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Judgement is a spinoff of the 2008 RPG game "OFF" by Mortis Ghost, made with RPG Maker 2003.

You play as 2 (3 maybe) characters which consist of The Batter and The Judge(?), while the third one is optional and is part of a different version of the release. The plot may also change depending on my advantages and disadvantages on RPG Maker.

Similiar to of any fan-game of OFF. This will include many, or few of the original game's content. Such as the CP system- whilst adding more features, and at the same time, keeping the main experience of the game as it is.

As of right now, the current enemies will be using placeholders to show off their look and current functions. But soon, I will change them according to their presumed names. A few of the game's music and content will be made by me and my small little development team.

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