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NOTE: THIS IS BETA. I'm currently making DRASTIC changes to Dead Illusion, such as bug fixes, story edits, mechanic changes, and other things to make it better and scarier. Let me know if you have anything for me to fix. Follow me on Twitter @chaosstormclaw to keep up with its progress. Have a good one.

Six year-old Bradley loves most everything. His toys. His hideout. His parents. His sister. But after her death, everything changes. When he can no longer sleep, he must grab his trusty flashlight and find the messages she left behind for him, revealing the cause of her death.
While doing so, he must search for and stop the monsters that lurk around him. Can you find the tapes? Can you Find out what happened to her? Can you hold in your screams?

In order to play, you must first download and install the RTP FOR RPG MAKER XP at this link http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm not a fan of jumpscares. I just think they're lazy, especially if it's just a scary face thrown at the player, so I hope this game will atleast try to use them in a way that's just "BOO" out of nowhere.

Also, no offense but your flashlight system is simply terrible. You really should blur it a lot, and the light should be coming out of a light source so it should't be going behind the boy. The fact that you can't see anything without your flashlight also bothers me.

Other than that, this looks pretty interesting. Looking forward to see how it turns out.
Wait, six-year old? I don't think that at that age he can really understand reasons why his sister would die. The fact that his sister (going by the images of Ms. Teethy) is younger than him makes me question how there's anything of worth in the tapes she has recorded. Never mind how she would even get the idea to record her 'cause of death, let alone have the forethought to hide them for him to find.

Hypothetically-speaking, can you imagine a toddler recording videos detailing the reasons for them committing suicide? I can't. That's more mature than they should be.

I'd just like to say that the "creepy" image of goldilocks over there looks downright silly to me. Big teeth don't always = scary. FNAF will tell you that much.

And about jump scares, they are cheap. They might initially surprise the player but their effect is fleeting (like FNAF for example) while a creepy atmosphere sticks with you longer. Though that's not to say jump scares can't be used successfully. Just don't throw in one every ten seconds 'cause that will get annoying/tiring fast.
Reply to Frogge -
I totally get what you're saying about jumpscares. There are a few "scares" but not many are actually get-in-your-face-are-you-scared-yet jumpscares. Most are shakey screen and unexpected sound(although that's even lazier lol). I basically only use in your face jumpscares to simulate the player dying. And about the flashlight system, it is pretty bad. the lights clips out a bit and it's not very gradient. I didn't work extremely hard on it because I was mainly making this game just because, but I really liked the story and I wanted to put out what little I have and see what people think. Also it shows a little bit behind the player so you can have a tiny sense if something is right behind you. But thanks so much for input, I really need it!

Reply to HikiNeet-
Ms. Teethy is actually just a doll, and his sister is a young adult. I couldn't imagine a three year old doing all that, haha.
And of course, big teeth doesn't mean scary, can't argue there. (especially little MS Paint white blocks) And yes, jumpscares can be pretty cheap. The game does much involve more atmosphere than scares. As I said above, I mainly threw my little (really amateur) project in the mix to see how it can be better. If people like the idea, I will definitely work on it harder! Thanks for input, I really need it!
Ah, in the "Tv screen" image, I thought the blonde girl was actually a human--his little sister--and that she was holding a red ball when really it's just part of her dress. I assumed the Ms. Teethy was her malicious spirit come back from the dead to torment Bradley. It never occurred to me that she was a doll.

Oh, and I was under the assumption that the woman next to Bradley in that image was his mother. She could certainly pass for one so you can see how I misunderstood everything like an idiot. My bad.
It's all good, you're not an idiot. That's totally understandable. I just wanted to clear it up for you and for anyone else so there was no more confusion :)
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Good to know about the jumpscares :)
I still recommend you make it easier to see without the flashlight. Something you COULD try is actually have the flashlight be pretty weak and give off little light but have faint blurred areas of light around it so that it gives off a more dynamic effect. I'm sorry I can't explain this too well :P I'll do an image example when I get back home.
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random thoughts
Was leaving to go to college really bad enough to commit suicide?

The game says S to save but its A for me

you can skip talking to clyde and leave the room (i guess this does not matter in this case)

wow the rooms are huge,elles room has enough space for 4 windows spread apart!

i wonder who recorded that tape
o.o that kid is weird.show me a sane kid that would see that and say oh man its busted!

the missing toy chest was so forced lol...the gullible kid aside for clyde who was just chilling in the room the entire time to
not think its weird is hard to believe. its not like they have much in there.

i wonder what year this takes place in. i know some people still have VHS its just really odd.

Clyde recognizes that monsters exist but wont help you...i don't even...

why the hell is every door locked? whats wrong with this family...even the parents room? seriously?

O.O we have electricity?! we could of turned on the house lights the whole time!? (if there were light switches)

delicate bear indeed so delicate it can kill adults!

funny we had 2 spare batterys i didn't need more then the starting one.
i had 3 bars left when i got tot eh end and that's because i wasted some power intentionally.

The ending felt lacking. he could of at least killed us so its clear what the point of it all was. or a time skip seeing how the trauma effected him.
we also couldn't go into the basement,the room to the right of the sisters and open the chest north of your room.
we also never found out what the deal with the sister was.
or why clyde was well...not reacting like you would mage him to.

Thoughts 40M+ (based on blind)
I liked the atmosphere this had and the easy to use flightless that you didn't have to access a menu to turn on and off! the mapping was okay but i felt at least the indoors could of been condensed more.

That aside would be the dislikes (which peoples defense would be its a horror game but hats a weak argument)
Is the non-existent characters (they have no depth,goals,backstory (excluding a couple scenes for you),future they just feel empty.

And the plot which seems to center around
your sister but she isn't really given enough information to find out why she committed suicide,how she felt,what her situation was pretty much anything.sure there was something about college and she gave you a few toys and played at a tree house but what else?

your parents die at the end but that's the first we have seen of them and just heard of then seconds ago. there wasn't much reason to care about there deaths outside of their blood relation to you.however since your character isn't that interesting in the first place...my reaction was. "okay i was expecting that.so what are we going to do about it?"

Short version is i couldn't get immersed in what was going on as the plot and characters were weak

it's a okay game.
Hmmm....That does look pretty good, but I'm trying to make it really limited, so you can only see things where you're pointing it, like how it would work in a 3D game or something
Although it's obviously NOT as good as a 3D game, I want it to show basically only where you're looking
where's download?
Not done yet. Game is in the making.
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