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Progress Report

Back from Hiatus + Update

Hello guys, it's been a while. I'm here to inform you about the situation.
Many would've thought we're completely dead. (Well, last update was last year's January) Truth is we went on a hiatus because of my health problem. I had to spent a lot of money to afford my hemodialysis. I had to work very hard that I barely had time to make my game. I only managed to become financially stable only very recently.
As for the "fixed" demo version I promised, I must sincerely offer my apologies to everyone that I haven't touched my project since then.
Now that I'm continuing working on it I'll do my best to have the demo up again with new musics to replace.

Well, I'd like to also show you guys an update I made last week. I decided to ditch the old world map system for a new one where you controls the cursor directly to select location on the map.
This map is made possible using Mode7 and a world map I happened to draw some times ago. It turned out better than I expected.

P.S. Music in this Video is a placeholder from Rockman Zero 4.

Progress Report


Hello everyone

Sorry for the long absence of update. As you can see, I've decided to take down the download link some months ago due to the problem that our team's music composer claimed some musics as his own and lied to us that he made them himself. As a result, we decided to cut our tie with this composer, temporarily took down the demo and now we're attempting to find new composer or find new sources for music.

However, since I decided to make a more significant improvement according to the feedbacks received, the next version will take a little bit longer than expected. Unfortunately, my health problem up until now has been quite troubling. It'll take a while for the next version of Revenant Gods to come out but we'll do our best.

PS. Thank you very much for MISAO Award nomination and votes!


Prologue Demo Download (Update v1.03c Include RTP)

Revenant Gods - Prologue Demo v1.0b
Feel free to give any feedbacks and constructive criticism, I'd be glad to take them into consideration to improve the project in the future.

Update 1.03c Include RTP/Fix Passagebility on Tileset

(Click Here to Download)

For those who downloaded the initial release, please replace the Data with ones from this link.
Download Data for Update v1.0a > 1.0b

Progress Report

Prologue Demo Release Date + Update Progress from Act 1

Sorry for long absence of update, my health got worse during the last several months.
I had to be hospitallized so many times and me schedule got very messy.
I just had a chance to work on the demo version of game.

For the first update on this website, I'm happy to inform you that the demo version of
Prologue chapter for Revenant Gods is now complete and undergoing testing. The game will
be available for download publicly from 23 October on. The game has average play time of
25-30 mins with only basic systems such as the menu and battle system.

(Screenshots of the Prologue Demo)

I'll try to allocate some times to release the demo of Act 1 within the half of the first year.
(I may have to rest a bit though, things aren't quite well for me.)

(Screenshots of areas in Act 1)

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