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Pass or Fail:Backstage II

  • Creation
  • 09/09/2011 10:37 PM


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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Mapping is either by me or CheshireCat. Actually we BOTH worked on most of the maps. Ness is just working on the NEW menu which will hopefully be much less awkward. Sound design is all me. Sprites and concept art are, as noted, by MobPixelle.

I will fix the steps in the guest room. (I think there might have been a reason I left them unevented, like they interfered with NPC movement during the cutscene, possibly.)

For what it's worth: you (by pure random chance) took the fastest most efficient most direct possible route through the demo. There's a LOT more to see in the demo, and there is something to do with both the key and the shovel you found. (The maximum score for the demo is 10, based on how many optional clues you find and how many monsters you slay. You scored a 1/10. So if you're eager for more, you might want to try exploring a bit more the areas you missed.

Thank you for the mini-review. : )
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