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There are over a dozen characters you'll see during your adventure, which will span many continents, many days, and possibly even other worlds...the Elements are in chaos, doing unpredictable things to the world.
If the Elements aren't returned to order, the world will destroy itself.

It has been 1000 years since the world has suffered from the Ultimate Evil, and things were peaceful. Then the moon came into a certain position, causing more monsters to be born, just in time for the Ultimate Evil to break free from his prison that he was banished to in Dragon Kingdoms III. This time, he decides to shake things up a bit, literally in some cases. He causes some horrible disasters to hit the world.

Now, the Elements are in chaos, doing unpredictable things to the world. The snow covers more land while volcanoes erupt, the ground shakes, waves pummel the lowlands, and evil prevails over Light. If this situation isn't remedied, the world will destroy itself.

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Jul-07-15 Time for Dragon Kingdoms: Trouble with the Elements Deluxe!

After almost fourteen years (!), Dragon Kingdoms IV can now get an official release, as RPG Maker 2000 has officially released.

It shouldn't be too difficult to make this better than its 2001 release (with RPG Tsukuru 2000). Seriously.

Relive the fun through August 7 in celebration of the official North American release of RPG Maker 2000. At midnight sharp, on August 8 it goes back into hiding again, probably to be replaced by an official version this fall.
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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I can't get far in this at all. I arrived to the door of the giant person and I got stuck from there.

The game is overall severely disjointed, from its mapping to it's programming. There are numerous passability and eventing bugs that are too much to list. Characters have zero personality and not much of a reason to care about them. That demon villain looks like something taken from a Saturday morning cartoon, and the battles and their text messages are simply annoying.

I can't imagine how the other three games played after touching this game. This needs so much work.
"I can't imagine how the other three games played after touching this game. This needs so much work."
It's pretty much what you see is what you get, although I admit direction could be better. It's more like the early Dragon Quest games, storywise, in that events only happen through travel and characters lack development.

As for the bugs, I'd say this game is the low point out of the five. I recently played through the first and only found a couple, and have played through part of the second. I don't recall there being too many in the third outside those caused in RM95 itself (don't hold shift). Then, of course, there's the fifth game, which I actually held back for almost half a year to play through it again.

It's too bad you didn't enjoy this game, but don't let it detract you from later offerings.
342 downloads? What's wrong with you?! This old game will destroy your soul.
So, replaying this game after so many years, and I can't believe that it seems like it's worse than the second and third games in the series (and contending to be worse than the first). Literally NOTHING besides a couple guards joining, grinding, and one scene where William stops the main character of Chapter 1 from going deep into the forest.

It boggles the mind how this has 661 downloads and two subscribers... I'm just worried it may be detracting people from even trying the others in the series.
It cracked 1000 downloads? We must have masochists here in the ranks in RPGMaker.net :P This game is awful.
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