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This is a short demo of my first game. It won't reveal the story as it is only the intro which is a dungeon containing a couple of puzzles.

Story: Jack is a young man who's uncertain about a lot of things & his indicision proves to be his biggest enemy.
Note: I know this is vague but this is just to give you the idea behind the game I will try to share the characters synopsis & a little more about the story soon.

a] Battle Mechanics:
1- Skills: You can learn Skills from various Schools upon progressing through the story. Skills require you to be focused in order to use them & they upgrade with use.
2- EMS: You can purchase (Elemental Magic Stones) from EMS shops, There are Rare EMS not available in shops.
3- Rage: Used when the Rage bar is full. Upgrades with use.

The command Focus replenshes a little EP, Increases your focus Level & Makes you defend.

Latest Blog

Temporary Hiatus

I've been working on a new demo (that doesn't feel like a tech demo), but I'm really busy these days (Job hunting) so I'll try to release it as soon as I can without rushing it.

* Recent Updates:

- Included a tutorial & a help menu.
- When choosing the "Focus" command your next turn comes faster.
- Lowered the EP cost of Skills.
- Upgradeable weapons. (WIP)
- A duel system. (WIP)
- BGM & SFX Volume in the options menu.

On a last note I'm making this game for you, so if you have any kind of criticism or see anything bad don't hesitate to tell me about it.
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  • 12/19/2008 07:52 PM
  • 05/01/2015 10:09 PM
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okay there are no words anywhere help
I subscribed.Please finish it soon & I like the previous menu system the new one looks plain,Anyways it looks good.I will give it a shot.
On running, it says an RGSS dll is missing :<
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