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Beautiful Thieves

"My dear, there is no danger
Can't you see they turn blind eyes
To we swift and spotlit strangers?
Before the rush is over
We will be revered again
While the victims still recover.

Oh if we run this light,
or take a little life,
no one will care at all.

Oh, we can burn it and leave
For we are the beautiful thieves
No one suspects at all.

Oh, are we running toward death?
I have met him times before
He adores us like the rest."

When I first heard this song, I couldn't stop thinking about Tom Keller and Alice and their fucked up relationship and murder-based lifestyle, and how those themes were continued in Backstage II with different characters. All in all, it made me earnestly wish I had finished Backstage II during my last serious period of working on it, years and years and years ago. I got close enough that it being unfinished is like a hangnail.

In my last blog post (again, more than a year ago I think) I missed/ignored a comment by daymarket that said one reason more people haven't played this is because I haven't posted a story synopsis and no one knows what it's about. In hindsight I think that's insightful. I will try to post one up here in the future.