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The Saga Takes Off

The review for this series will be set in terms of a story, a complete chronicling of the events of Legion Saga I, II and III in their entirety. As such, this will be very much a spoiler review, though I suppose you would rather call it an overview. This is an experiment for the third week of the Meat Your Maker review event. Let's begin:

The following content contains spoilers for the story of Legion Saga II. If you haven't played the game yet and don't want to be spoiled, do not read this review.

Legion Saga II
By Kamau

Time has passed, people have changed. The stage opens to a man named Barbatta who has traveled far in search of a mysterious bounty. His travels have seen him cross dangerous terrains the likes of which would send any other man back, but Barbatta is different and his determination has brought him to the Tinstren Mines in search of a relic... the Legion Sword. Grabbing its hilt, he removes it from its pedestal and is overcome by a great and terrible power. Suddenly, all goes white and he disappears to time.

When all is clear, a young man named Nastra is making his way through the checkpoint from Veramonde into Krisdea for reasons he must keep secret, but he is not alone. Hot on his heels are two bounty hunters who will stop at nothing to bring Nastra to justice for his crimes. His crimes being that of treason, of the assassination of the ruthless dictator, Kaiser Granstem.

He finds a new ally in the form of a kobold named Fuba Westring, who turns the bounty hunters away and together they make their way inland to Chirsten where they learn about the magic that resides within the orb Nastra's father gave to him. Fuba also recommends that they rest at the inn for the night and there they find Nina, who wants to travel to Mount Buziju to follow the rumor of an abandoned hut that resides there. Perhaps there she'll also find her missing friends, but only time can tell.

They arrive at the foot of the mountain at nightfall and set up camp where Nastra finds it hard to sleep. When he's finally able to close his eyes, he dreams of his murdering of the Kaiser Granstem who begs for his life before being silenced. He awakes to trouble brewing in the valley where his allies rest. A great dragon attacks and the three must fight for their lives, barely surviving the encounter, but this will not turn them away from their journey, so they trek forward.

At the top of the mountain, they stop in the abandoned house they sought and Nastra takes a step outside only to come face to face with a mysterious talking robot named Agram who malfunctions and they bring him inside. After talking for a bit, Nina feels that she can't stay in this hut and must return to her search for her friends, which leads her back down the mountain and into the waiting claws of the dragon that attacked them before. After they best it, Nina leaves her new friends in search of her lost ones and the rest return to the hut only to be disrupted by Colonel Rautzen of the Council who gives Nastra two choices: leave the region of Krisdea and never return or die. After a quick duel, Rautzen orders his troops to seize the three only to see them throw caution to the wind and jump from the bridge, to freedom or to death.

When Nastra awakes, he finds himself in alien surroundings but Fuba fills him in on his location and who brought him back to health, a young woman named Ryoko who is a member of a rebellion. Times may be different but politics appear all the same and Nastra quickly finds himself aiding the rebellion just like a certain soldier in days of old. Unfortunately, when they meet up with Victor, a friend of Ryoko, he fills Nastra in on how much his murder of the Kaiser has affected politics in the region and how he's secretly to blame for all that has happened.

This weighs heavily on Nastra's mind and he takes a moment to partake in the tournament happening at the Champion's Arena. It's there that his old bounty hunter nemesis, Ghzan, appears and is ultimately butchered due to his reliance on black magic, which is forbidden in the final round against Nastra. After the tournament, Nastra travels to Kegan to the hideout of the Liberation Army. And as soon as they meet with the leader of the Rebellion, they're sent out again to fetch an ally by the name of Ridley from his house along the Tigerfoot Road.

After recruiting Ridley's help, they return to Kegan only to find that the Colonel Rautzen has attacked the hideout and killed the Rebellion's leader, Master Jendri. While Fuba and Victor remain behind, Nastra and his allies go through the Hinato Pass to an abandoned castle to serve as the new hideout of the Rebellion. Once there, Ridley speaks of a prophecy of the Legionnaires, warriors who would each control their own Legion against the powers of corruption. Ridley reveals that the first Legionnaire has already fulfilled his destiny, a man named Ridman. With Nastra, the next part of the prophecy begins.

With the reins now solely Nastra's, Rautzen returns with his militia to try Nastra's new might. Sides clash but ultimately Nastra emerges victorious, the first great military victory for the Legionnaire. Following in his predecessor's footsteps, Nastra sets out to recruit followers to his Legion.

After scouring the world, the army rises. With muskets in hand, the few thousand strong march on towards the capital of Marael. Unfortunately, Fuba is called away due to terrible news and returns to his home village of Kakus. Upon returning, he finds the village in ruins with no fellow kobolds in sight. Nastra does what he can to sustain his ally in his troubling time, but he can only do so much to ease the pain in his heart. With vengeance being their only ally, they continue on to Marael City to confront the Colonel Rautzen.

Storming the capital, Nastra finds that old Council has been locked up in a small chamber in the main tower. It is revealed that Rautzen had been the sole person responsible for all the conquests taken in the name of Krisdea. With new recruits on the side of the Council, Nastra and his allies continue their attack on the tower. When the allies finally confront Rautzen, he swears to defend all that he's accomplished with his life and confronts Nastra to a duel to the death. Seeing the end is near, Rautzen calls upon a dark entity from the Demon Orb that not even he can control to fight Nastra, and while the battle is fierce and drives the allies to the very brink of death, they overcome the challenge and claim victory over the Colonel.

With his final breath, the Colonel Rautzen curses Nastra and his foolishness and collapses onto the floor in a bloody heap. It would appear all has been made right in the world... but the war is not yet over. Their next target: Veramonde. After some clever negotiations, they find themselves deep within the Veramonde region and set up camp on the outskirts of its capital. On the eve of the war, Agram wanders out of camp to reflect on his own creation when Nastra comes up to speak to him. They settle matters between themselves but Fuba is also plagued by thoughts, his much harder to reconcile. To Nastra's great shock, Fuba throws himself from the cliff. Nastra takes him into a tent to question why he would wish to enter death so quickly, to which Fuba responds that he has lost everything. These are the last words Nastra hears of Fuba.

Dawn breaks and Nastra's military meets that of the Veramonde militia on the front line outside of the Fortress of Ramchalle, with General Kuabra at the helm. When his army falls, General Kuabra takes up his sword, Lucifer, and strikes Nastra head on in a final duel. As the General falls, Nastra and his militia make their way into the capital of Veramonde proper to confront their sovereign, Kaiser Argane. They make their way into the throne room of the capital building and confront Kaiser Argane. Nastra draws his sword to the sovereign when suddenly, a winged Barbatta returns from the shadows to deny the completion of the Legionnaire prophecy.

In a twist of fate, it is revealed that Agram was constructed by Barbatta himself and he fully intends on using his creation against Nastra. Barbatta reveals his true motivations for stopping Nastra, that should he be allowed to live, the greatest evil in the world - humanity - would continue to prosper and, with it, suffering. The Legion Sword is revealed to have been crafted by the deity Dansa and that its will is absolute. The final battle begins...

And even when it ends, the war is never truly over...

Thus concludes the second chapter of the Legion Saga.

• Excellent use of screen panning
• Improved gameplay/storyline over the original
• Character animations for attacks
• Sprite animations for cutscenes
• Music is fantastic
• Duels are fun

• Numerous RNG wars
• Backtracking is a pain

Final Score: