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Another masterpiece from Lysander, go figure

  • Mr. Y
  • 06/29/2007 11:12 PM
The Frozen World is a fantastic creation of Lysander's, on par with A Blurred Line for those who've played that game too. Like most of his games, it emphasizes storyline and gameplay, although it also features a CMS and CBS. Briefly, it starts you off on the beach, having been defeated by the Dark Wizard, and sets you to defeat him again. I don't want to give much more of the story away, but I'll tell you that it's great stuff with a Lysander plot twist at the very end to shake you around a bit.

What people talk about most, except possibly the story, are the custom systems that set Frozen World apart. In order to grow in strength for battles, you must find and equip 'plates' on your party members to set their abilities. The battle system is also custom, limiting your very battle commands to what plates you've equipped. It's all very well-made with few or no glitches. On top of this, battles are all on-touch rather than random, and you can still partake in a few sidequests outside the main story.

Graphics and music are generally recognizable bits and pieces circulating the gamemaking community, mixed with a little RTP and some color editing. It's all very workable and pretty.

The Frozen World is arguably Lysander's best game, right up there with his old classic A Blurred Line. It is shorter and more compact, but the fact that it's a finished indie RPG can be readily appreciated by anybody. You really need to download and play this.