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Early in 2015, I was working on a game that was meant to be a Yume Nikki fangame and a more traditional RPG, with Effects being used as equipment. I released a version of it during the summer (and by that, I mean put a link on a blog). This version of the game was made in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I ended up abandoning this when I started making it in RPG Maker MV instead. Also because I thought the VX version is kinda lousy.


The plot is like that of many Yume Nikki fangames - you play as a character (simply called Dreamer in this version of the game) that never leaves their room, preferring to dream. As they dream, they can go into different dream worlds with weird denizens; however, many of these denizens wants to offer fights as you head deeper within. Their only known goal is to fight the bosses at the end of the dreams to sate the book within their dream apartment, and perhaps it'll be willing to open up if you fight these bosses.

- Three Effects. In this game, Effects are equipped like weapons, and has stat changes when equipped and their own skill sets.
- Two bosses to fight.

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