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This document is (c) Copyright: 2002 Peter Hudson all rights reserved.
Email address: pjh2809@cs.com
LEGION SAGA v 2.0 RPG pc game: walkthru
Version: 0.8
Updated: February 26, 2002

-5.0 The beginning
-5.1 Capital City Bargon
-5.2 On the road again
-5.3 Stealing from the mayor of Darp town
-5.4 A friend in need
-5.5 Mt Glaum
-5.6 A fiery friend
-5.7 Leviathan's Dwelling
-5.8 Return to Seimu
-5.9 The taking of Kakria Checkpoint
-5.10 The Big Battle

5.0 The Beginning

NOTE: I shall write what I find as I go along so you may need to come back to the people to do certain things in the game.

The game begins with Durane in the village of Seimu holding off an attack from the Garalas soldier. When you take control of him your main aim will be to get to the 2nd south bridge but before you go there there is a few fights which you can have when you have beaten them head to the bridge. A small sequence will follow by another battle after you have won this one head north to leave the town. When you leave you will meet Eva who will join your party after a little chit chat head north pass the Kakria checkpoint into the Merphey Forest. Once inside go west to the chest to get the leather cap and equip it on Eva then head back and go east. The sign here warns you about the bridge being weak so be carefull walk across it to the chest to get the medicine. From the chest go east to another chest and get the Antibacterial spray then head west then up then down the stairs there. Follow the path east then up to leave the forest. As soon as you leave you will enter Yamota village there you will meet Mr Yuto, Durane sensai who will ask you how you have been when to talking is over you can go to the Inn or to the shops to up grade your weapons. When you are ready go to Mr Yuto house Durane will spar with him but will ask you if you need healing first. You fight him I have never lost against him so I'm not sure want would happen if you did after the fight you both go inside. Gertrude his wife and Eva have been busy cooking dinner so you all sit down to eat after he asks you both to stay the night which you do. As night falls you find Eva outside a little more talking happens then you retire to bed. The following morning you leave so head north to leave the town remember you can always come back to rest or buy items if you wish. At this point once again you can head west to the Town of Chiopu to upgrade your Weapons and Armour which you should do anyway just have a few fights if you need need more money then head due south west to the docks area to find a chest with a Medicine in it then leave. Head west to reach the Capital City Bargon then enter.

5.1 Capital City Bargon

As you enter collect the Old Book #1 from the first left building Kinuba can be found at the Pub downstairs go talk to her and she will tell you that she wants some more pieces that can be found to the south? (not sure what she means as yet). Go to the top of the Inn to find a chest with a Herb in it then head to the top left building to find a Trumpet in a chest then head to the castle. Talk to the guard to enter go upstairs then to the right to a chest containing a Chainmail suit then go left to find a book to save your game once you have finished here go up the other stairs to meet Duranes father Lord Meluvet. Have a good nights sleep if you can then meet with Meluvet the next morning who tells you that your next mission is to find a ninja called Shotan. He can be found at the town of Chiopu you will be given 5000 canu to give to give to him for his assistance. No you cant spend the money on another pc game or donate it to me although I wish you could you will also be given the Time Chart that tells you how long you have been playing the game. Now head on down to the town of Chiopu then go to the lower right building enter and throw the switch to reveal stairs leading down once you have found Shotan you need to fight him single handed for him to join you. There is a set pattern similar to the one used in Suikoden that can help you out but I never really needed it thou. When you leave the building you meet Gragma who places you under arrest then places you alone in the prison cell at Irassia Prison which is on a small isle somewhere. Here you meet Mikoto thats sets you free then goes on to tell you that you are the rebel Ridman she then joins your party your aim now will be to find the other two. Ok walk into the cell to find a chest with a Grand Deity in it head west to another chest and a save point save the game if you wish. Head north to find your friends then go back to the save point. At this time you should have four charactors in your party and as Shotan is only at level 5 it may be a good idea to build him up a bit say 3 or 4 levels it's up to you thou. When your ready go back south then south once more follow it down to exit the prison. You are stopped by the guards to which you must fight once they are beaten Mikoto tells you about Ridman and Bargon City (who are you anyway?). It is then that you decide to follow her to Ceratapin Castle on the Jebazu road.

5.2 On the road again

You end up back at the Village of Seimu so go and upgrade your items first then collect the Medicine from the chest from the side of the Weapon shop. Kinuba can be found in the town also not much else to do here so head south to leave the village. Fight some more or head to the Jebazu road and enter move west to enter the tent empty the chest then talk to Zidora the path leading south is blocked so you can't go that way so head east then leave. Once outside go east the trail going south is closed so enter Ceratapin Castle. Talk to guard to enter take notice of the area from now on as you may have to come back to certain areas head north Mikoto will tell you about the shops to open go north and save if you wish. Ask the guard here for directions if you get lost there are a couple around to ask. Head West to check out the rooms here, in the library you can sell the Old Book #1 to the old man for 5000 canu. Now go east and check out the Barracks not much here yet but you will be back here soon go north to meet up with Mikoto. Head up north further ask the guard for direction if you wish then go west to look at the area, then return to the last area now take the east door. There are four doors here one is locked at present so go to the north one first then the east one here you can save if you wish then leave. Enter the lowest south door this is where the game really begins. Like Suikoden you have to start to build your castle up by recruiting people to it at 200 per person recruited. You are asked by Greibus if you assassinated Meluvet answer yes or no I said yes but I'm bad He He He. You can change your name as well if you wish to Ridman which I did also. When all is done here go to the Barracks and talk to Mikoto to add to your party. Greibus is your strategy boss so speak to him when your ready for your next mission she will tell you that they need you to wipe out the Garalasians for good and that you will be leading an assault on the Garalasian of Darp to the south-west. But the road to get there is blocked so you will be needing a pass but they don't have one so you need to travel to Seimu and find a man called Jubei. He is an old friend and can make you a fake one so she hands you a letter to give to him as proof and so guess where you are going now. Head back to Seimu on the way go into the tent and talk to Zidora she will join you if you are strong enough then leave and go west to meet up with Mr Yuto and Gertrude talk to Mr Yuto and he will join you followed by Gertrude. Ok now carry on and enter Seimu go to the inn and talk to Jubei the first person there. Talk to her then she will join you go to the item shop and talk to Kinuba who will join to set up a games room then return to your base. Visit Greibis who will give you the passes and tells you Jubei will go with you to Darp to the south and that you are to break into the mayor's mansion and find the map of the country. It should contain battle plans too steal the map and bring it back to Greibis. After the small talk visit the barracks and regroup your party I always try and build them all up about the same level but once again the choice is up to you. Once you have made a party of four if there Weapons and Armour are not the best you can buy some more in Seimu or Darp town fight some more if you wish then proceede.

5.3 Stealing from the mayor of Darp town

The Mayor's house can be found at the bottom to the east enter then go up the right hand set of stairs. Collect the Iron shield from the chest then carry on down the long corridor passed Doris. Go down the stairs move along and collect the Barrier from the chest then carry on to collect the Green Robe but do not equip it as Doris needs it to join you. In the next room you can rest and save the game if you like then return to Doris give her the Green Armour so she will join you then make your way back to the main entrance.
Now go up the left side stairs to meet the thief Pasz after a brief chit chat he will go up stairs, time to follow him. Carry on going forward up the stairs go left to collect the Heavy Cain from the chest then return now go right. Read the note on the right if you want or just pull the lever until the message reads 3 then push the button in the middle to open the door go through then save your game. Climb the stairs then steal the map of the wall as soon as you do you will hear Pasz talking to the Mayor who when you enter turns into Diablos time to kick some butt. The best way to kill him is to cast cold spells on him and let Pasz use his skill Rocks on it when he die's you get put outside the Mayor's house. Before you head back home talk to Roy who should be some where near and give him enough fruit so he will join your party. Make your way back to home base then give the map to Greibis, Pasz then offers arms and men to help you out in return to help him save his people. You are now sent east of Darp with Pasz with another 2 members to help him out.

5.4 A friend in need

Find and enter Genryu village you meet Verma who tells you to speak to the Elder Harce so go down the stairs and buy what you need then open the chest in the bottom left of the screen to get the Game Set then save the game. Move down the other stairs to meet Elder Harce. After he finishes talking and Ridman have stopped day dreaming about the past there is a sudden shake as yes your friend and mine Diablos attacks again and you have to fight him again.
Just fight him the way you did before and you will be just fine after you have defeated him return to Elder Harce. Unfortunetly he has gone to the other side dead I mean but Verma will be recruited now you can return back to your base home.

5.5 Mt Glaum

Go visit Greibis who will give you your next mission and also a blow-horn to use later. Make your way to Mt Glaum which is south-east of Drap town then enter. Grab the Iron Shield from the chest then carry on go east over the little bridge to the lever then pull it to make a bridge to cross the water below you. Then climb up to the chest and get the Nodachi then carry on up the screen. Follow the path staying left to meet Nina then talk to her she can then be recruited. Go to the chest and get the panacea by jumping down then jump down again carry on then save at the blue crystal ball then move on to enter a battle with Vlvalla. After you have defeated it you blow the horn then meet Michika and Gorie who then attack kill them then go into the hut and save pull the lever then go outside and talk to Greibis who can heal you. You talk to him about building an airship but don't have enough time to do so then you tell Greibis about the noble Dragon Knights of the past. Greibis decides to meet you back at the base camp to make plans to meet with them. After you get put outside on the world map so head back and meet with Greibis who will give you some passes to meet with them.

5.6 A fiery friend

You need to go to the checkpoint east of Genryu Village then make your way to the city of the Dragon Knight. Greibis tells you that they have opened up the Toba Road now so you do not have to keep going around Jebazu Road he also tells you that Master Dulgan is a caring man and that he is sure to help out. Once at the checkpoint pick up the Identify Set #1 from the chest then head to and enter Dracoriga speak to the guard to enter within. When you get into the fortress go right into the shop and buy a carrot seed you will need this later I think? then buy any thing else you may need. Then head north through the door once inside you are asked "Where are you going" Dragon's Nest, Royal Area, or Commercial Area. The last one takes you back outside the top one takes you to meet Larla talk to her then take the middle one for the time being. Wait until you get an invite then move along to meet Master Dulgan. As you go enter the first small room check the bookcase to receive the Old Book next talk to Shifter if you have had enough battles he will join you also. In the next room meet with Master Dulgan then make your way back to Base camp where Greibis will meet with you after some communication head to the field. Use the Dragon her to fly to Lodaria make your way through the ship fight the soldier on the rope then head up then west to get the Ancient Barrier from the chest. Go back then head down then west to collect the Ripping Fist then head east and go up the stairs to meet Hortz Black Mage of the Garalasion Royal Guard. After the fight choose the second choice to get him to join you then go down the stairs near you to get 750 canu from the chest then go down the stairs on the far right to rest and save the game. Move on again then fight the guard that is blocking your way then move in to meet and talk with Lord and Lady Garalas who tells you a little about your past. Then you watch as the airship crashes to the ground as you stand on the battlement with Lady Garalas. After meet with Greibis then go outside and talk with Eva once more. You have to fight her then receive the Identify Set #.

5.7 Leviathan's Dwelling

When the sorrow has passed speak with Greibis who has company it appears that some one has kidnapped Larla and is holding her at the water cavern near Dracoriga. Bobo gets recruited into your ranks so it's of once more you go but before you do try going to Seimu Village and go north to the checkpoint to meet up with Chiri there and talk with her take the top answer to each question to get her to join you. Then go to Mt Glaum enter and go to the lever and talk to Leo and pick the bottom answer for him to join you. Now head to Leviathan's Dwelling and enter speak to the thing before you enter the water cavern. Go up and take a left pass the lever to collect the Rusty Key from the chest now go back to the lever and pull it. then push the cart to send it down the tracks follow the cart by foot then head down then to the east. Touch the Levite blue stone to replenish all HP and MP then move up then save the game. Then move east to meet General Kamza who is holding Larla after a brief talk Kamza and Leviathan attacks you after you defeat them Xaertrix seems to be up set with Kamza so kills him. Xaertrix talks a little more then departs you then leave with Larla. Before you go any where else head back in and go to the save point now head up north only to retreat from a rolling boulder coming your way. Now go south to find the Murasame Sword once you have it leave the cavern if you have found a Turnip then go to the small house south of Dracoriga and enter. Go inside the building to collect the Weed from the chest then exit and go behind the house to talk to Kadder who will join you if you have the Turnip of all things. Go back to Dracoriga and enter the Weapon shop Hotaru will see that you have the Murasame Sword and will then join you also. Go and speak to Dulgan so Larla will join you now then precede to Darp Town and to the mayors building and take the left stairs follow it until you meet Harmonie. Let her play then say it was beutifull to recruit her. Now head over to Genryu Village to speak to motto who will also join time to return to your base Camp now.

5.8 Return to Seimu

Talk to Greibis who tells you to go return to Seimu and destroy all the soldiers there. So what are you waiting for go to Seimu and kill all the soldiers there don't forget to look in the buildings also then return back to Greibis.

5.9 The taking of Kakria Checkpoint

Talk to Greibis once more to get your next mission which is to return to Kakria Checkpoint north of Seimu and eliminate all the enemies in the surrounding area. Go to the checkpoint then finish off the soldiers there go through then head north into Merphey Forest walk around until you get to Yamota Village then enter. Go to Mr Yuto's house and head towards the back door go through and speak to Faertrie who then decides to run of?. Chase after her then talk with her once again then follow her to the Gurgass Tree then enter. Follow her and listen as she talks about the tree then she will decide to join your army also now head towards Bargon City then save.

5.10 The Big Battle

As you try and enter Bargon City Greibis and Mikoto turn up you also meet General Regule who commands you to lay down your arms. Then after a little chit chat among friends the big battle starts I just used the "Bow" choice and only got hit once. After the battle Greibis tells you to enter Bargon City and kill General Regule. Before you enter go to Chiopu to the docks and meet up with Vista and recruit her it's time now to bring Eva back to life. In Merphey Forest and I believe the best place to fight is on the narrow strip of land that has a one way to nowhere going east with steps going down just before you leave the forest to the west. Here you have to fight the Whiroplas Ghost monster to receive the Old Book #3 once you have it go to Genryu Village and sell it to the Person at the bottom left of the shop area for 7500 canu in return for the Pellucid Orb. With this in your hand you now can go to your home base and find Faertrie who should be just outside your room give her the Orb so she can resurrect Eva then return to Bargon City and save before you enter. Enter and go to the building on the top left of the city to find Sazaku standing there. Talk to him to make him join and that should complete your army set of 28 charactors now time to finish the game. Enter the castle and go up to meet General Regule who then attacks you. He can land a heavy punch on all your members so make sure everyone is fully healed up then use Ridman skill to cure everyone when needed just keep pounding away and heal when needed. Keep every one's HP at about 120 until you see the pattern forming it's not to hard when the battle is over you have the choice to kill him or let him go I chose the first one. Now go up stairs, to the left is the save book use it if you wish then come back down then climb the other middle stairs. You now meet Lord Meluvet and Xaertrix then go into another long talk scene until Agaman Meluvet decides to attack you until he finds the going to tough. He then calls for help from Xaertrix now you have Vlatro Knight to contend with he's not as hard as the General but still watch the pattern thou. When the final battle is over you now......No you can see for yourself. WELL DONE YOU HAVE FINISHED THE GAME.....watch on the roof?

6. The Charactor List

Here is the list of Charactors as I found them it may vary somewhat thou as you find them.

1. Eva
2. Jubei
3. Zidora
4. Shotan
5. Mikoto
6. Greibis
7. Mt Yuto
8. Gertrude
9. Kinuba
10. Doris
11. Roy
12. Pasz
13. Verma
14. Nina
15. Shifter
16. Hortz
17. Lady Guralas
18. Chiri
19. Bobo
20. Leo
21. Kadder
22. Hotaru
23. Larla
24. Harmonie
25. Motto
26. Faeatrie
27. Vista
28. Sazaku

This document is (c) copyright: 2002 Peter Hudson all rights reserved and cannot be changed or copied in anyway part or whole without permission by me first. If you want to post it just drop me a line and ask nicely as long as you just do the right thing.