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Leonardo is the only child of the Sutherlands, one of the four most powerful families in Zenman Empire.

Unlike other spoiled brats that we used to see in royal and noble families, he is a nice gentleman with kindness and compassion. He never lacks of enthusiasm. He's been groomed to be the next great nobleman.

Unfortunately, during one morning, a servant brought food to Leo's room in the Sutherlands' mansion and the young master is nowhere to be found. The Sutherlands and the Imperial Court have searched everywhere for him but have not find anything.

Rhyna is the daughter of an Amazailian noble and an Elf from Everland.

She always has a pure love for Leonardo. She isn't sure what kind of love is that, but it didn't prevent her from cling onto him and made him promised to have a big wedding with her when she grows up.

Elves sometime can be very lovely and straightforward. They don't hide their emotion like human does.

A long time ago, Rhyna's father, Frank Slade, tired of the political struggles in the Imperial Court and ran away from home. He also ran away from a pre-arranged marriage that his family forced upon him.

He traveled to Everland and met Rhyna's mother, Fydia. They eventually fell in love.

However, when Frank took Fydia home to introduce her to his family. His family freaked out because she is an Elf. Obviously, they were against this marriage.

Frank angrily left the house and swore to never return.

Frank eventually married Fydia anyway. They wandered around the world fighting corrupted officials as well as bandits and monsters. Later, Rhyna was born.

Years later, Fydia passed away because of an injury in a battle.

Frank is still taking Rhyna wandering around the world to this day. However, the death of his wife woke him up. He is unsure of their current lifestyle. He is not confident in his ability to protect his daughter.

He's been thinking about going back home to Amazail, but still reluctant due to his pride and ego. If he's really care about Rhyna's safety then he'll have to make some hard decisions.

Gaer Capulet is the General Eunuch of the Amazailian Imperial Court. He was Frank's teacher when he was younger. He taught Frank magic and the art of fighting.

Gaer single handedly defends the peace in Amazail Kingdom. He is the number one public enemy of the liberals, including the military leaders.

They want wars. Gaer wants peace.

The liberals and military leaders want wars so they can sell weapons, and so they can get huge military funds.

Gaer basically block them from making money on people's corpses. Therefore, he must die!

The liberals have been trying to assassinate Gaer for years. Nevertheless, he keeps on survive.

Some of the liberals and military leaders were also mysteriously vanished or perished.

Gaer is not a person who just stands there and doing nothing. He will retaliate.

He is a peacekeeper, but he's also one of the most dangerous person in Amazail Kingdom.

Wherever he is, wherever he goes, someone tries to murder him!

Yet, he's still here.

* An Eunuch is an official who is very close to the kings and the royal families. He helps them with day-to-day operations. Every Eunuch is either homosexual or had been castrated before they can serve the Imperial Court.

This practice is an effort to forbid the inappropriate relationships between the Eunuchs and female members of the royal families, as well as to prevent adultery and scandals in the Imperial Court.

As the General Eunuch, Gaer is the leader of all the Eunuchs in the Amazailian Imperial Court.

No one knows what her name is.

No one knows what she looks like.

Everyone refers to her simply as "The Orcish Princess".

However, everyone knows her father, Murlock, the Slaughterer. He is the most feared humanoid monster in the world. He is a legendary leader and widely considered the Orc's greatest fighter of all time.

While her father locked himself inside the mountain to practice magic, she is the one who leads the Orcs and manages everything from top to bottom.

She has done everything behind the scene, therefore, no outsiders ever saw her.

There are rumors that she is hiding behind the mountains and never shows up in the public is because of her bad appearance.

People speculated that she's so ugly that she's afraid to show her real face.