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The Saga Dies

The review for this series will be set in terms of a story, a complete chronicling of the events of Legion Saga I, II and III in their entirety. As such, this will be very much a spoiler review, though I suppose you would rather call it an overview. This is an experiment for the third week of the Meat Your Maker review event. Let's begin:

The following content contains spoilers for the story of Legion Saga III. If you haven't played the game yet and don't want to be spoiled, do not read this review.

Legion Saga III
By Kamau

It's been 12 years since the end of Nastra's journey which saw the rise of Barbatta and the fall of the current Legion. Now Lord Ridman, ruler of the Twin Empires, sent a distress signal to the Hawk Knights, defenders of the region. Upon their response, they were wiped out and in their place, the Peregrin Knights arose to push the kobold "barbarians" from the capital. The figurehead of this militia is Kima who is instructed with the extermination of the rampaging kobolds. With the city free of the kobolds, Kima and ally Paran return to Ridman who allows them to rest in the castle before setting sail in the morning.

During the night, Kima awakens to the sound of Paran playing his ocarina. When asks if his music woke him, Kima tells him that he has once again been plagued by a recurring dream of his home village of Milamo. In this dream, bandits raid his home and kill all of its citizens before burning the village to the ground, presumably leaving only Kima alive to bear witness to the horrors. His ally Paran reminds him that it was only a dream and he returns to bed.

They awake and return to Ridman only to get news that something terrible has happened to Chiopu; kobolds have captured the town and have denied access to the port. In desperation, Ridman orders the destruction of the Chiopu port and the burning of the Murphey Forest. He turns the Peregrin Knights towards the train station to escape while he remains behind to ward off any kobold attack.

Going against a direct order, Kima and his brother Eijin return to the capital for the Peregrin Knights who've remained behind. Only one emerges and they return to the station to catch the train. On the ride back to Higanasu, Paran informs Kima of the severity of his disobedience and relieves him of his rank. A soldier meets the two outside and reports that there's something on the tracks, but they can't stop in time and the train derails.

Kima wakes up next to his brother in the Gandasa mountain range and they decide that they must return home immediately if they're to save the Twin Empires from collapse. Along the path they happen across a kobold troop of the Howling Fang with its commander, General Serth. Two of his men attack Kima and Eijin, but with their training, the combat is a short affair. General Serth, seeing his men fall, challenges Kima to a duel, which Kima musters all of his combat prowess to finally emerge victorious from. Afterward, they continue on their way back to Higanasu. Later they are separated by Paran and Kima must find his way in whatever way he can. He stops by his house in Milamo where he meets with his lover, Lisa and his mother. Together, Lisa and Kima search for a way to the city of Tudar. This eventually leads him to a wagon that will take them to Tudar City. Once there, Kima begins his search for his brother, Eijin.

In his search, he happens across a meeting of the government where they deliberate on the abandonment of the religious sect. King Zogoran plans a display of power to remind them where their loyalties lie. Paran, who is in attendance, uses Eijin who is by his side to form an assault against the kobolds in the region, and the meeting is brought to a close. Kima stops Eijin as he walks out the door, to which Eijin is fiercy devoted to his king and sees Kima as an untrustworthy traitor to the crown, dismissing his very presence.

Knowing that his brother has been corrupted by Paran, Kima meets back up with Kazuki, a banished priestess of Amun'Rah that they met while trying to find a way past the bridge over the Tigerfoot River that was under the control of the Peregrin Knights, and together they try to save Eijin from himself. Their quest leads them into the Neinya Marsh to the south of Tudar where they encounter the Water Titan, one of the five bringers of the Day of Ragnarok. The Water Titan, having bested Kima, reveals that he is the master of the 3rd Legion and he is teleported to a separate realm known as the Upper Realm where he encounters the divine relic, the Legion Sword, and its bearer, Barbatta, who takes up the blade and initiates a combat with Kima.

After Barbatta's defeat, they are teleported back to the temple of Amun'Rah. After getting a stern talking to by Vugen, the temple's high priestess, the Blood Moon Knights appear and attack the temple. Kima and Lisa escape the temple, followed shortly by an injured Kazuki and together they travel back to Milamo to nurse her wounds. Kazuki remains in the care of Kima's mother while Kima and Lisa travel east to meet up with Eijin and try to speak some reason into him. Battle lines are drawn on the Eastern Bridge and it is up to Kima to put an end to the bloodshed.

After the war, Kima attempts to reason with Eijin, but he will have nothing of it... the family bond is forever broken. Kima returns home to tell his mother what has happened, but is interrupted by a demon's attack on Kazuki upstairs. After a quick battle, the demon falls and Kazuki tells Kima that Barbatta has returned and summoned an army of demons from the sky. They go outside to find the entirety of Milamo ablaze and under attack by demons, lead by the Fire Titan. An old man by the name of Igou emerges and takes the survivors into his house where they use his flame channel to escape into the sewers under the village. The sewers spit them out in the nearby village of Koosta. There they witness a kidnapping that ultimately leads them rescuing the child, his music mentor, siding with the kidnappers and heading back to Tudar City.

When they return to Tudar, they find Dolan, a Peregrin Knight, badly wounded. Dolan tells Kima that the city was attacked by kobolds, an attack that Paran and Eijin allowed to happen. They proceed into the castle to confront Eijin and Paran to find that they've decapitated the king and put his head on a pike. It is then revealed that Paran was Barbatta all along and he commands the Amun'Rah clan to kill Kima and his allies who then transform into terrible demons. With their fall, the Earth Titan at Barbatta's side reports on the condition of the empire and that the city of Bargon has collapsed. Barbatta and his army of demons disappear and Kima and his allies reform the castle of Tudar into their own fortress.

With Kima as the next Legionnaire, his quest to recruit allies into the castle begins...


If you're playing version 3, you'll hit a game-breaking oversight at this point. You see, the first war you encounter was meant to be improved but was never actually finished. Some selections do nothing, the game displays all possible attack choices as if they had been chosen and there is no damage calculator. If you try to copy your save file from version 3 into the previous version, you'll get a variable error. This is a major problem because it requires that you play the entire game over again. At halfway through chapter 2, this is a deal breaker.

Proceed with caution around this title. I would strongly suggest playing/sticking with Legion Saga II instead.

• Attractive graphics
• Improved sprite and battle animations

• Unfinished war scene (Version 3). I quit after this.
• Unbearably slow walking speed on overworld
• Backtracking is more severe than the second installation
• Ration system

Final Score: