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War of Existence Review


The game takes place where a Divine entity race is commencing a human genocide as they deemed all humans to be evil. Azul, a young girl who doesn't remember her past, was saved from a group of monsters by a man named Seki. After being saved, Azul pestered Seki to become her mentor in the way of the sword; once she has basic skills with her sword, they continue to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic setting.


Depending on your choices and actions, Azul's personality and stats will grow corresponding to what you say and do. For instance, you can make Azul a clueless person or a girl with high hopes who would enjoy the company of friends.

A fast paced game indeed. Azul hits fast (and spins in circles once in a while which makes her attacks miss for some odd reason) but her enemies can hit just as fast; harder. Because of this, it is generally better to avoid most enemies you see that's not required, as resources to heal health and sp are scarce. Also, even when a character, "rests," the state of their hp and sp are still the same as when you left off...

The controls used to fight are rather awkward (to me anyways). Hold shift to run (seems pretty normal there). The attack command is "Z" while the skill commands are keys, "F" to "K." While it may not be a big deal in other types of games, in a fast paced action game that requires instant reaction. Having the skill keys far enough where I have to remove my fingers from the shift or z key, (where it can cause a small delay which could bring me death,) to use isn't really a good idea. I managed to get used to the controls, but it was still uncomfortable.

Boss fights typically have you run often. Whether it be: running until the timer runs out, running away from powerful attacks that can take half your health before going back to fighting, or running away entirely because they're immune to death.

Art style

The character designs, in my personal opinion, looks very visually appealing to the eyes for an rpg maker vx ace. And the illustrations of characters are abundant throughout the game. The character sprites looks normal when playing though, but better normal than bad I always say.

Despite some frustrations once in a while, I had a fun time playing this game from reading certain character's dialogue, feeling accomplished for defeating hard bosses, managing my scarce resources, etc. If you don't enjoy: Hit and run tactics, somewhat awkward controls, and managing scarce resources, then this game isn't for you. But if you don't mind them, then this is a very enjoyable game to play.


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Hello SapphireFalcon, first of all, thank you very much for taking your time to play my game and share your thoughts.

This was the final version of my first game, I know it had things like the controls, specially for a long game like this, but I'm satisfied with the result.

I like challenging bosses, but I know I should calm down a bit for my next game.

This was interesting to read and it helps me to improve, thank you!
You're welcome! I know not that many people take the time to play a game; actually review it, so I wanted to give this game the review it deserves since it was pretty good!
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