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(Due to the illustrator's health problem, the character artworks is not yet finished and rough sketch are used in place.
This will be later addressed after he recovers from his illness.)

Rain Eisenhardt
Age: 19 years-old Gender: Male Race: Norseman
"The game’s protagonist and survivor from Vinlandis Annexation resulting from Succession War. Rain work for Ratatosk in order
to secure enough fortune for his little sister’s medical treatment so that she may walk again. He however, are soon to be involved
and bring an end to many conflicts. While Rain has low opinion on the Dominion, he nevertheless bears it no ill or vengeful thought.

Rain and Loki are very close as if they were brothers, even if he often rudely teases Loki.
Rain goes by the pseudonym of Fenrir while working for Ratatosk, a name of a great wolf in a fairy tale from his childhood.
He chose this name despite being afraid of wolves himself to overcome his fear, and because it’s just that cool."

Ashe Ashburn
Age: 17 years-old Gender: Female Race: Aesir-Norseman half-blood
"Heroine of the game and another survivor from Vinlandis Annexation who’s studying in a Dominion school. She’s ridiculed for her
half-blood heritage and is envied for her ability by some. Ashe usually helps Rain with his Ratatosk jobs and daily lives. Despite
her calm and harmonious demeanor , she personally hates the Dominion. She somehow feel guilty towards the Eisenhardt siblings
for some reason."

Loki Laofey
Age: 27 years-old Gender: Male Race: Jotun-Norseman half-blood
"Personal secretary and henchman of Councilwoman Justicia Nera. A man of a friendly smile, Loki acts as if he’s the guardian of
Eisenhardt family whom was entrusted to him by a certain important individual in the past. Loki is secretive yet calm and has
good intention for others. He believes that all three races can live in harmony, which is why he held Nera in high regard even if
in the past he faced harsh persecution from other races, Norsemen in particular. Loki is proficient at fencing and pass on the
skill to Rain. He also acts as an agent passing on jobs from Ratatosk to Rain and fund Ashe’s schooling."

Irene Eisenhardt
Age: 15 years-old Gender: Female Race: Norseman
"Rain’s little sister who has frail body since birth. Her legs are paralyzed due to a certain past event. She’s living with her brother
Rain and Ashe in a Dominion city. Irene takes care of household spending and is good at cooking. She’s usually the one who stop
Rain from taking dangerous and foolhardy jobs. Sometimes she feels as if she’s a burden for her brother who’s sacrificing most of
his time and life for her well-being"

Age: 20 years-old Gender: Male Race: Aesir
"An Aesir male tasked to be an escorter of Asgardian ambassadors to the world summit against Nidhoggr. It seems that he has
some sort of secret mission involving Rain and the destiny of the three nations. Vidar is strict and prideful and sometimes clashed
with Rain's opinion because of this. He however seems to have a soft spot for Rain's sister, Irene."

Train Fafnir
Age: 29 years-old Gender: Male Race: Jotun
"A Jotun who has formerly worked with Loki. Train was sent to work with Rain in Nera's secret mission. Although he seems like a
laid-back and unreliable fellow, he was a seasoned veteran of the Jotunnar Imperium. Train however, removed his horns, a signature
trait of the Jotuns for some reason and thus was able to blend into Norsemen society easily, if not for his unsual height."

Alfei Adenauer
Age: 18 years-old Gender: Female Race: Norseman
"A Ratatosk intern and Rain's younger colleague, Alfei is also the daughter of the governor of Nirvas, one of the Ragnaheimr Dominion's
eight city-states. While her sister works as a researcher at the Dominion's capital, Alfei decided to pursue advanced education and
internship with Ratatosk. Although Alfei is a bright, cheerful and amiable girl, she also seems to be careless from time to time and has an
unfavorable attitude towards other races."

Justicia Freyja Nera
Age: 25 years-old Gender: Female Race: Aesir-Vanir half-blood
"An honorable member of the Ragnaheimr's prestigious Ragnaheimr senate, Nera is also the steward of Volzenburg whose task is to
watch over the empty throne of Vanir dynasty since the end of the Succession War. Due to her Vanir-Aesir ancestry, she couldn't take
the throne for herself. Nera is the founder of Ratatosk and a devout supporter of diplomacy with other nations even though she was
objected and pressured by the opposing factions within the senate."

Age: N/A years-old Gender: Female Race: Aesir
"One of the Asgardian ambassadors and an advisor to the new generation of Aesirs in Asgardia who came with Vidar, Hela is the one who
proposed Jourmungand operation to the three nations to fight against the devastating Nidhoggr. Although Hela seems like a cold and
aloof woman, she's surprisingly a nice person."