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Help Wanted: UI/Menu Guru

I'm mirroring this here, in case anyone might miss it on the forums. No further comment needed, I think. Hopefully more 'Looks Backstage' will follow in the coming weeks and months.

Hi, so you all know me at this point I think, so I won't bother with introductions, but if for some reason you need my credentials, yeah, just click my name and browse the five million or so game profiles I have on this site.

Anyway, I am trying to finish my old rm2k3 horror adventure game Backstage 2 and I am looking for someone who is really reasonably good with 2k3 eventing and graphical user interface type stuff (back in the olden days, we would call what I am looking for a 'CMS' which stood for Custom Menu System) to help me with that game's menu.

The game has a temporary menu which is functional, i.e. it works, but it's pretty ugly and a bit clunky. It uses entirely Message, Show Choice, and Conditional Branch, to be honest, because I have always been afraid of/not well suited to picture based menu systems using the show picture command.

I'd really like somebody who's good at this kind of stuff to help me transform my temporary menu into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing and convenient for the user. It doesn't need to be 'fancy' by any means (no matter what it will be better than the text based menu), and I'd prefer something clean and simple and lag-free to anything with elaborate and fancy graphical effects.

This is definitely a 'catch a fish', not a 'teach a man to fish' request. I'm not looking for someone to teach me this stuff or for a tutorial--Backstage 2 is very probably my last game, and even if it wasn't I've almost entirely moved on to VX at this point; ongoing computer issues notwithstanding, it's scripting I should be learning.

Anyway, this is a reasonably medium-to-long-term request, so if I don't get a lot of (or any) responses right away, I won't get discouraged. I'll just keep bumping this topic periodically over time, every few weeks or so. Worst comes to worst if I'm on the cusp of finishing the game and this is the only thing holding me back, I'll just release it with the cruddy text based menu. I can live with that even if it wouldn't be ideal.

So, request complete. Compensation = credit in a project over five years in development, and I will owe you a favor. (If you do a really good job I will pay you $5.00 US Cash Money, if you send me a self addressed stamped envelope. Fuck Paypal.)

I'll remember to include the magic word: please. And say also:

Thank you!
-Max McGee


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Max McGee
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