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Shine updates

I have some updates for Shine 1 and 2.

  • Fixed typos in Part 1

  • Finally disabled the menu for 1 and 2 (it was never used/needed)

  • The text and overall pacing of Part 1 is improved. Many of the long pauses between sentences and characters were shortened. It's now more like Part 2.

  • A few lines of dialogue in Part 1 reworded to make more sense and avoid repetition

I'm also considering adding a new download of 1 and 2 combined. My only issue with that I still want to keep the separate versions to keep track of the downloads. It also means anytime there's an update to either game, I would have to reupload both. But it's a thought.


Part 1 Recap

I've added a recap of Part 1 in the downloads for anyone who may need it. It was originally in Part 2, but I removed it so it can go straight into the game from Part 1. However some people might still benefit from it so I've made it a separate download.


Chapter 2

Hey again. For those subscribed, you may have played Part 2 already but if not, the link is on the front page.

However, Part 2 will (probably) be moved to this page as "Chapter 2" in the near future, and the Part 2 page will be deleted. I just thought I would let people know that. As it says on the page, Shine 1 was listed as complete because I wasn't sure if I would continue it. Now that I did, it's probably best to treat it as a continuation and conclusion, rather than a brand new game. I think I got a little too crazy making a new page for it.

That's all. Thanks!

Edit: I've decided to change it back/keep it as Part 2, but you'll still find it on this page.

Progress Report

Where is Part 2?

Hey everyone. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've made an update regarding the sequel. I've had a crazy year (had three surgeries). However I did work on it, and between August-October I actually got a decent portion done. But now I plan to rest for another week or so due to my recent surgery.

Since you've waited awhile and I haven't updated in so long, I plan to make the page for Part 2 pretty soon. It might be sometime this week or next week, but just know that in the near future, I'll finally have the page up.

My goal was to finish it by the end of the year. Is that still possible? Maybe, maybe not. It'll be close. I'll try my best, but I don't want to get your hopes up and I don't want to rush it, either. On the bright side, the game (so far) is turning out a bit longer than I thought it would be. When working on a scene, I always come up with new ideas I want to add so it turns out to be longer.

I guess that's all. Again, sorry for making you wait so long, and I hope you'll look forward to the new page (and the game) coming soon.


New scene! (+ more sequel info)

It's been several months since I last updated, so I thought I'd share some news. (Shine ending spoilers below)

I'm still working on Part 2. It still has awhile to go, because I've been kind of busy. I can visualize it in my head, so it's just a matter of actually creating it. I'll give you a piece of info about it: Last time I said that it would have a prequel story following someone named Robin. At the end of Shine, Tacet revealed that there was a previous group of people who were part of the Shine experiment. Robin's story will follow that group and you will see what happened to them.

For my next bit of news, there's a pretty big Shine update. Both versions have been updated and are ready to download.

  • Three new save points, all in the Mafia game. (The Mafia game was very long)

  • The "twist" has been explained better with a new scene (details and screenshots below).

A lot of people were confused about the ending sequence of Shine. Most people thought there were two Carters, but the twist is that the Vox scenes take place one week later. It's the same Carter watching recorded footage of himself (the Vox they hear at the beginning of the game was the real one).

So I kept the ending sequence (where the real Vox shows up), but changed the scene after the Mafia game. Right after Tacet concludes the game, the scene where fake Vox (Carter) runs out of the room has been extended to reveal it was a recording. So I'm hoping new players will be able to understand this better.

If you don't feel like playing through it again, here are screenshots of the scene: http://imgur.com/a/mixuF

I'm hoping my next update will be the new page for Part 2. If not, then it might just be just more info of it (and maybe a picture of the characters).


Part 2 info.

I've officially started working on Part 2 of Shine. I don't think it's time to make a new page for it yet, so I figured I would share some info here.

  • Part 2 will follow two perspectives: Carter, and a new protagonist named Robin. The story will switch back and forth between the two.

  • Carter's story is a sequel. Robin's story is a prequel, taking place 1 or 2 years before Shine.

  • I've acquired some new graphics. New characters will use graphics from RPG Maker MV (but it's still being made with VX Ace). I also have some new tilesets that will fit the theme of the headquarters more.

  • I'm going to try to add more gameplay sections, and I'll definitely add more save points.

  • All unanswered questions from Shine will be answered.

Progress Report

New version uploaded.

I've uploaded a new version of Shine with some minor changes. Both the (game only) and (RTP) versions have this update.

  • A few dialogue fixes.

  • Chairs added in the classroom for Game 2.

  • New save point after the Mafia Game.

  • A line said by Lumen has been changed. (View the spoiler to see)

Original line:
"Shine is designed to go directly to your brain, and into the temporal lobe area responsible for processing all kinds of information."

New line:
"Shine is designed to go directly to your brain. It effects several different areas of it, in order to change the way you perceive things and interact with the rest of the world."


The future of Shine.

Shine has been out for awhile now, and people seem to have enjoyed it. I feel like now is a good time to talk about some things.

First, I wanted to clear up something regarding the "drug" Shine, because I didn't explain it very well in the game. To put it simply, Shine does a lot of crazy things to your brain to enhance it. You process things faster. You think faster, act faster, and learn faster. You notice many details you would have never noticed before. You can communicate in new ways that weren't possible before. These are basic examples, but that should give you a general idea.

The man in the video (Lumen) stated that Shine affects an area of your brain called the temporal lobe, but that isn't necessarily true. It could be one of the areas it affected, but not the only one. I was planning on removing that line, so I'll probably do that in an updated/fixed version of the game.

Lumen also mentioned that the students were processing things so fast, time appeared to have stopped. That was a lie. Or was it? To be honest, I wanted to leave that up to the player. Tacet (the man running the Mafia game) wasn't frozen in time. Was he given Shine to communicate with the students, or was something else going on? I may elaborate on this in the next game.

Now let's talk about the story. I haven't started a sequel, but I know where I plan on going with it. The next game will follow a different protagonist. Carter's story will continue, possibly later in the game, but there was another story I wanted to tell first. There's more to say about this, but I may stop there for now because reasons. When I decide to start the next game, I may make another blog with more information about it. I'm also considering switching to MV. There are only so many characters I can create with the VX Ace character generator, and some of them look too similar to one another.

Anyway, I suppose that's all for now. If anyone has an opinion on whether I should stick with VX Ace or switch to MV, feel free to comment. Thanks!
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