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Legion Saga II created by Kamau using RPG Maker 2000



I. General information
II. Walkthrough
1. Tinstren Mines
2. Border Checkpoint
3. Church of Dansa
4. Chirsten & Tangle Woods
5. Mount Bujizu
6. Nagura
7. The Champion's Arena
8. Kegan
9. Ridley's Mansion
10. Kegan & Hinato Pass
11. The Castle
12. Kegan
13. Torusten Mines
14. Fort Yanuke
15. Heaven's Gate Tower
16. Forest Trail & Winstram
17. Weapons Guild Factory
18. Pirate's Cove
19. Battle on Tigerfoot Road
20. Kakus
21. Marael City & the Council Headquarters
22. Zerdio & the Fortress of Ramchalle
23. Sai Geradon
IV. Secrets and sub-quests
V. Orb list
VI. Ending list



Welcome to the FAQ/Walkthrough for Legion Saga II. This was
compiled by Kamau, also the creator of Legion Saga II.

The game is set a few years after the tragic events of Legion
Saga. The countries of Garalas and Meluvet have been merged
into one mighty region - The Twin Empires - ruled by Ridman (or
Greibis depending on which ending you got).

Legion Saga II features the ability to load your save game from
the end of Legion Saga to access special areas and more
characters or change the course of events.

If also features improved castle, duel and war systems and the
latter two will appear more than once in the game. The full
game will be a lot longer and the plot will be a lot more
detailed. Graphics and music have been improved too. Overall,
this is a good sequel!


This file contains spoilers of the Legion Saga II story.



1. Tinstren Mines: Mysterious Metrite mines which were abandoned
long ago for unknown reasons.

After choosing to load your Legion Saga save or start a new
game, you will have control over Barbatta, a mysterious
journeyman accompanied by his loyal companions Pergris and
- Start by heading straight down as far as you can go. The path
to the right is a dead end.
- Go through the arch and go right then straight down again, then
right and through the archway.
- A scene will follow and you will be introduced to the land of
Krisdea, north-west of Legion Saga's countries.

2. Border Checkpoint: A checkpoint on the border between Veramonde
and Krisdea.

Meet the blue-haired swordsman from Veramonde, the hero of the
game. If you paid attention in Legion Saga you may have
noticed a few people mention Veramonde, the country across the

- Head up and speak to the guard on the left. Get any information
you want from him and pass through into Krisdea.
- Head north-west to the church.

3. Church of Dansa: Place of worship to the almighty God Dansa.

- Speak to the people inside if you want, then speak to Father
Bengham at the alter.
- Head upstairs and go into the room on the right.
- After watching the scene, go back downstairs and go outside.
- Ghzan and Scheksu will show up but you will be saved by Fuba
Westring, a kobold dog-man. After speaking to Father Bengham
again, head north to Chirsten.

4. Chirsten & Tangle Woods: A peaceful village surrounded by the
massive Tangle Woods.

- Watch the scene, then go to the large building at the top of
town and learn about how to use Orbs.
- Go to the inn and meet Nina. This is the first of many
characters returning from Legion Saga. Nina was the climber
found on Mount Glaum.
- Stock up on supplies from the village and take the path behind
the inn into the woods. Nina will give you the clock which can
be accessed from the menu to see your game time.
- Take the first path up to get a Grand Deity from the chest,
then keep going left to get some Geld from another chest.
- Take the path between those two routes and keep heading up
until you reach a save point. Use it.
- Go up again and watch the touching scene from Nastra's memory.
Get ready to fight your first boss battle!

BOSS BATTLE: Flamedragon
HP: 400
MP: 100
Str: 80
Def: 55
Mag: 30
Spd: 50
EXP: 89
Geld: 59
Item: None
Roast - Fire damage.

Just keep hitting it with Shard and your regular attacks, curing with
Nastra if need be. Try to save your Medicine for later.

- You might want to go back and use the save point again before
you carry on up the mountain.

5. Mount Buziju: A huge mountain dominating Eastern Krisdea.

- Follow the simple path up the mountain and over the bridge.
- When you reach the hut at the top, save your game and go in.
- Speak to Fuba and Nina and go back out to meet Agram.
- When you leave the hut and go to the next screen you will see
that the big bad dragon is back!

BOSS BATTLE: Flamedragon
HP: 650
MP: 100
Str: 72
Def: 49
Mag: 30
Spd: 42
EXP: 146
Geld: 86
Item: Burning Orb
Roast - Fire damage.

This time round the dragon has a lot more HP but he is weaker and you
slowed him down too. The only reason he is so difficult is because
you only have Nastra and Nina in your party. Knock him down to 25% HP
and Fuba and Agram will come and help you out. Don't forget to equip
your new Burning Orb after the fight.

- Say goodbye to Nina and head back up the mountain again.
- When you reach the bridge you will meet Colonel Rautzen and
some Krisdean soldiers. After a bit of dialogue you will have
to fight your first duel. This works in pretty much the same
way as Legion Saga's fight with Shotan and the Suikoden duels.
Pay close attention to what Rautzen says and figure out whether
he is going to attack, defend or go brutal. This is how you
can win easily:

Attack: Go brutal
Defend: Attack him
Brutal: Defend

If you get stuck, select Stats and look at the tutorial.

- You will get cornered next so Nastra and the others jump off.

6. Nagura: A town made busy by the monthly tournament in the arena
to the west.

- Leave the inn and go to the house in the top-right corner of
town when you are ready. Don't forget that you can now upgrade
your Orbs to Level 2 and buy a small hammer from the
blacksmith. Read the notes to learn more.
- View the scenes with Ryoko, a member of the Liberation Army,
and leave town and head to the Champion's Arena.

7. Champion's Arena: A monthly tournament is held here to test
strength and skill.

- After the scene go into the ticket office and speak to the
woman at the desk. She will tell you to go back and speak to
Victor so do that. Afterwards Ghzan will show up.
- Back outside, train against the Pigswine if necessary and go
into the arena. Note that Mr Yuto from Legion Saga is there!
- Rest in the bed if you are injured and save in your room. Don't
forget to equip your Black and White Orbs, then go right along
the corridor and into the room at the end. You can look at the
scoreboard here to see who you are up against next and who is
winning. Speak to Motto behind the desk when you are ready.
- The first round is just a simple battle against Dalia. Just use
any Level 2 Orbcraft you have and attack to defeat her. This is
quite an easy battle.
- After the first round go and rest and save again, then speak to
Motto to start Round 2 against Mr Yuto. This is the random rule
round and you will have to play by 1 of 3 sets of rules. The
first is Countdown in which you must have more HP than Mr Yuto
after 5 rounds to win. The second is Null White Magic in which
neither contestants can use White Orbs. The third is
Assistance. For this you will have two Allies in your party
who will fight alongside you, although you cannot control them.
Mr Yuto will also have two Allies. In Assistance you will have
to destroy all three opponents to win. The Allies can use
Shield and Haste.
- Rest and save again, then go to the room on the right. You will
see Ghzan and find out that you are fighting him in the final
round, and that it's a serious fight - the loser will die. You
don't need to worry about this fight as you cannot lose. Nastra
summons a mighty power within him and destroy Ghzan with his
sword Hanza.
- After the tournament head to the entrance hall to meet the
rest of your friends. Motto will give you 1,000 Geld as your
prize. After the dialogue, choose whether to go with Victor and
Fuba or Ryoko and Agram. It's up to you, it doesn't make much
difference. Go west from the Arena and just keep going straight
down the Tigerfoot Road until you reach Western Krisdea. Go to
the village on the shores of the lake.

8. Kegan: A fishing town on the shores of Lake Tigerfoot.

- Go south in town to the building on the shores of the lake. Go
down the stairs and watch the dialogue scene, then decide
whether you want to take Victor or Ryoko to Ridley's house.
Again, it doesn't make much difference although Victor starts
on a much higher level so he is stronger at the moment.
- Go down and outside and get the Old Book #1 from the man. This
will be useful later in the game.
- Head back to Tigerfoot Road and go straight up as soon as you
enter along the road.

9. Ridley's Mansion: Home of the Liberation Army's tactician.

- If you took Victor you will climb over the walls. If you took
Ryoko she will pick the lock. Either way, you are inside now
and you can't get back out.
- Examine the barrel to the left of the house to see that there
is gunpowder in them, so pick up the burning log on the lawn
and put it on the barrel. Nastra takes cover as the barrel
explodes, blasting a hole in the wall.
- Go inside and you will have to fight a Spook, as this house
seems to be haunted by ghosts.
- Take the first door to find a Trumpet in the chest (this item
cures Silence).
- The second door takes you into the hall. The door at the end of
the corridor is locked so you'll need to go down and take the
left staircase up and go into that room. Pull the lever to
unlock the door, remembering to get the Old Book #2 from the
book case (it will sparkle every now and then).
- Go back downstairs and go in the small room. Pull the next
lever to remove the wall upstairs.
- Go up the staircase on the right and go down the stairs. You
can unlock the door if you want. Use the save point (you can
heal yourself at this save point too). Equip as many Burning
Orbs as you can and go down into the next room. After a scene
with Ridley, an Amalgam will attack.

HP: 1400
MP: 100
Str: 82
Def: 57
Mag: 33
Spd: 20
EXP: 331
Geld: 96
Item: Ghost Helmet
Injury - Causes Poison, Blind and Silence.
Nightmare Chill - Ice damage.

This boss has quite a lot of HP but you will receive lots of EXP after
the fight. Use the Burning Orbs to damage it the most. You won't have
any Holy magic at the moment.

- After the battle the house will implode and you will have to
head back to the hideout.

10. Kegan & Hinato Pass: A twisting canyon which leads up to an
old abandoned castle.

- When you arrive back in Kegan, the person you chose to leave
behind will say that Rautzen attacked and killed Jendri. Fuba
and Victor will stay behind whilst you escape through Hinato
Pass to the north.
- In Hinato Pass go left to start with to get the Dinosaur Hide
from the chest. Then go up and turn right. When you open this
chest you will have to fight three Slicing Mantises but after
the fight you will receive a Shock Orb which allows lightning
black magic.
- Follow the rest of the path round and you will be back out in
the open in no time. Head for the big castle.

11. The Castle: An empty castle in Western Krisdea. Nobody knows
who built it or what it was used for.

- Enter the castle and speak with Ridley. This will become your
headquarters for the rest of the game (like Ceratapin Castle
in Legion Saga). You will be able to enter the name.
- Explore the castle a bit. Don't worry about it too much as you
will have plenty of time to explore later. When you are ready
head upstairs to the meeting room and speak to Ridley. He will
ask if you are ready for the onslaught. If you haven't saved,
go into the bedroom and do so, then speak to Ridley again and
tell him you are ready. This will be your first major battle!


Victory: Destroy all enemies.
Defeat: Death of Nastra.

Enemy numbers: 600

These battle works in a similar to the first Legion Saga game. Choose
between your infantry, archers or mages. Infantry beats archers,
archers beat mages and mages beat infantry. Select Special to use
Nastra's Judgement Flame, Ridley's ability or another unit's special
skill. You can only use Agram for this at the moment, he will revive
some of your soldiers.

Your best bet is to use Ridley's ability for the first two turns and
act depending on what Rautzen's army is about to do. After this you
should have an advantage over them, and also Fuba and Victor will
return from Kegan after a few rounds and they will bring some soldiers.

- After the battle go and speak to Ridley in the meeting room to
see what to do next. He will suggest that you go west to find a
man named Griffith. To get over the river you will need a boat
so head back to Kegan.

12. Kegan

- Go through the restaurant and the old HQ and speak to the man
by the water. This is Circan. He agrees to make you a boat if
you get the three materials: nails, a hammer and some timber.
You will need to go on a treasure hunt to get the nails so
speak to these people in this order:
Woman the right-hand house
Young boy in the restaurant
Man by Circan
Man in left-hand house (buy rod for 200 Geld)
- Next go back through the list in reverse order and give them
their items. When you get the nails go and give them to Circan.
- Next to get the hammer speak to the man near the entrance of
the village. Take it back to Circan.
- For the timber head north to Hinato Pass and find the big dead
tree. Examine it and Nastra will chop it down. He will
conveniently put it in his pocket and you can take it back to
Circan. ^_^

13. Torusten Mines: Old Metrite mines which have been abandoned to
make way for new technology.

- Go to your castle and head up to the docks at the back. Speak
to Circan and ride the new boat across the river.
- Leave the beach area and go into the mines.
- Go right at the first fork and open the chest to get a Buckler
and pull the lever. REMEMBER OR WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER!!!
- Go back to the fork and take the left path. In the main area go
left again and pull this lever. REMEMBER OR WRITE DOWN THE
- Go to the main area and go right and pull the lever. Add
together the two previous numbers and enter the total. After
that pull the switch again and go back to the main area.
- Use the beacon to heal and save and try go through the door.

BOSS BATTLE: Giga-Cerberus
HP: 2000
MP: 100
Str: 108
Def: 72
Mag: 59
Spd: 68
EXP: 422
Geld: 159
Item: Grand Deity
Quake - Earth damage.
Heal - Restores a small amount of HP.

This three-headed monster dog has no elemental strengths or weaknesses
so just hit it with everything you've got. You can always heal with the
beacon after the fight.

- After the battle use the beacon to heal and save if you need to
then go through the door and go left to Fort Yanuke.

14. Fork Yanuke: A fortress built in the snowy mountains of north-
west Krisdea. The soldiers here are defending the mines from
the Imperial soldiers.

- After watching the scene go across the courtyard and examine
the barrel on the left to find some rice (used to recruit
Girkan, the chef in Kegan).
- Go inside the fortress then up into the town area. There's not
much to do here so head for the building in the top-left.
- After meeting Griffith, leave the town and you'll be attacked
by a mysterious ninja. He's quite easy so just pummel him with
some medium attacks and he'll escape.
- Leave Fort Yanuke and head south to the big tower.

15. Heaven's Gate Tower: A massive which goes high into the sky. It
was built by the ancient race known as the Orogai to try and
reach Dansa, but no one knows why.

- Enter the tower and go into the room on the right to find the
Old Book #3 from the bookcase.
- Go up the stairs and pull the levers until all torches are lit.
- Go up the stairs, remembering to recruit Jeremy on the way up.
- On the balcony climb up the left ladder and get the Level 2
Peregrin Orb from the chest in the room at the top. Then go
back down and take the right ladder.
- Follow the path around and when you get to the room with the
beds open the chest near the door to get the Engine Piece I. If
you find all the pieces you can get a better boat and do the
Black Forest side-quest.
- Rest and save in this room then go up to the roof.

HP: 2500
MP: 120
Str: 137
Def: 75
Mag: 59
Spd: 79
EXP: 490
Geld: 170
Item: Herb
Aero - Wind damage.
Lag - Lowers Speed.

Saragan is quite strong compared to previous bosses and you won't be
able to use your newly-acquired Peregrin Orb (Lv2) either because it
won't be very effective against him.

- Griffith will grab Ewan and threaten to kill him. If you tell
him not to you will recruit Ewan, so do this if you want all of
the Legionnaires. If you hate him too much then kill him!
- After leaving the Heaven's Gate Tower go north back to Yanuke.
You will find that the ninja has killed everyone. Quickly go
to Griffith's office and watch the scene. You must fight!

HP: 1000
MP: 75
Str: 110
Def: 71
Mag: 50
Spd: 96
EXP: 176
Geld: 38
Item: Grand Deity
Haste - Raises Speed.
Sharpen- Raises Strength.

This guy is quite easy, compared to the previous boss anyway. He still
has the same stats as when you fought him at the gate but this time
you an finish him off.

- After the battle the ninja escapes and you will find yourself
on the shores of the Tigerfoot River outside the mines.
Griffith and Langley decide to join your army.
- Get in the boat and head back to speak to Ridley. He tells you
to rest so go to your bedroom and you will find the ninja. It
is Shotan from the first Legion Saga game! (as if you hadn't
figured it out already) Shotan joins you and suggests that you
go to Winstram to find a woman named Serynia.
- Leave the castle and go south past Kegan to the Damuskir
bridge. Shotan gets rid of the soldiers so you can pass and get
to the forest trail.

16. Forest Trail & Winstram

- Go left at the first fork to get a Gaia Orb then carry on down.
- When you pass a small path to the right go down there to get a
Grand Deity, Mega Medicine and Herb from the butterfly (!)
- Go back to the main path and keep going down again. You can
restore your HP and OP at the lake and save your game.
- Around the corner you'll find Venia being attacked by a
monster. You can choose to save her but you DON'T HAVE TO. If
you talk to her you must fight the Stone Behemoth.

BOSS BATTLE: Stone Behemoth
HP: 3000
MP: 125
Str: 142
Def: 114
Mag: 56
Spd: 56
EXP: 514
Geld: 182
Item: Engine Piece II
Quake - Earth damage.
Smash - Lowers Defense.
Lag - Lowers Speed.

Use water skills like Water and Downpour from the Aquatic Orb to do
the most damage to him. Don't use Earth skills. This guy has a high
defense but he's quite slow.

- If you chose to fight him and you beat him Venia will join you.
Now you can use her to travel to any visited location from your
castle (she will be next to Antha).
- Go left and you will be on the world map. Head for the town.
- In the town go to the eastern side and get the Broomstick from
the chest in the alley. In the bar under the inn you can get
the Old Book #4 from the bookcase. In the 2nd house you can
read a bit about what happened to General Regule after the
first Legion Saga.
- When you are ready go to the gardens at the back of town and
watch the scene with Serynia.
- After the scene follow her to the library (first building on
the left after leaving the gardens).
- After the scene you will receive the musket designs and the
plan is to head south into Veramonde. Prepare your best party
members and go to the Damuskir bridge.
- At the bridge Shotan asks if you are ready. When you have got
a good strong party (you won't be able to change it for a the
next few scenes) jump off the bridge.

17. Weapons Guild Factory

- On this new world map in Veramonde go to the building which is
the factory of the Weapons Guild. Enter the building.
- In here you can buy some hammers from the blacksmith, get the
third engine piece from the coil of rope by the book case and
rest in the bed if you need to.
- When you are ready speak to Urgak, the dwarf. He will tell you
to get some gunpowder from the pirate's cove to the south.
Leave the factory and go down to the hut.

18. Pirate's Cove

- If you speak to the pirate Leonardo (who looks remarkably like
Leon from the first Legion Saga) you will find that you can't
enter the caves without his sister's permission, so go get her.
- Enter the house and speak to Alexis. She says that the caves
are full of water because of the tide so you can't go in. In
the mean time you can have a drink with her.
- After watching the scene between Leonardo and Shotan it cuts
back to inside the hut. Alexis gets mad and you have to duel
with her just like you did with Rautzen on Mount Bujizu. Follow
the same rules and you should win.
- In the morning head into the caves. Take the first left turn
to get a Water Vest from the chest.
- At the next fork go straight up into the room. Get the Chisel
from the chest and memorize the markings on the wall.
- Go back to the fork and this time go left. There will be two
walkways with bridges. Use the bridge marked on the wall. In
other words follow this pattern (from left to right, so use in
reverse order).
down, up, down, down, up
- Afterwards the incorrect bridges will collapse so it will be
easier for you to get back.
- In the next room use the beacon to heal and save then proceed.
- Next you should encounter the mysterious Black Knight.

BOSS BATTLE: Black Knight
HP: 3500
MP: 150
Str: 165
Def: 120
Mag: 53
Spd: 52
EXP: 526
Geld: 194
Item: Blessed Orb
Heal - Restores a small amount of HP.
Inferno - Fire damage / All

Use the Frozen Orb against him to do the most damage. It also might be
useful to have a Hotrod equipped on as many characters as possible as
his Inferno skill can attack everyone with fire.

- After the battle the Black Knight escapes.
- Go outside and examine the barrels to take the gunpowder. You
will find yourself back at Alexis and Leonardo's house. Nastra
realizes that he has lost Shotan's pendant in the caves, but
Shotan must stay with Nastra to take the gunpowder back. Head back
to the Weapons Guild Factory.
- Back at the factory Urgak decides to join you because he can't be
bothered to explain how to load the ammunition. ^_^
- Head to Winstram and speak to Serynia in the library after this.
Serynia and Lesen will join your army. Now with Lesen you can go
to your library in the eastern wing of your castle and read any
of the books you have found.
- Now go back to your castle and speak to Ridley. When you are ready
you can launch an attack on Eastern Krisdea with the muskets.


Enemy numbers: 3350

Use similar tactics to the first battle. Now you can use more of your
special abilities by changing your tactics when speaking to Ridley.
Agram - Heal, revive some of your units.
Langley - Bribe. Spend money deposited in his vault which can
persuade enemies to turn traitor.
Serynia - Muskets. Kills enemies, simple enough.
Molly - Her attack also kills enemies.

- After this battle Fuba heads back to his home village of Kakus
because he has received urgent news. Ridley suggests some
reconaissance work in the capital city Marael to find out how
many troops the Council have gathered. The rest of your troops
are waiting in Chirsten. Go to Chirsten and head north to the
- In Marael City you'll find you need a traveller's pass to enter so
leave and go north-east to Kakus.

20. Kakus

- Upon entering you will see that the village has been destroyed and
all the kobolds here were killed. You can find Fuba the top of the
hill at the back of the village.
- After watching this scene head back to Marael City.

21. Marael City & the Council Headquarters

- After watching the pan of the Council's castle (LS1 Bargon City
style) you'll have to find a way inside.
- Go to the inn and get the Old Book #5 from the bookcase, then down
the left-hand stairs to get an Assistance Orb from the chest. Now
leave and go into the pub from the courtyard.
- Speak to Podio, the guy with the big green sack at the bar. Next
leave the pub and talk to one of the guards by the castle entrance
or try to get inside. The guards will run away and you can get
inside quickly. You will find that Rautzen's men are mobilized for
war, so return to Chirsten to tell Ridley. Back outside you will
find out that Podio told Rautzen that you were coming.
- After telling Ridley about the situation prepare for a big battle
against the Krisdean army. Recruit any last Legionnaires (see
Section III for help) and talk to Ridley again.
- You will see a spirit-raising marching scene, but everything goes
horribly wrong as an explosion decimates your army. It turns out
that Rautzen has used a 'Metrite Cannon' to weaken you.


Enemy numbers: 4600

Once again use your usual tactics to defeat Rautzen's army. If you have
banked a lot of money with Langley you can use his special ability to
bribe many enemy soldiers.

- After this battle Rautzen will retreat alone to the Council's
castle headquarters. Equip yourself well in the city and follow
him inside.
- First go straight up and take either the left or right staircase,
it doesn't matter. Do not go right because it's a dead end.
- Fight the guard in the archway, then go up to the next floor.
- There are 2 big doors here but both will be locked. The bottom
door is the first one you want to go into. There are also a couple
of doorways, the very bottom one leads out to the balcony (no use
in going there), the right-hand one leads to the path you should
take first.
- In this room is a Medium Hammer in the chest a large statue in
memory of General Rimmstein, a hero of the Battle of Marael City.
The date of the battle is important. WRITE IT DOWN OR REMEMBER IT.
The date will be random so I can't say what it will be.
- Now leave the statue room and go to the left to the door with the
button beside it. Examine the button and enter the date of the
battle written on the statue's plaque. Press Enter to confirm it
and, if correct, the door will open.
- Enter the room to find the only survivor's of the Krisdean
Council. After seeing a couple of familiar faces (remember
Ryoko's story in Nagura?) they will join you. Orson will have to
enter your battle party so remove your weakest character.
- Pull the lever to open the other big door then use the beacon to
heal yourself and save your game.
- Leave this small room and go up and enter the newly-opened
door way with suits or armor outside. This next corridor will
actually require a little bit of thinking. *GASP!* Each suit of
armor has a line of vision (straight ahead of it until it hits an
object of some sort). The first 3 are relatively easy to avoid.
For the 4th one push the crate into the pathway to block it's
view and then go up to the gateway.
- Orson introduces you to the elevator, one of Nat's inventions. At
this point Nastra realizes what those weird gateway things are in
the castle.
- OK next you will be in a little safe room where you can heal your
party members and save. I suggest you do BOTH. If you have a
Blessed Orb it's a VERY good idea to equip it now. You'll need to
be able to heal lots of people as quickly as possible in the
up-coming fight.
- When you're ready go up the stairs into Rautzen's hall. After a
little dialogue you will start a fight with Rautzen. He will soon
transform into the Demon Orb's manifestation.

HP: 4500
MP: 250
Str: 300
Def: 158
Mag: 71
Spd: 71
EXP: 700
Geld: 500
Item: Demon Orb
Rejuvenate - Fully restores HP.
Purify - Cures all status ailments.
Demon Bird - Reduces all opponents' HP to 1.

Firstly DO NOT use any magic to attack Rautzen before he transforms
because it will be cancelled out as he uses the Demon Orb and you will
have wasted valuable OP.
The Demon Bird is a VERY dangerous skill. Thankfully he only uses it 3
times during the entire battle: in turns 3, 10 and 15. ALWAYS heal as
many people as possible after he uses this skill using the Blessed Orb
if you have any.
Don't bother using status changing magic because he can cancel any of
it with Purify.

- After the rather long battle Rautzen collapses and dies. The
nightmare for Krisdea is finally over. After a scene in your
castle you have finally completed Legion Saga II!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!! Did you really think I would let it have such
an anti-climatic ending? You still have to free Nastra of his emotional
burden so don't turn off your computer yet!

- After your sleep go to the castle's entrance and you will find
Alexis and Leonardo. They return the Emerald Pendant and decide
to join your army.
- Go back and talk to Ridley and he will advise you to visit
Chirsten on your way to Veramonde to try and get through the
border checkpoint easily.
- Downstairs in Chirsten's inn you will find Chibiki (the blonde
woman from the tournament). It doesn't matter what answer you
pick from the replies.
- Chibiki needs 2,000 Geld in order to repay the innkeeper. Pay her
if you have the money. If not then go and get some money from
battles or sell some unwanted goods. After this she will join your

Random fact: Chibiki's sword is called Gatts' Sword. This is a
reference to the anime 'Berserk' in which the main character Gatts uses
a VERY big, long, thick sword like Chibiki's.

- Head for the border checkpoint and Chibiki will get you through.
Welcome back to Veramonde.

22. Zerdio & the Fortress of Ramchalle

- Zerdio is, in fact, an optional town. You do not NEED to visit it
but there are a few things of interest. Most importantly; if you
loaded your data from Legion Saga at the start of the game you can
find Ridman and one companion at the docks. The companion will be
Greibis or Eva (depending on how you played Legion Saga).
- You can find the Old Book #7 in the bookcase at the inn.
- There is a sack of 500 Geld inside the house on the sea front.
- Before you proceed past the town of Zerdio make sure you have
recruited as many people as you can for this is the final war. As
you pass between the trees Nastra will see the Fortress of
Ramchalle up ahead, the river fortress guarded by General Kuabra.
The Liberation Army set up a war camp to prepare for the battle.
Look in the different tents to talk to your soldiers.
- When you are done talking head to the back of the campsite and go
up the hill to find Agram.


- After this scene you will see Fuba. If you recruited 37 or more
Legionnaires he will come with you back to the camp. If not Fuba
jumps off the cliff and kills himself.

- The next morning Nastra will wake up ready for war. Speak to
Ridley in the middle of the camp to engage the enemy.


Enemy numbers: 6000

Use the usual tactics to defeat Kuabra's army.

- After the war Kuabra challenges Nastra to a duel. You know how it
works by now, pay attention to his taunts and cries.
- The Liberation Army regroups in the fortress and sends Nastra on
his way to Sai Geradon; the capital city. Agram comes along too.

23. Sai Geradon

- Upon entering you'll see a little scene where Nastra recognizes
the farm land. The city is now deserted for some bizarre reason...
- In the right-hand hut you can find a Hindrance Orb.
- Go up into the main city area. All the doors are locked so go
round behind the inn and climb the ladder up the castle walls.
- Go inside the building and turn right at the corner. Go all the
way to the (ignore the doors, the first is locked and the second
just gives you a clue for the next part). Ahead it looks like a
dead end but look for the odd pillar-type part of the wall and
walk into it (!)
- Make your way up the stairs and you will come across a demon.
Wondering why there are demons inside the castle, kill it.
- In the room at the top talk to the maid if you want to find out
a little bit about what's going on.
- When you have fully prepared for your FINAL battle go up the
stairs to meet Kaiser Argane. As you prepare to kill him...
CRASH! In comes Barbatta (remember him from the very start of the
game?) and decapitates your elvin half-brother using the Legion
Sword he acquired thousands of years ago.

BOSS BATTLE: Aero Barbatta
HP: 4000
MP: 363
Str: 488
Def: 222
Mag: 98
Spd: 40
EXP: 1500
Geld: 700
Item: None
Blast of Cold - Strong ice damage / All
Dark Cloud - Electric damage / All
Restore - Restores a medium amount of HP.

This battle will end if either Aero Barbatta's HP falls under 15% or
after 7 turns. He has no weaknesses so just use your strongest magic and
attacks (especially the Demon Orb). Don't worry about conserving your OP
as you will get it all back after the fight. Oh yes and Agram will leave
you for this battle so you probably just lost your main healer. Too bad!

- So Aero Barbatta unleashes a huge energy wave to damage you. At
this point Agram realizes that Nastra is his friend and gains a
human soul. Uses this new-found energy he heals your team and
joins you again to fight Barbatta (who has transformed into a
very powerful being).

BOSS BATTLE: Omen Barbatta
HP: 7000
MP: 363
Str: 491
Def: 196
Mag: 117
Spd: 72
EXP: 3000
Geld: 5000
Item: Rice (?!)
Twister - Wind damage / All
Cure - Restores a small amount of HP / All allies

EXTRA TARGET: Right Weapon
HP: 1000
MP: 153
Str: 252
Def: 178
Mag: 18
Spd: 62
EXP: 0
Geld: 0
Item: Screws (?!)
Danger - Causes Berserk, Sleep and Drain.
Restore - Restores a medium amount of HP.

HP: 1000
MP: 153
Str: 252
Def: 178
Mag: 18
Spd: 62
EXP: 0
Geld: 0
Item: Small Fish (?!)
Injury - Causes Poison, Blind and Silence.
Assistance - Raises Strength, Defense and Speed.

So this is it! The final battle! Do not hold back ONE BIT! If you get
sick of the Weapons (arms) then just destroy them as quickly as
possible but it's not necessary to do this to defeat him. Your main
target should be the body section (named Omen Barbatta). Other than that
just throw EVERYTHING you have at him. The Demon Orb is particulary
effective and will do more damage against Barbatta because he is a holy
monster (you may be confused by this. More will be explained in Legion
Saga III).

- After the long battle Barbatta escapes (yes, you actually do not
defeat him yet) and you are free to return home to your castle.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed Legion Saga II (for real this time!)
Now go and download the LS3 demo!
Or the full game if it's finished by the time you read this.

27th February 2002




#1: Man at docks in Kegan Village.
#2: Sparkling bookcase in the library in Ridley's house.
#3: Bookcase in Heaven's Gate Tower. Take the door on the right in
the first room when you enter.
#4: Winstram, in the underground bar.
#5: Marael City, upstairs in the inn.
#7: Zerdio, bookcase in the inn.


I: Heaven's Gate Tower, save room.
II: Win from Behemoth (monster attacking Venia).
III: Weapons Guild Factory, rope coil next to the bookcase.
IV: Farm, inside building.
Metrite:Buy from Podio after recruiting him.

SUB QUEST: The Black Forest




1. Heal
2. Restore
3. Rejuvenate
1. Cure
2. Regenerate
3. Blessing
1. Antibody
2. Loudmouth
3. Angel Breath
4. Purify
1. Venom
2. Flash
3. Mute
M. Injury
1. Fury
2. Lullaby
3. Empty
M. Danger
1. Sharpen
2. Shield
3. Haste
M. Assistance
1. Blunt
2. Smash
3. Lag
M. Hinderance


1. Roast
2. Ignite
3. Inferno
M. Breath of Fire
1. Shard
2. Freeze
3. Snow
M. Blast of Cold
1. Zap
2. Thunder
3. Dark Cloud
M. Bolt of Lightning
1. Water
2. Downpour
3. Tidal Wave
M. Wall of Water
1. Quake
2. Tremor
3. Avalanche
M. Rock of Steel
1. Aero
2. Gale
3. Twister
M. Blast of Wind



ENDING I: Throne of Roses
ACHIEVE: Do not save Fuba in the warcamp.
DESCRIPTION: Nastra becomes leader of Krisdea, leaving Veramonde to
tear itself apart.

Journey of Friendship
ACHIEVE: Save Fuba in the warcamp (recruit 37+ Legionnaires).
DESCRIPTION: Nastra and Fuba leave Krisdea and journey south to
explore the lands together and see the sights.


Thanks for playing Legion Saga II and reading my walkthrough/FAQ! All
questions/comments are welcome: mglanville@hotmail.com