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Welcome to the humble beginnings of a fangame starring Dragon Quest's mascot, the Slime!

You play as the Slime, and you chose the story you want to see. Will you court the Princess to marry her? Will you be an ambassador of your people to a warring country to stop a very evident war? Will you team up with the enemy nation? There are many choices to make, and they are yours.

There are four heroes thus far, three of which you may name!

You play as the Slime. His actions are all controlled by you. What he says, who he talks to, and the story he stars in. Either way, it'll be a long ride.

The heroine is a Wingslime. She is a princess that loves things that humans can make, and often wishes to see what the humans have come up with. The relationship between the Slime and Wingslime are only beginning, if you want it to.

Our third party member is a DrakSlime, the hero's best friend willing to side with him through everything... except he's not going with you on a date, that's for sure!

The fourth member is a character you cannot name, Knighto. He is a Slime Knight that works for the King Slime. You can only recruit him if you plan on being your home's Ambassador.

Made in about a week's time with RM2K, this is a test idea. Please send me PMs of your thoughts and bugs you discover!

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I don't think this will ever be finished. I don't have that computer anymore.
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