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Hey now, seriously...

Hey guys.

So here is something I CANNOT FIGURE OUT.

Backstage is, as measured by RMN, at least, my most popular game ever. No matter what kind of metric you want to use- scores, quantity/quality of reviews, number of downloads- it's the one that's getting the most attention.

Backstage II is the sequel to Backstage. It is much better in most ways...music and sound design, graphics, and especially mechanics. In terms of story, it remains to be seen, since it is not finished yet.

Backstage II has received by far the least attention, proportionally, out of every game I've ever released. It has about two hundred downloads (in several long months of being hosted here!) and one...two paragraph...capsule review. Even though I have made no effort to promote Backstage and actually made an effort to promote its sequel.

So, this blog post has three points/requests.

If you are one of the almost a thousand people who have downloaded Backstage, and I must assume almost a hundred of them actually enjoyed it and completed it...

1) Play Backstage II g'damnit! And if you can, review it.
2) If you haven't played Backstage II yet, tell me why not!
3) If you ain't gonna play Backstage II ever, tell me why not...but be gentle.

Eagerly awaiting responsage.

-Maximilian McGee III Esq.


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I cannot say for sure, but there is the possibility that people would rather play the first game of the series before the second? Maybe people played through backstage, and never really checked RMN again at the right time to notice it again. That's my theory anyway.
Maybe it's because it is unfinished.
I prefer to play it when it's done, demos kill me
If it makes you feel any better, I haven't played either game.
well, it's not finished? that would be a reason.

and also because I have no idea what the story's about. how is it a sequel? Do we get to see Tom and co. back again, or is it just set in the same general "oh you were hypnotized" kind of dreamworld?
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
303 downloads, one rather hasty review, a small handful of comments.

Demos need feedback MORE than completed projects. Even OLD demos.
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