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Legion saga III > version updates

v3 - 5th September 2004
• You can now duel Serth awhenever you want by speaking to him in your castle (make sure he is NOT in your party or he will not appear in the castle). You also have a choice of modes in this optional duel. These are Normal Duel (duels are played as normal), Desperate Duel (opponent's strength is raised and Kima's defense is lowered) and Fated Duel (single round duel, one wrong move results in your defeat).
• Water on the world map has flowing animation (wooo).
• New side-quest available at the end: 'Return to Bargon'. This is played by finding the Higanasu train station which can travel back to the Twin Empires. On a side note, I totally redesigned this city for Legion Saga R so I thought I'd use the new version throughout this game, instead of the quick chipset upgrade found in v1 and v2, the new one is much better I think. Bigger and more detailed. ^_^
• A number of boss enemies made more challenging.
• A sixth 'old book' has been added.
• Clett (the monk in the Amun'Rah temple on the north-eastern plains) is now able to tell you more about Dansa's past in a hidden scene.
• The book in the Rimeru Forest temple is now readable.
• Various parts of dialogue have had minor changes made.
• A number of MIDIs have been fixed, thanks to Austalia01!
• New skill added; Higan Song.
• Shotan no longer appears on the roster until you have recruited him.

v2.4 - 17th June 2003
• The 'press escape to continue' bug still exists in some places! Thanks to MoonlightWarrior for alerting me. I have fixed it in Rimeru Forest and in Kima's house. If you spot any more please let me know.

v2.3 - 3rd June 2003
• Fixed the bug which prevents you from leaving Koosta.

v2.2 - 28th May 2003
• Fixed the bug which prevents you from leaving the bridge west of Milamo Village.

v2 - 26th May 2003
• Cardico mini-game is now up!
• Fixed the 'press escape after getting a new playable character to continue' bug.
• Fixed the bug which caused the Ruby Pendant to take you to the bridge rather than your castle.
• Fixed the Godspeed Orb bug.
• Added a little extra dialogue between Shotan and Serynia in the Soul Stream scene considering their story.
• Made Nastra's unit controllable in the final battle.
• Added a secret 'Azamine meets the kobolds again' scene.
• The ration system now works properly. Failing to have enough rations WILL cause your soldiers to die and if all die then it results in game over. This obviously makes the game harder but that's how it was supposed to be. To compensate for this slightly I have changed the warning message so that it gives hints on where to find more rations.
• Two new items: Gambler Orb (allows you to win 50% more money from Cardico) and Higan Staff (special weapon for Lisa). Both must be won from playing Cardico.
• Added a big long 'the night before the final battle' sequence to just add some more character development.
• Made the final bosses and Titanicos a bit more challenging.

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