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Other characters coming soon

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Hi guys!

I only wanted to tell you that the trailer for Lies is finally finished, although... IT'S TOO BIG! It's more than 33mb and unfortunately doesn't fit in my locker... The problem is that I don't have any youtube account, which means that I have to find a solution to post it. Maybe the easiest one is to make a youtube account... but there's also the possibility to convert the video to another format, maybe flv? Or swf? Do you know if this two would work?
Anyway, I hope I will post the trailer soon, since I really worked hard on it and honestly, I think it turned out better than I thought :)
I hope you will like it too!

Till next time,
by MagiK >u<
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  • 04/01/2016 07:37 PM
  • 06/27/2020 11:23 PM
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It looks promising. The story is interesting, can't wait to try it! :)
You could always try to get a proofreader :D This way the language errors in your game will be corrected!
@Zsuzsy: thank you!!!! I am really glad to hear it!
@Chivi-chivik: thank you for your advice, I will try!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks great. I'm sure you'll Make_it_MagiK(al).
@Frogge: omg! Thank you very much!!! I'll make my best to make it magical!
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
This looks good. Good art, nice maps and the story looks interesting. I'm a firm believer that lies will destroy a person. Be careful, Saif.
@Dragnfly: thank you very much! I hope you will like the game! And, you're right about lies... Saif should be VERY careful...
Nice character art and mapping. If done right, words can convey a sinister atmosphere surpassing that of jumpscares. I know I've read some good Creepypastas that make me fear the possibility of them being real when night comes...

The only thing that bothers me is those character bios. I'm not fond of informed traits or maybe I'm being a nitpick. "Saif is helpful, his heart is really kind, everyone wants to be his friend" My reaction when I read this is "How is he helpful or kind? Why would people want to befriend him?" Informed traits don't tell you these things. They're not as informative as if you had used examples like: "Saif does the chores around the house to take some workload off his father."Saif doesn't like to hurt other people's feelings even if it means lying to them."
@HikiNeet: first of all, thank you very much! I agree with you, that sometimes words make the atmosphere creepier than jumpscares... The only problem is, whether I can manage to do it, or not... ToT
Anyway, about the characters bios being not that "informative", it's always been one of my problems with writing... I mean, I use this method because I'm the type of person, who when writes, unwittingly spoilers too much. So, I thought, that using this "detached" way of writing could make the reader more interessed about the character... But I'm not sure, if that was the right decision :(
Anyway, thanks a lot for your examples! I will try to improve my way to write characters bios :)
Wow! i´m so impressed to read about your characters and to see some of the pictures of your game! Hope it will be soon playable because i´m really curious about it!

@mina: thank you very much!!! That's so nice to hear! I'm making my best to not disappoint all of you guys!
@rukasuwyz: I'm really happy that you like it
I'm waiting to play it. It looks very interesting!! :)
When do you think you will release the game?
When do you think you will release the game?

Oh,that's a good question... To be honest i don't have any idea... I really hope to release the demo before this September but i don't have any date for the whole game. The problem is that i work on it alone, so... It may take a bit of time. But i'm making my best! I really hope you will like it in the end!
any news about the demo? :)
I really want to thank you very much for your interest, but sadly i have to disappoint you... The demo is still not finished, i'm working on it really hard in my little free time... I hope you won't be mad about it ToT
I'm making my best to let it out in october... Sooooorryyy again :(
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