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Short Description
Long Gone Days is a 2D modern-day character-driven RPG that combines elements from visual novels and dystopian fiction, set in our own world during the present time.

The game tells the story from the point of view of Rourke, a soldier from the Core, a highly isolated place below the surface of the Earth. After finding out the truth about the operation he's part of in Kaliningrad, he decides to abandon his post, not really knowing the overall consequences of deserting from an inescapable war.

During this journey he'll collaborate with several people from different parts of the world who will help him with language barriers, strategies and overall teamwork.

Besides classical JRPG elements, Long Gone Days borrows mechanics from other genres, like visual novels, puzzles and shooters.

While Long Gone Days does have battle systems, grinding will never be required as the characters do not level up but they learn stronger skills and are able to upgrade their weapons. As the story progresses, you won't have to worry about having underleveled team members when planning your formation for upcoming battles.

Every team member comes with their own set of skills, even some that will make your life easier outside of battles, like the Interpreter class, which will allow you to communicate with non-English speaking NPCs. You'll also be able to craft your own items and upgrade weapons using the things stored in your inventory.

Instead of relying on magic, skills require items in order to be used. Besides Hitpoints, Long Gone Days uses Morale. This stat affects the characters' performance in battle. High Morale means better chance of critical attacks and higher evasion, while Low Morale will drop their accuracy and defense. If Morale reaches zero, the character will lose their will to fight. To keep their Morale high, you must get to know your party members in order to understand what to say to motivate them during dialogues in and outside battles.

  • Multiplatform Support: Windows & Mac. Porting to other platforms is being considered.
  • No random encounters or grinding: The battles are directly related to the plot. Instead of leveling up, your party members will learn new skills, upgrade their weapons and craft new items.
  • Keep the team's morale high: Once you have party members, choosing certain dialogue options will affect their Morale, which alters how they perform during battles. Keep in mind every character is motivated by different things.
  • Immersion: As you continue your journey through real world locations, some NPCs will speak in their native tongue. This means you'll need specific party members (interpreters) to help you out to buy at shops and complete quests.
  • Non-Fantasy: There are no magical or supernatural elements, only science and technology.
  • Battle Strategies: Plan your party lineup accordingly to exploit your enemy's weaknesses.
  • Take care of your team members: Taking quests from your own party members or engaging in conversations with them will improve their morale and thus their performance in battle.
  • Two battle systems: Front-view Turn-Based Combats and a Sniper Mode, which consists of Seek and Find mechanics.
  • Keyboard and controller support.

Rourke is 22 years old hot-blooded sniper from the Core. Up until the beginning of the story, he had never been deployed, being shadowed by the other snipers. Rourke is usually self-absorbed and nothing seems to interest him, unless he can benefit from it. His only motivation is being deployed to escape his monotonous life.

Adair is a 21 years old combat medic from the Core. While he might come as a rude person because of his serious personality and lack of humour, he’s actually an honest guy who cares about others.

Lynn is a 23 years old strategist living in Kaliningrad. She arrived to the shelters a couple of months before the start of the story. Besides planning defense strategies, she's an expert at bomb crafting.

Ivan Cherevatenko is a 29 years old English-Russian interpreter from Kaliningrad. He works at the shelters and lives with Lynn. While he refuses to fight, he helps the party by being their translator and teaching them about the world.

♦ Development & Art by Bura

Latest Blog

January Update (Screenshot + WIPs)

Hi everyone,
First of all, happy 2017 from the Long Gone Days team!

January is an important month as it marks one year since we started our devlog (link) and our Twitter (@lgdays). We could never have foreseen the amount of things that happened during the last 12 months, but we are working hard everyday to surpass greater milestones.

We recently appeared on IGN's "39 Games to Keep on your Radar in 2017". We also made it to the Top 100 of IndieDB's 2016 Indie of the Year Awards, we were featured on Gamasutra's "Origin Stories: Devs recount their first game design experiences" and just last week we were interviewed at GameRaven, where we discussed about our influences, crowdfunding planning, our love for languages, and more (full article here).

We haven’t shown a process pic in some time, so here’s one of a pub, where you can see the original sketch, some of the assets, the color balance, etc. Remember you can see more of these in-progress GIFs here.

And here's how it looks in-game:

We have also uploaded some new screenshots, showing the widescreen resolution the new build has:

That's it for now. Remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr for the latest news.

Until next time!
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  • 04/03/2016 07:35 PM
  • 02/01/2017 03:03 PM
  • 02/20/2018
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That was a neat demo, definitely shows what you've got planned in terms of mechanics.

Are there going to be choices that have more than 2 options?
Played the demo it was amazing and beautiful , What plugins does it use to make the front view battle have faces/portraits.
Made an account here, just so I can keep updated on this project.
The first thing that caught my eye is the custom graphics, particularly the simplicity of the sprite design and yet how expressive it is.
The story synopsis gave me that Valkyria Chronicles vibes, and I could tell I really want to see how this goes.
So far I've played the demo and I must say its really well done! Looking forward to see it completed.
This game was really nice! I really liked the atmosphere, great choice of music, the adventure throughout and the actual feel that it's like a military. Seems like you know a lot about it, I really look forward to this game!

P.S. I think if you put Blast in Romanji it's Burasto. Are we secretly brothers?
Hi! I was wondering, are there any poc in this game? It looks really cool but I've noticed there isn't a ton of diversity among the cast members shown so far.
I will play this game soon and do a game play of it.
OH MY LORD! I love everything about this! Just.... GOD!

Hahaha, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D!
OH MY LORD! I love everything about this! Just.... GOD!
Hey, will you export it to Linux? I am using Win 7, but i was considering switching to Ubuntu...
Looking forward for this game :)
me too same error.

I have only seen this error on Windows XP (the minimum requirement is Windows 7) but I can see from your screenshot that you aren't using Windows XP. I'll look into it.
huhuhuhhu I'm not lucky to day...
I got this error ...

But I've seen the cutscene of day 1. That was awesome!!! Very promising, I can't wait to play this ><!
I just finished the demo.

I definitely want to follow this project's development more closely. The custom art is amazing!
Ohh!! I see!! it worked now! thanks so much!! :)
Question: does the demo end when Adair decides to join Rourke in leaving the camp?

It seems the demo closed unexpectedly. The last thing shown in the demo is the picture I'm using as an avatar and the words "End of Demo". If you load your last save file it should run ok. This seems to be related to memory leak.
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