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Progress Report


Hi guys!

I only wanted to tell you that the trailer for Lies is finally finished, although... IT'S TOO BIG! It's more than 33mb and unfortunately doesn't fit in my locker... The problem is that I don't have any youtube account, which means that I have to find a solution to post it. Maybe the easiest one is to make a youtube account... but there's also the possibility to convert the video to another format, maybe flv? Or swf? Do you know if this two would work?
Anyway, I hope I will post the trailer soon, since I really worked hard on it and honestly, I think it turned out better than I thought :)
I hope you will like it too!

Till next time,
by MagiK >u<



Hi guuuuys!!!!

How are you doing? I hope fine :)

It's been a VEEEEERYYYYY looooong time since last time I made a blog... 4 months, I think? That's a very long time indeed... HOWEVER! I'm still working on Lies, especially these last days since there were the holidays - which sadly end today... Tomorrow SCHOOL! ToT -
Anyway! Long story short, I wanted to make "something special" for Lies' Birthday - which was 20 days ago, and honestly a bit too late - Still! Let me explain you what that "special thing" is... *drumroll*
A TRAILER! -Yeah, I know it's nothing special afterall O.O-
It's the first time I make something like this, so I'm not very sure whether it will be like I expect, still, I hope you'll like it and maybe it will make your waiting a bit more enjoyable and thrilling >u<

Apart from this, I have another update for you! :)
I was thinking about how could I make Lies' gameplay a bit more thrilling and entertaining, since the focus it's on the story and maybe some puzzles, the gameplay could be a bit boring after a while, right?
So I thought on making some "monsters/creatures", who will hinder your journey and make your life even more difficult than it is *MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* XD

I wanted to make something original, so I tried to draw them... They are only sketches, though. -I'm actually a bit ashamed to let you see my "drawings"... They are terrible ToT-

Here they are:

Of course each of them will have different skills, personalities and weaknesses, in order to make the gameplay even more interesting.

Let me know if you like the idea of the trailer and the monsters, and if you like the drawings... Please be honest, I already know that they aren't that good XD

This being said, I wish you a wonderful afternoon and...
Till next time! >u<

By MagiK


I am NOT dead... but ...

Heeeeyyy guuuys!!!

How are you? I hope you are doing GREAT! =)
I am very sorry for the little update that I make for "Lies"... I am the worst dev ever... Sooooorryyy!!! Actually I am NOT dead, but... I don`t want to lie to you guys, the progress is VERY slow. It`s not that I don`t want to go any further, ON THE CONTRARY! I have plenty of ideas for Lies, but still... These last days I am focusing myself on "False Friends" (the link is here, if anyone wanted to give a little sneak peak: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9317/ ).
Since this game SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN OUT for the "A Halloween Horror Event", it has unfortunately the priority on Lies... BUT! (There is ALWAYS a "BUT" in my sentences >u<)
This game`s almost finished! The demo will be out soon, and since the demo`s actually the half of the game, it means that SOON I can work COMPLETELY on Lies!!! YEEEEEEYYYY!!! Without adding that the winter break has begun, which means.... MORE TIME TO INVEST on LIES!!! DOUBLE YEEEEEYYYY!!! XD

Anyway... I only wanted to let you know that I didn`t forget "Lies", and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart (I am NOT kidding!!!), that you are still subscribed to my game...
I won`t disappoint you!!! (I know... I repeated this sentence for about 1000 times already...)

This being said, I wish you all a wonderful evening and a fantastic winter break!!!

By MagiK >u<


I have a WONDERFUL news!

Hiiiii guys! How are you? I hope well! :)

I am soooo happy to tell you that my account will NOT be locked!!! For me it`s just wonderful! It really is, no joke! Now me and NoBody13 can continue to have our separate accounts, isn`t wonderful?! Of course it is! (hahahaha I answer my question alone XD)
Anyway I only wanted to let you know about it... maybe it really means nothing for you but for me... AH! Today is one of the best days of my life!!! Seriously! >u<
A BIG thanks to Liberty... Without her time and effort now I couldn`t be so happy!

This being said, I wish to all of you a wonderful afternoon!
Till next time! SEE YA!

By MagiK


Update on the current situation...

Hi guys!

So, after many attempts to find a way to prove that me and NoBody are siblings, which sadly weren`t successful, I hadn`t any other choice in the end as to transfer my game to NoBody13´s account. That is why now NoBody13 is in the developer section too. I hope that we can change the account name soon, so that my name can be in it as well, and it would be easier for all of you to understand that is a common account. Thank you for your support and kind comments! They really support me and mean a lot for me! I am serious! :)

Till next time! See you!
By MagiK


VERY IMPORTANT! Please read it till the end!

Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope well :)

Like the title already says, I have a REALLY important thing to tell you:
Me and NoBody13 are siblings, and both of us love making RPGs. Each of us works on different RPGs alone, therefore we wanted that each of us had his own account. Unfortunately we were suspected of having a duplicate account and since it is very hard to prove that we are actually two different persons(aside from sending a picture of us, which obviously was impossible, since my parents don`t allow it), the only solution was to have only one account with all our games. That means that I will transfer my game "Lies" to NoBody13´s account and my account "Make_it_MagiK" will be locked. I hope all of you will continue to wait my game, although this change of accounts. Obviously this doesn`t mean that I will work on "Lies" with NoBody13, each of us will continue to work on his game alone. The only change is that we have a common account.
We worked, and still work, on our games really hard, so we hope you will continue to follow our games although this "account problem".

This being said, I want to inform you that Me and NoBody13 are working on a new little horror game for the "A Halloween Horror" event. Therefore I am REALLY sorry but the demo of "Lies" will come out a little later... SOOOOORRYYYY!!! I know I should work on "Lies" but this event is soooooo cool that I couldn`t resist the temptation to sign in! ToT
I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sooooorry! I hope you will forgive me, but at the same time I hope you will like the new game made by both of us (our team name is: "NoBody`s MagiK"... isn`t it wonderful?! >.< ok, just kidding)
I am super excited to see how it will come out! It is the first time that we work together on a RPG!

Ok, I think I wrote a bit too much(or rather a novel), so it only remains to wish you all a wonderful afternoon, and that I really thank you for your support through your really nice comments and profile views... but above all... A BIG THANK YOU TO THE 62 SUBSCRIBERS! You are the best guys, thank you really much! This means really much for me therefore I won`t disappoint you!(I say this every time XoX)

Anyway... Ah! I forgot to tell you that NoBody13`s account name will change(I hope it will be possible...) so that also my name will be in it and therefore easier for you to understand that we are actually two persons with a common account.

Now I think I really said everything! Sorry for the VERY long blog, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible so that the situation would have been clear and easy to understand. I wish to all of you a wonderful afternoon!

Till next time! See you!
By MagiK

Game Design

Some updates for you guys!

Hi everyone!

Like the title says, I have some updates for you... it`s not that big of an update, but... I thought however that it would be better to let you know how far I am with "Lies".

So, first of all, I am "stuck" making the exterior maps... I don`t know, but for me it`s really difficult to make "modern" maps... For example, I spent A WHOLE DAY only to make this one (that`s so frustrating... ToT):

What do you think about it? For me it`s not that... I don`t know, but it seems like something`s missing... Do you have some tips for me in order to help me? And what do you think about the lighting effects? Are they too vivid?

Man... I`m really a disaster... Sorry for the hundred questions... ToT
A part from this, I`ve also chosen a new font, which I`m not sure if it`s legible... Here it is:

What do you think? Is it okay? Or maybe should I make it a little bit bigger? Or maybe bold?

So guys, I wait for your answers... I really am anxious to know what you think about it! And sorry again for being so stressful, but i really need your help...

Thaaaaanks! And see you soon!

PS: A BIG thanks to the 55 subscribers, thank you for your support! That`s really amazing, and makes me happy!!! I won`t disappoint you!


Here I am!!!

Hi guys!

I´m very happy to say that.... EXAMS are OVER! WEEEEEEEY! That means, that I can finally work on my RPG again! I´m very sorry for making you wait sooooo loooong guys... But here I am! At the moment, I`m working on the outward appearance of lies, then I will start making events and more mapping... I will surely post some screenshots of my work, and... I´m anxious to see what you think about it!

This being said, I wish you all an extremely good afternoon!
See you!

Oh! By the way, I want to say a biiiiiig thaaaaanks to the 52 subscribers and I´m really really happy of the 7127 views! THAAAANKS GUUUYS!


Sorry for the long "unupdated" time...

Hi guys!
I hope you`re doing well! I wanted to apologise for the long time without any update... The truth is that lately I don`t unfortunately have the time to do the RPG... I`m really sorry guys, but between school, exams and etc, I honestly CAN`T have time although that really saddens me, because I really want to go further in the mapping and story of the RPG :(
I`m exhausted... I hope that this weekend I can make something...
Apart from that, I take the opportunity to say a big THANKS to the 39 subscribers!!! I will do my best to not disappoint you!

This being said, I wish a good evening to you all, guys!
See you soooon!


I wanted to thank you all guys!

Hi everyone!!!

I wanted to write this blog only to thank you for the 962 views and 17 subscribers... I'm really glad about it! To be honest I didn't think that my game would be that liked... I'm really moved ToT! I will make my best to not disappoint you!!!

This being said, I wish you a good day!
See ya! :)
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