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I actually liked where this was going!

  • Decky
  • 01/26/2014 03:30 PM
My campaign of reviewing short, lesser-known, and neglected games continues!

This is a short (about 15-minute) demo of an interesting concept: Dragon Quest with slimes instead of heroes! And from what I've seen so far, this concept could be pulled off really well. If the user is still around, I think s/he should make something out of it.

Awww...cute slime :) She's actually my girlfriend in the game ^_^

As you can tell from the title screen, this is going to be a fairly lighthearted and cute affair. You play a slime who has a girlfriend and a bunch of slimes in a classic Dragon Quest-style village.

That's right! These slimes have CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

Find. me. somebody to love. Find. me. somebody to love. Somebody SOMEBODY somebody SOMEBODY somebody fiiiiind me somebody find me somebody to LOVE.

But more importantly, as you're going through the first town you actually have a ton of dialogue choices to make. You have to talk to virtually every NPC to progress the story, and all of the NPC dialogue is reasonably well written and engaging. This is another sort of game where NPC interaction is a highlight. Good work in this department! I was left wanting more at the end.

There are no battles, though your characters have some slimetastic spells such as Poison and Paralysis. There are shops and a few chests, but nothing really gets the chance to be fully implemented. There are also some missing sound effects, text cut-offs, and what have you: things typical of an early demo.

With that said, the maps are designed well and the graphics are of 8-bit old school style, much like Generica.

They could use a few more details, though...

Some of the maps are awkwardly arranged (with exits being right on the edges of the map, which always bothered me in games like this) but it's not too bad. I did find a picture of a DQ hero in one of the houses, which was pretty amusing. Or was it Chrono? Couldn't really tell. I also got a kick out of the "porn" joke at the inn. This game is clearly attempting to be lighthearted, which is really the best way to do these 8-bit "classic flashback games" or whatever you want to call 'em. I can't imagine people taking these games too seriously.

I think that just about sums up my impressions. If you're still around, I recommend fleshing this out! If you're one of the several users who makes DQ-style games on this site, I recommend checking this out and taking a few notes. It's only 15 minutes long.