden series of games, where collecting an army of people together in order to wage war against a corrupt country is a staple. It caught a bit of flak for being too like the first game of the Suikoden series, but many people still enjoyed the fresh twist it gave to typical jRPG stories.

The graphics are almost all RTP, and maps do suffer from being large and empty in places. This is a symptom of the time in which it was made, though, as most attention was focussed on the story and systems of the game. The game boasts three types of battle systems - normal jRPG battles, one-on-one duels and larger-scale war battles. It also has a save carry feature with the next game of the series, allowing unlockable secrets when you copy your save file from a particular point in the game over to Legion Saga II.

If you can get past the slow walk speed and out-dated design sensibilities you may find yourself enjoying the story quite a bit.

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Despite being quite dated, I've liked the old-school classic feel of Legion Saga. I even don't hate the slow walk speed too much. It does help that most maps aren't huge as hell, though the random encounter rate... >.<;

I dunno, I've always liked the series.
Oh wow, the first three games in the Legion Saga series are up on RMN here now - that’s great!

I’ve actually only played a little bit of the first game and dabbled around a little bit in one of the other installments (I forget which one), and that’s about it... I really outta give this series more of a try someday, considering all of the praise that I’ve heard for it.

- Thanks, Lord Aremen, for uploading, yet, another RPG Maker classic!

I would give thy lord some kind of an offering for this divine act of kindness – but I’m kind of tapped out right now…!
This is something I'll probably sink my teeth too soon, sequels included >x)
Sorry, I downloaded it but the maps are all pink and you don't see anything than the signs from the shops. Only the world map was ok. Stopped playing because it was like try and error for not even seeing your characters.
(If you have another version please PM me for not subbed this game)
Weird. I tried it out and nothing like that is happening. Works like a charm for me. Maybe try redownloading?
Well, still unplayable.
Here a screenshot of the first map:

Durane is in the black circle.
It's weird, because it works for me perfectly and I have no idea what could be causing that. The one idea is based on editing a graphic.

...Let me triple check.
Then the LORD Aremen said unto Zack, "Behold, I will rain gams from Heaven for you; and the people shall go out and play a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My maps, or no." - 3TileRule 4:16, Holy Help File
I found the issue - one of the chipsets hadn't been imported after a slight edit so the background colour was messed up. Fixed and reuploaded! Enjoy~

Edit: Turns out I uploaded the wrong file. Oops. Rectified!
Weird. Okay, well, that one should do it now. >.<; I just uploaded, redownloaded and double checked.

Just download, install and copy your save files to the folder (where the map files are) and it should be all fine and dandy. Sorry about the issues. >.<;
Thanks so much! :) or XD
Now I can play!
Oh I didn't save before because you couldn't even play the beginning.
When I got through this I can play all three parts in a row with the special loading.
Happy to have finally sorted the issue out. XD
Have fun!
I'm near the end now but my farthest save just crashed while saving.
But even then at least two more Legionairs were missing. My other saves are before Eva`s suicide and before the battle of Meluvian Castle.

I would really appreciate a recruitment list and a walkthrough for this part, too.

Some more bugs:
Regule has no sprite in battle, I can buy the orb multiple times, Larla can't equip a staff.
Added a walkthrough. A recruitment list will have to wait until I actually get around to replaying this game as there is none existing at the moment. (There's hints of what to do in the guide, though).
I found the secrets walk through for those that are lost currently that are trying to get the good ending for a final save+ for LS2. I originally thought this might have been a old version of LS I was reading about, but that was not the case I think.

I'll have a poke around for version III.
Oh! You must have saw my post before I edited it. I was wrong, that was LS3 I was thinking of.
I finished the second and third one and almost the first will it be a 4th one? I gave them a 8/10 just too short ;)
Unfortunately, the creator has since left the RM play field to chase bigger, brighter dreams. Glad you enjoyed them though!
I never played the first one, but really like 2 and 3. Legion Saga 2 was somehow magical back then lol
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