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(A) means joins automatically

Kima - Hero (A)

Ayato - Joins after first war. (A)
Azamine - Castle entrance hall after recruiting 30 Legionnaires.
Buku - Joins in the Lashu woods. (A)
Chamiko - Mogosta inn, read guestbooks in Tudar, Koosta and Lashu.
Chinju - Jenouille, after defeating Valmot, don't kill him.
Dadelia - Joins when you get castle. (A)
Diminia - Jenouille bar, must have been playing for 2+ hours.
Dolan - Joins in Tudar City. (A)
Fanenbahl - Joins on Mount Cuer. (A)
Gragma - Joins in Lashu. (A)
Harmonie - Music School, take Ridman to her.
Hotaru - Koosta forge, give him the Murasame.
Igou - Joins when you get castle. (A)
Joshua - Tudar City library after returning from Mogosta.
Kazuki - Joins in Tudar City. (A)
Kuti - Mount Hanasta, save her from the bandits.
Letira - Joins after the war on Damchan Island. (A)
Lilly - Lashu inn, speak to her with Kuti in your party.
Lisa - Joins at Control Point. (A)
Ludok - Joins on Mount Cuer. (A)
Mojin - Joins in Lashu. (A)
Nastra - Joins in Marael City. (A)
Natsuke - Plains behind Tian, examine the fruit but DON'T eat it. Return after defeating Valmot and she will be there. Pay for her crimes in Tian (about 10,000 lede).
Ossal - Joins at the Highland Checkpoint. (A)
Rai - Mt Hanasta checkpoint, bring Letira and Ayato to her.
Ridman - Joins after you find out about Edda. (A)
Rushi - Joins after first war. (A)
Ryo - Tudar City cardico HQ. Must have at least 5 cards.
Serth - Joins at the Highland Checkpoint. (A)
Serynia - Joins after Marael City battle. (A)
Shifter - Hanasta cave, 1st screen near the top-left, Kima must be Lv20 or above.
Shimada - Tudar City, inn upstairs
Shotan - Joins after first war. (A)
Taisu - Joins at Control Point. (A)
Tikki - Music School, recruit Harmonie 1st, Kima must be level 30+
Ursula - Vietta armory.
Yokku - First view the scene with her in the item store in Tudar City after getting your castle. After this you can find her near Kima's house in Milamo Village.
Yuzuriha - Koosta farm, give her Farm Tools (buy in Mogosta item store).
Zesha - Mount Hanasta, after you are sent to invesigate the bridge.