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Development update on the Shaola series. Also, two new trailers!

Hey everyone, it's been a long 2020! I thought now would be a good time for a development update since it's a brand new year and it's been awhile.

We all know 2020 was a tough year. We were hit with setbacks and development was stalled, but it's a brand new year and we're coming back in full force!

We're currently working on Mysteries of Shaola: The Cave. It is a new chronicle of Shaola where you become Ice of Zuda Kingdom, the legendary investigator, one of the Magnificent Five. You fight through Kazen Kingdom and uncover the truth of the mysterious cave, discover dirty secrets, add to your legend, and ultimately confront the "evil" force. This role-playing game blends the genres of fantasy and mystery.

I have really enjoyed testing the game so far, and if you enjoyed Heroes of Shaola for the characters and story, you'll definitely enjoy this one as well.

Also, as I'm making trailers for the new game, I made two for Heroes of Shaola as well. I hope you enjoy watching them.